2016 Dacia Duster Altaï Green 6

2016 Dacia Duster Adds Easy-R Automatic + Altaï Green and Urban Explorer Specials

  As you know, Renault’s budget brand Dacia has been a surprise hit in developed, rich-world markets in the last few years. European buyers like the large size of the vehicle, its basic running-gear and cheap configurations. Even loaded, the Duster SUV is priced around 20-percent less than a Nissan Qashqai’s base price. Along with Dacia’s growing global popularity comes a new Oroch pickup model next year, plus some jazzed-up Dusters with new tech and special-edition trim levels. The new tech is an automated-manual transmission dubbed Easy-R — which may be the first time a self-shifter has been in the …

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SMMT Test Days 2015 – Millbrook Off-Road Course Mega Gallery

PART THREE – The Millbrook Off-Road Course The dirtiest truck in the lot at the end of the day? Not the Unimog or Defender… but the lowly Dacia Duster! Makes sense – off-roading can be perilous. Second dirtiest? A mud-spattered Skoda Outdoor Estate. Definitely looks like a fun day of testing.     Beautiful weather for the SMMT Test Days auto journalist event this year, with nearly 100 of the hottest new cars put to the test around numerous tracks and test scenarios. The choice machines we have our eyes on? The new Audi TT-S, new Porsche GTS range, a …

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duster oroch gif

2014 Renault-Dacia DUSTER OROCH Shows 4WD Pickup-Truck Potential For Value Brand

  Dacia’s line-up of cheap but sturdy models is expanding rapidly. Sure, you know the Logan sedan and the Duster SUV — but there lineup is much deeper than just two cars. The variations on these models mean Dacia now offers its unique brand of low-cost and hardy mechanicals in no less than ten passenger-car models and three light commercial vehicles. Dacia (pronounced “Da-Cha”) models are sold in select markets as Renaults — hence the badges on this car for Sao Paolo. Dacia Logan Pickup The Duster Oroch is a logical extension of the Duster platform — with a short-box …

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