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Road Test Review – 2014 Toyota Prius Plug-In Is Quietly Excellent, More Iso-Tank Than Eco-Warrior

INTRO: Here is the scene: you are in traffic. It is a work-day and you are behind a dawdling Prius. ‘How the **** is that car going so slowly!? Oh, this guy is coasting up to red lights now!?’ Cue the inpatient passing maneuver/lane change or silent sulking while looking at the familiar Prius tail shape. Has this ever happened to you? We bet it has. The difference for sports-car drivers – or drivers who push every machine like a sports-car? Slight annoyance gives way to murderous rage after a few stoplights like this. And not just hatred for the …

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2013 Nissan GT-R Black Edition – Drake the Akita

UPDATE: Drake is home from surgery and doing well. It is this April Fool’s birthday tomorrow and my best friend, Drake Burkart the Akita Labrador, is in surgery right now overnight for a torn ACL.   The TPLO procedure is hopefully not life-threatening, but I am very upset anyway to see him in such pain. Therefore, is a very emotional day for me, so I am going back to some all-time favorites for car-news comfort. Here is Drake. As an American Akita breed, he is something like the GT-R in many ways. Akitas in the US were generally bred with …

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2014 Volkswagen T-ROC Concept – A Baja Coupe for Silver Lake Dunes!

2014 Volkswagen T-ROC Concept I like the T-ROC even more in the official images versus the sketches from last week’s preview article here. The T-ROC is still firmly a concept — but here is what we predict: this exact car, with streetable tires, coming soon to VW dealers nationwide. Based on the MQB architecture, the T-ROC will hopefully be more affordable than the Tiguan, but more feature-rich than the Taigun. The night-vision, terrain cameras and blackout functions of a military vehicle headlight are present on the T-ROC’s foglight (above). Examples of this tech shown here: Very cool. Keeping the two-door …

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