2019 Ferrari P80C 11

2019 Ferrari P80/C Is Heavenly One-Off Based on 488 GT3 Car

Ferrari has done an amazing job over the last five years at creating one-off machines for its most special customers.  From the Sergio to the FXX series and many more, Ferrari has found a way to make bespoke designs feasible for extremely limited production.  The 488 and its mid-engined platform has proven the perfect donor for many of these customs.  Perhaps Ferrari got the idea from the reborn Stratos that also reskinned the entry-level Ferrari? This latest example is a favorite so far. The design is extreme and pushes boundaries that production Ferrari models avoid. The hyper-rounded glasshouse and bubble …

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Style Icons – 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider vs 1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS

Upon catching the new 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider in Giallo yellow for the Detroit auto show, the realization of a modern-day Dino hits you like a ton of bricks. To prove our intuition correct, we’ve lined up the 2015 4C Spider with two exceptional Dino Ferrari’s from RM Auctions — in Paris for the 1970, and Arizona 2015 for the 1974 GTS. We’ve lined up the two side-by-side in numerous angles below. They really are kindred spirits. 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider vs 1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS NOSE    FRONT THREE_QUARTER ANGLE PROFILE   REAR THREE_QUARTER ANGLE   …

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1970 Ferrari Dino 246 GT L-Series 10

RM Paris 2015 – 1970 Ferrari Dino 246GT L-Series

After starting life as an afterthought for Ferrari cognoscenti, the Dino really evolved into quite an excellent sports-car. The style and chassis template the 246GT brought to market evolved into the mid-engine supercar Ferrari’s we know and love today. The 458 and all its predecessors, for that matter, have also been the cheapest models in the range. This exceptional 1970 example shows the Dino in a fantastic light. 1970 Ferrari Dino 246GT L-Series RM Auctions Paris 4 February 2015 Lot 167 1970 Ferrari Dino 246 GT ‘L-Series’ €320.000 – €380.000 Chassis no. 01040 Engine no. 000.5882 195 bhp, 2,418 cc …

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4c spider

4.1s 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is Modern Dino Ferrari

 Not sure why it took so long to come to this realization, but better late than never. The best way to think about the new Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is as a modern Dino Ferrari. When the Dino was launched, it was the least-powerful and by far the most affordable Ferrari ever made. It was ostensibly created to give Enzo’s son the joy of mid-engine performance in a package that wouldn’t overwhelm the young driver with too much power. But the Dino was barely slower than many of Ferrari’s finest cars of the 1960s, despite packing half the cylinders of …

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