Lexus NX Beijing TEaser GIF

Lexus NX to Debut in Beijing This Month — 2015 NX250? NX200 Turbo? Based on Fascinating LF-NX Turbo Concept

Lexus just revealed the production face of the Lexus NX crossover, which is widely expected as a 2015 model to slot under the RX in the brand’s lineup. The NX willl debut in Beijing on April 20th, with styling that is quite fresh and unique — if not as sharp-sided as the LF-NX Concept car. Either way, it is a very promising step into the future of Lexus design. Teaser of production car is just these top four images. Orig Published on: Dec 1, 2013 @ 10:53 The Lexus LF-NX Turbo is the second iteration of the concept shown in …

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Car Shopping: 2014.5 Toyota Camry SE Updates Styling With Dark Rotor Wheels

The 2014.5 Camry is subtly revised versus the 2014 models, with largely tech upgrades and enhanced features and packages across the line.   As the long-running sales champ, the Camry is not quite a “stop and stare” type of car to see on the street. This continues for 2014.5 for all the LE and XLE trims from about $23,000 and up.   The SE model is by far the best-looking of the bunch, with a far better style all around. Most notably – up front, where the SE Camry uses a new grille style, lower air dam with central painted …

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The All-New Ford Mustang GT

2015 FORD MUSTANG GT 5.0 – Roof like a Porsche, Price like a Nissan

OFFICIAL! The All-New Ford Mustang Came (Comes?) At Midnight A midnight homecoming for the Ford Mustang. Ahhhh, like the best of all arrivals – on time and on budget. Official Ford Mustang Launch – Colors and Style VIDEO The 2015 Ford Mustang is officially revealed today, with all-new tech for everything from the tire stem caps to the back-seat “Oh Shit” handles.   Lady feet prints on on the interior windows are – sadly – a DIY add-on to this hung pony car. Official Ford Mustang Launch – Exterior Design VIDEO No mås sneaky peaky, @AutoWeaky ! However, per usual, …

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