POSIES 1935 Aeroliner 16

Amelia Island Customs – POSIES 1935 Aeroliner Sport Is One-Off ChopTop Dragster

The photos of this custom-built Posies Aeroliner do not really do the vehicle justice. In the flesh, it is impossibly long, unbelievably low and seriously seductive. Loosely based on a 1935 Ford Roadster chassis, the Posies Aeroliner is now twice as long, runs giant exposed tires up front with no fenders, and drag-racing rubber in back under its elegant bodywork. The ultra-low roofline is a true chop-top dream come true, with almost zero daylight opening and a windshield small enough to fit in your back pocket. Overall, the impact of the car is undeniable! But the style is only half …

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camry dragster gif1

SEMA Jaw-Dropper! 850HP Toyota Camry Dragster is Sleeper King

Not a sleeper king for catching your ZZzzz’s, but one for catching other drivers napping! This is so cool. Great job Toyota. In the driver’s seat of this amazing Camry Dragster, the new Toyota tagline might need to be… ‘Let’s Show O-faces!’   2015 Toyota Camry Dragster Toyota Surprises SEMA with 850-Horsepower Camry Dragster Sleeper Camry Set to Shock Racing Fans Nationwide  November 04, 2014 TORRANCE, Calif. Nov. 4, 2014 — In drag racing terms, a “sleeper” is a car that   looks as innocuous as possible, but has the means to blow the doors off the competition. The attendees at …

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