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2020 Geneva Motor Show

Geneva Motor Show Cancelled, Coronavirus Concerns Force Swiss Government To Pull The Plug

Car makers are in a mad scramble to reorganize and replan vehicle unveilings after Swiss authorities cancelled the 90th annual Geneva Motor Show Friday due to concerns over the spread of the Coronavirus. While some automakers have so far not unveiled a Plan B (or admitted that they do not have one) others have come up with prompt solutions to unveiling their new products to the world.   Porsche for instance, has confirmed that it will be hosting a livestream event on March 3rd to showcase the newest iteration of its flagship 911 sports car. Joining Porsche’s lead are Audi, …

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Bentley Teases Two Seat Bacalar, First Two Seat Bentley Since 1930s

In an era where Bentley models are perhaps the most elegant and sumptuous models on the market today, the Crewe based firm is ready to lift the veil off of an all new Bentley offering that not only pushes the bar on proper Bentley luxury, but is also a nod to its history as well.   Dubbed the Bacalar, the model is named after a Mexican lake, and is the newest creation of Mulliner (the oldest coachbuilder in the world) the extremely lavish grand tourer will make its debut at the Geneva Auto Show on March 3rd. While many details …

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2021 Volkswagen GTI Brings New Styling, Power Bump To U.S. Consumers

Volkswagen might not be bringing the entry level Golf here in the U.S. but that does not mean the German company is leaving performance hungry buyers high and dry. Volkswagen is bringing the GTI and the R models to the U.S. with the company using the Geneva Motor Show to showcase the eighth generation GTI. The design of the outgoing GTI is certainly a tough act to follow, with the seventh generation model blending a balanced recipe of refinement and performance into a sensibly designed package. The eighth gen model largely sticks to this proven script, but adds new touches …

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Morgan Teases Upcoming Four Cylinder Model For Geneva, Is It A Next Generation Plus 4?

Morgan is embarking on perhaps the most ambitious era that it has ever undertaken. The company started things off by rolling out an all new aluminum platform that replaced the iconic 83 year old steel ladder chassis, and it also ditched V8s, with the firm replacing them with BMW sourced turbocharged inline six engines. The sweeping changes for the company will continue on for 2020 with the Malvern based company confirming that it is cooking up an all new model which will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show next week.   Like other recent unveilings, Morgan is keeping …

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