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Zora’s Dream Fulfilled, Chevrolet Unveils 2020 C8 Corvette Stingray, Mid-Engine Power And Technology Revamp Iconic Nameplate For New Generation Of Sports Car Buyers [ Videos]

When Zora Duntov first thought of the idea for a radical mid-engine Corvette on 1959, the car purely existed in concept form (CERV 1,) with the idea being way ahead of what the 1950s could offer in terms of technology. Despite this, the core conscience of this idea never went away, with the 1960s 70, 80s and  even the 1990s all featuring a mid-engine equipped Vette concept in some shape or form (including CERV II and CERV III) But like before, the idea was too revolutionary for its time, and as the 1990’s came and went, economic feasibility became more …

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