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2020 toyota highlander hybrid

2020 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Platinum L4 AWD by Ben Lewis

The Toyota Highlander has always been a solid choice in the mid-size SUV segment. By solid, we mean, well-built, good value, Toyota reliability. But ahem, nothing to get excited about. Well, until now. For 2020, there’s an all-new Highlander, and while it hasn’t lost any of the things that make a Highlander a stress-free choice, this one’s notably more passionate, from style, to driving, to features. You can now lust after a Highlander and not be locked up in the automotive looney bin. Big and Bold The first thing that hits you is the Highlander’s take-no-prisoners design. It looks bigger, …

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Toyota Brings More Refinement, Technology To the 2020 Highlander CUV

Remember when the Toyota Highlander was stylish and refined? If you said no to either of these, it’s completely understandable considering how past iterations of the venerable Highlander embraced the functionality and purposeful lines that defined it as a perennial favorite among family buyers, but at the cost of losing ground to more design centric family haulers. Toyota is out to completely change the way people perceive the big Highlander, and has given it a very massive makeover for the 2020 model year. The exterior of the 2020 Highlander will certainly draw plenty of stares thanks to its rebooted styling …

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