Road Test Review – 2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label – By Carl Malek

When Lincoln revamped the Navigator full-sized SUV for 2018, they had a lot of ground to make up. Once an innovator in the full size luxury SUV segment when it first made its debut in 1998, the big Lincoln generated a lot of attention, and even inspired Cadillac to make its own entry, the Cadillac Escalade. However, the Navigators that followed failed to maintain this initial momentum, with the situation growing increasingly dire in 2015 when the refreshed third generation Navigator appeared. Lacking the precision and attention to detail that had become a staple of the fore-mentioned Escalade, that iteration …

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Best of NYIAS – 2018 Lincoln NAVIGATOR – 450HP, 10-Speed

There have been three or four times in my lifetime when Lincoln Motor Company seemed like it was really on to something.  It had a lot to prove: we only knew it as the Town Car company.  Certainly not a credible luxury contender. The Jag-look Continental of the late 1990s had us doing double takes, even if it was a total boat and deeply FWD from behind the wheel.  Or when the first Nav arrived. Then when the LS sedans came out.  A luxed-up, 4-door Mustang for Lincoln sounded great! But these moments for Lincoln were one-offs. Flukes, almost, in …

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