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Chevrolet Proves That Size Is Indeed Better With 2024 Chevrolet Trax, Bigger Than Trailblazer

We might not be betting men here at Car-Revs-Daily , but if you told us that the Chevrolet Trax was coming back for 2024, we would’ve scoffed at the notion. When we last saw it in the market, the Trax was being upstaged by the Chevrolet Trailblazer, a bigger model that packed more interior technology into its compact frame. As a result, the Trax was axed, but the surprise appearance of the 2024 Trax not only helps the proverbial underdog bettor cash in on their bet but also expands GM’s sales pie to include another CUV-sub-segment.   Bigger Trax Offers More …

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2016 Chevrolet Trax Midnight Edition is Coolest $500 Style Upgrade … Ever?

Nobody will preach the virtues of a black pack like ThisGuy! A properly de-chromed and blacked-out look can make even the most awful Jetta SportWagen a little bit stylish… so clearly the potential to improve already-modern and stylish rides? HUGE! And the more popular a car is on the roads, the more appealing it is for some buyers to stand up and stand out from the crowd.  DIY black packs work wonders in photoshop — and real life — on GM models in particular.  We’ve shared many with you here… an ATS black pack coupe dream, CT6 Black Tie limo …

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