Rolls Royce Brings Cullinan To The Dark Side With All New Black Badge Model

The Rolls Royce Culllinan is already an imposing SUV to share the road with thanks to its elegant styling, as well as the very high levels of equipment that buyers can use to coddle themselves in world class luxury. We got a taste of this ourselves this summer, but for buyers looking for more intimidation and exclusivity from their luxury SUV purchase, Rolls Royce has come full circle, and has unveiled the all new Cullinan Black Badge. Like other Black Badge models, the Cullinan Black Badge is designed to push the big Roller into a higher plane of performance. But …

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First Drive Review – 2019 Rolls Royce Cullinan – By Carl Malek

It’s hard to ignore the resurgence of SUVS both in sales, as well as in  overall relevance in the minds of a new generation of buyers. Once considered a crippled segment following the Great Recession, SUV growth and demand has rapidly surged ahead in recent years. This has resulted in a ripple effect that has caused many automakers to rapidly revamp, and in some cases, rethink their long term sales strategies. These include high end marques once known for car focused lineups, with Bentley, Maserati, and Lamborghini all joining the fray. But at last, this ripple effect has reached arguably …

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Rolls Royce Unveils Bentayga Fighting Cullinan SUV

Following three years of teasers, speculation, and spy shots, Rolls Royce has at long last unveiled its first ever SUV, the 2019 Rolls Royce Cullinan which aims to bring Bentayga fighting power, luxury, and opulence to the growing elite luxury SUV segment. Taking its name after the largest single diamond ever discovered on the planet, the Cullinan is a symbol of the future for Rolls Royce, which was once known for being exclusively a manufacturer of traditional automobiles. Even Rolls Royce officials realized that there was a sizable profit to be made in SUVs, and have adjusted accordingly by bringing …

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