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Road Test Review – 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander SEL – Bigger, Better, Is It Finally Worth It?

When we last saw the Mitsubishi Outlander, it was a few years ago; it reflected the dire shape that Mitsubishi was in at the time. The company suffered from declining sales and the lingering effects of a fuel economy scandal that revealed that it falsified fuel economy ratings for several of its models. The resulting fallout saw the company enter an alliance with Nissan, which helped it avoid complete collapse. However, it also helped the company revamp its model lineup, and the first to benefit from the part sharing was the all-new 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander. The Outlander was once considered …

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Mitsubishi Reinvents The Wheel With 2022 Outlander, New Styling and Technology Reinvent Languishing Nameplate

Regarding major facelifts, few are as big of a deal as the one that the Mitsubishi Outlander has received for 2022. The Outlander’s last revamp was back in 2014, and it has slipped behind rivals ever since. While our previous exposures to the Outlander did allow us to soak in its impressive fuel economy numbers, it also showed just how behind the times it was, especially regarding interior quality and technology. The 2022 model aims to change that, and here are our four favorite things about this revamped Mitsu.   Concept Car Styling In A Utility Driven World The exterior …

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