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2017 Bugatti CHIRON

2017 Bugatti CHIRON Breaks Records – 0-250MPH-0 In 42 Seconds + Under 2 Miles

400kph is a messianic number for auto engineers.  It is a point few road cars can even contemplate, let alone attempt in a hot blast of full throttle then full braking. The Chiron just set the world record for this insane benchmark of a test.  42 seconds and just 1.92 miles are all that Chiron needed to make auto history forever. Among the rare few other cars that could even attempt this test, Chiron proves how fearsome its total power package really is.  Yes, Pagani and Koenigsegg are faster than ever these days.  But they are not — as of …

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In Pictures: First USA Bugatti CHIRON Delivered!

Morning honey-bee! This gorgeous two-tone Bugatti is officially the first ever car delivered to America.  The key handoff took place in Pebble Beach (where else?) but it is presumed the $3-mil was not in cash.  That would be too large a briefcase for one man to carry. Generously, the total price already includes tax and shipping. CHeck out the beautiful specimen via the seaside photoset below. 2017 Bugatti CHIRON

2017 BUGATTI Chiron – Factory Tour Shows Incredible Build Process

How does one create the highest-performance vehicle in the world?  Despite being faster than any other road car once built, the Chiron takes a very measured few steps into this world.   Hand-assembly over two months and extensive testing at every step of the way is not a fast process — but is required to make sure these bleeding-edge pieces of technology are ready for primetime. And quality is critical: most of the 70 or so cars the Molsheim plant can produce annually will head to far corners of the globe.  Repairing any issues is not a simple trip down to …

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2017 Bugatti CHIRON – Colors Visualizer – 50 Shades of 300mph BOSS!

Excitement around the all-new Bugatti Chiron is palpable in the car world.  Ahead of first arrivals to the lucky few owners later in 2016, we’re prepared a three-angle look at the Chiron in more than 70 different colors. Most of these are screencapped drafts along the way in Photoshop — those are in the three-column gallery below.  The main, higher-quality renderings are a single layout directly below. Interesting notes?  Beyond the 310-mph Vmax of the speedo??! How gorgeous and special the Chiron is, mostly.  The design itself is sexy, aero-honed and also quite artful.  All at once! The car has …

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2017 Bugatti CHIRON – Dynamic Onyx + Grand Palais Photosets

Update1 – Including photos of the new Chiron in a gorgeous onyx black out on the roads and high-speed test track.  Plus a set of this hypercar hero in rare static form at the Grand Palais.   2017 Bugatti CHIRON – Dynamic Photos Every hypercar in the world just found out it was no messiah. But rather, just a false prophet. Imagine the shame!  Being so slow, so unremarkable and so inferior? Bugatti’s live-streamed press conference starts tonight at 3:45AM EST — so imagine our THRILL at the full release!  Full photoset!  Full specs!  Get me a Kleenex! The details …

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2017 Bugatti CHIRON is Official! 100 Pre-Orders Locked in Ahead of Geneva 2016 Reveal

Pretty speedy turnaround from the Bugatti folks to the storm of speculation this weekend across the auto universe!  A rapid response and super-max trajectory, are, after all, core Bugatti traits.  So it does make sense. Or perhaps this was planned all along!  Bugatti’s press release early this morning confirms that ‘pre-marketing’ for the 2017 Chiron is already under way. Select private viewings have already taken place worldwide — with 100 orders secured so far! That total is astounding for a car no one has driven, and few even seen. 100 orders represents at least the first year or so of …

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