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2017 Hyundai ELANTRA Sedan

2017 Hyundai ELANTRA Sedan Debuts Impressive Redesign, Giant Cabin and Fresh Tech

The new Elantra is pretty impressive!  Competing for LA attention with the new Civic twins from Honda, the Cruze/Volt twins from Chevy and many others… the Elantra had its work cut out for it from day one. Luckily, the new model holds its own versus those rivals. A seriously generous helping of premium style, roominess and tech makes the Elantra quite a contender. The 2017 model is about an inch longer and wider, with a much sleeker aero rating — down to just 0.27 cD in the wind tunnel. This is achieved via a new full-frame grille, underbody aero shrouds, …

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