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Ford Brings Wild West Luxury To 2021 Explorer King Ranch, Rear Wheel Drive Comes To 3.0 Liter V6

When Ford first teased an all-new King Ranch model was on the way, the company initially was vague on what model will be adorned with the wild west theme. We initially suspected the Explorer, but the brief teaser video was lacking in detail. As it turns out, we were on the right track with the Blue Oval officially unveiling the 2021 Explorer King Ranch.   Light Exterior Tweaks Define King Ranch Transformation Like other King Ranch models in the fold, the Explorer King Ranch brings several unique touches inside and out. But before we get into the good stuff inside, …

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Ford Teases 2021 Explorer King Ranch, Set To Debut Feb 24th

Ford’s lineup of King Ranch models has become very potent sellers for the Blue Oval. There’s no denying that it’s a trendy upgrade for buyers from the massive Expedition to the mighty F-Series pickups. But what if you want the King Ranch experience in a smaller package? Ford might have the answer with the 2021 Explorer King Ranch.   Eddie Who? Ford’s brief teaser video didn’t reveal too much with only a fleeting glimpse of the exterior as the Explorer thundered its way down a lonely dirt road out of camera range. We know it’s the Explorer based on the …

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