BMW M Performance Parts for 2015 X5M and X6M Include Tri-Color Racing Stripes!

  INTRO: Exciting discovery: these images allow a near-perfect animated comparison showing the different X6 vs X5 rooflines.   It might seem silly to buy a brand-new BMW X5 or X6 M and go shopping right away to upgrade it. But it is actually more normal than you might think. These factory upgrades are often things BMW would like to include on the factory trucks, but can’t because they are too polarizing (the M-color graphics…) or the M Performance exhaust (for legal reasons…). You have to imagine BMW ships these cars around the world in a universally appealing specification, but …

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LA Auto Show 2014 – Photo Gallery of 80 Cool New Cars

Now that it is a full month after the LA auto show, and only a few weeks from Detroit, it seems like many of these images are not going to be utilized in full articles. So that they are not snapped in vain…. here are 137 photos from the showfloor. A few of these are from the tuner/specialist booth outside the LA show proper – but this is where we find Morgan, Galpin Ford and the GTR1, Saleen and other popular brands. Two really cool showcars that have not been covered much? The Black Pearl custom low-rider and the Zelectric …

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