Road Test Review – 2015 Nissan Altima 2.5SL is a Serene, Mile-Munching Machine!

Midsize sedans might not be the sexiest or most desirable segment of the new car market, but they are the gasoline for the American automobile market’s engine. Taken together with pickup trucks, these two body styles of vehicle make up more than a third of all sales annually. The Altima is a big player in this mix: ranking number three behind the Camry and Accord for a whopping 2014 total of 335,000 sold. However you slice it, that is a huge chunk of influence, and a car that many will consider when seeking their next ride. And to wrap up …

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2015 Nissan Lannia Revealed in Shanghai With Funky Rump

Nissan’s new global design language is definitely fresh and unique — from the 2016 Maxima to this Chinese-market Lannia sedan, there is a real shared DNA visible in the panels. Defined by a deep swoosh and flow of metal over the front fenders that swings down into the door surfacing, the Nissan style might catch a few eyes. But there is something amiss. The concept to reality transition is wiping out nearly 90-percent of the original design appeal. It appears to be the limitations of production panel stamps that is watering down almost all the flavor of the original concept …

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