2015 Citroen Cactus M Concept – Jolly Surf Special Runs Inflatable AirFrame Soft-Top

  French makes, and Citroen in particular, have a strange and unjustified fascination with surf cars. Think of these as part Fiat Jolli with its wicker seats, and part Jeep Wrangler. But with Euro6 emissions and zero practicality. We saw this in the Pluriel and numerous Cacti concepts over the years. The new Cactus M is a far more practical fantasy, if that is possible. Real doors and even a roof! The convertible crossover has fixed A and D-pillars in a sexy woodgrain wrap. The contrast between these organic pillars and the bright Hawaiian blue of the body is certainly …

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2015 Citroen AirCross Concept 14

2015 Citroen AirCross Concept Is Production-Intent 5-Seat SUV

  We’ve been eager to see this car for days now! A low-res leak earlier in the week showed a huge amount of potential for this latest Citroen concept car — and luckily the full reveal confirms how cool this concept design is. Citroen, as we know, has little trouble creating absolutely stunning prototypes and concept cars. These are far different from the norm of concept cars lately in the US market. Heavy expectation management strategies mean that US show-goers rarely see pure dream cars, with manufacturers preferring the Honda, Ford and Infiniti route: a decorated version of the actual …

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C4 Airflow gif

2014 Citroen C4 Cactus 2L AIRFLOW Brings 141-MPG Via Active Aero and Compressed Air Hybrid

It must be aero concept day in Paris today, as the C4 2L AIRFLOW is also joined by the new Renault Eolab concept with an ultra-svelte EV design. This C4 2L Cactus AIRFLOW is a highly modified Hybrid Air concept cased on the new C4 Cactus production crossover. The most eye-catching tech is the active aero shutters up front and in the wheels, but the 141-mpg truth is more complicated. In fact, the active aero additions can, at most, drop the fuel consumption by perhaps 10 percent. The rest of the gain comes from the PSA compressed-air hybrid system that …

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c4 cactus gif

2015 Citroen C4 Cactus Is Large-Cabin Crossover With Funky Design Details

At first and second glance, there are many things bizarre about the C4 Cactus from Citroen. A production version of the Cactus show car, this funky little crossover packs conventional diesel engines and front-drive under those futuristic panels. This ditches the need for AWD and any off-road credibility, but the tradeoff for big cabin room at a low price is well worth it. Perhaps most importantly, the C4 Cactus can play to both the young hipster crowd as well as the young parent consumer segment. A big child seat or three will certainly fit inside — with Mom and Dad …

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