7 Trucks That Are Just as Fast as Cars!

    7 Trucks That Are Just as Fast as Cars Think cars are the only vehicles that can show off muscle? Think again. While most trucks are meant to haul things, some people just like to haul – let’s say – behind. Trucks are built to do just that. Their tough frames and workhorse engines, which were originally handy for farm and factory work, have become the muscle for enthusiasts and tinkerers alike. So which trucks can hold their own against the fast cars of today? Check out these seven trucks on steroids. Ford F-150 SVT Raptor The Ford …

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Mansory Siracusa

MANSORY 458 Siracusa Is Debadged Neon Under Black Carbon Aero

All these yummy Mansory upgrades are available for the Spider or the 458 Italia hardtop for all years.   MANSORY 458 Siracusa   The MANSORY SIRACUSA customization programme for your Ferrari 458 Italia MANSORY lets you visualise your driving experience Main eye-catcher of the new Siracusa front section is the striking apron with its optimised air inlets for better ventilation of the front radiators. In combination with the new bonnet, MANSORY does not only achieve an aggressive look, but generates also additional downforce. Newly designed side skirts are added to the wings. These steady the air flow between the axles …

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SCUD gif 1

FIRST-EVER FERRARI DRIVE. In HD. On RACETRACK – Ferrari F430 Scuderia at Velocity Motorsports Atlanta Track Drive

Absolute heaven for any car guy. First-ever drive in a Ferrari is… where? An all-new, high-speed road course that is known for its huge and very exciting elevation changes: Atlanta Motorsports Park. With only a few short laps, it was hard to press the F430 Scuderia hard – which is obviously the speed the car prefers. Sensory overload – sold daily at Velocity Motorsports in Atlanta! The pricing starts from about $250 with a choice of cars ahead of your visit, and the chance to upgrade to extra laps in the rest of the Velocity Motorsports fleet. First deep throttle …

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F430 header gif12

Beating the Supercar Paradox – 2007 Ferrari F430 at Velocity Motorsports Supercar Track Drive

PART ONE What is the ‘supercar paradox’? The supercar paradox is that ‘newer is always 1000X better.’ But on a sunny day at a gorgeous racetrack, is newer really better, though? For what, exactly? Impressing people? PART TWO The term ‘starfucker’ — or maybe just ‘starstruck’ — really defines how speechless and shy one can become around any seriously exotic supercar. Sure, in the car mags — it is all about the latest and greatest. This month’s hottest cars – with a heavy emphasis on anything new or special. This is the template we know and love in the academic …

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RacingOne Ferrari 458 header gif

Ferrari 458 Competition by RacingOne Is Hardcore GT3 Track Attacker

So you want to live the glamourous GP life? Racing on the knife’s edge of adrenaline with a high-powered exotic? RacineOne GmbH can get you to the podium safely – whether that is education, street to track-car conversion, or motorsport event servicing. These guys can be your pit garage, tech shop and traveling mechanical experts — all with one phone call. The team’s Ferrari 458 Competition is great evidence of their expertise in designing a racecar from a standard supercar – as these action photos from Spring 2014 can certainly attest. The car goes hard, and the fun never stops. …

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NOVITEC ROSSO Adds Performance and Exclusivity to 458 Italia and Spyder  GIF header

NOVITEC ROSSO Adds Performance and Exclusivity to Ferrari 458 Italia and Spyder

NOVITEC ROSSO Ferrari 458 Italia and Spyder     All the greatest Novitec Ferrari upgrades detailed recently for the 458 Speciale are also offered for the 458 Italia and Spyder – which might be even more reason to think about some custom mods to your world-beating supercar. As one of the most fun and highly-praised sports cars of all time, the 458 Spyder and 458 Italia are technically perfect from the Maranello factory. But when has that ever stopped you before? NOVITEC ROSSO – Ferrari 458 Italia       A great way to feel the rush and be just …

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NOVITEC 458 Speciale header gif1

NOVITEC ROSSO Ferrari 458 Speciale Adds 40HP and ICONEL Exhaust for Maximum Supercar Thrills/Chills

  NOVITEC ROSSO Ferrari 458 Speciale Adds 40HP and ICONEL Exhaust for Maximum Supercar Thrills/Chills   Wow! Did you watch the video above! The first ten seconds will shave you shaking with delight. You might be some of the first people to see this all-new machine from Germany’s Novitec Rosso – the legendary upfitter’s Ferrari division. The video definitely highlights the pings and zings of the titanium-alloy ICONEL exhaust system, and it is truly one of the world’s best. That is why the US Alfa 4C is rumored to have it as standard. But this is no four-banger, and not …

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458 Speciale header gif

2014 Ferrari 458 Speciale Is Glorious In Full Sight, Sound and Motion + 58 High-Res Action Photos

Sight sound and motion is a code-word in advertising for video or television. In this case, it might be SSM + I — with the I standing for information. The full launch announcement as well as complete technical specifications are well below. The photos are pretty intoxicating in themselves, but there is also an engine audio clip toward the bottom as well. The 2014 Ferrari 458 Speciale is available now at Ferrari dealerships worldwide, or you can build your own with the new Ferrari.com configurator at the link below. http://car-configurator.ferrari.com/458speciale/?lang=EN#config/1|40400|18024400|11800000|40||240532|2a180000||||||||ffe7040 See my ideal specification over in this other article as …

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458 Italia white black gold GIF header12

See + Hear My Ideal 2014 Ferrari 458 Speciale in All-New Ferrari.com Car Configurator

Car configurators are no silly thing these days: this is serious high-commerce. Not an Amazon.com purchase, either: people are far more demanding of the experience presented to them from before the moment they step into a car showroom these days. For companies like Ferrari and McLaren — the configurator wars are ground zero for a battle to win these high-dollar clients. But isn’t a test drive critical, you might ask? Yes and no. Buyers like this often own a car for such a short period of time that the delivered model must prove itself to earn more than a three-month …

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Project F GIF header

Ugur Sahin Designs a Ferrari-badged Concept F Hypercar – But Style Says Koenigsegg To Us

The second Ugur Sahin Designs article today! This one is much more supercar-focused – or maybe hypercar is more like it! While Sahin based this on the Ferrari 458 and includes Ferrari branding, the style of the visor windshield, bubble canopy roof and long rear deck all seem like a far better fit as the next Koenigsegg. Cruise over to Sahin’s website portfolio below to see all his outstanding work… http://www.ugursahindesign.com/ Ugur Sahin Design – Project F

Geneva 2014 ShowFloor -- Ferrari California T, 458 Speciale and F12 Looking Brilliant GIF

Geneva 2014 ShowFloor — Ferrari California T, 458 Speciale and F12 Looking Brilliant, Per Usual

Any doubts about the California T’s new nose or the rationale of the 458 Speciale will be silenced in their first in-person viewing. Ferrari California T   Ferrari 458 Speciale Ferrari F12 Berlinetta