2016 Dodge Charger Pursuit V-8 AWD

2016 Dodge Charger PURSUIT Debuts new 12-inch Touchscreen with PnP Police Computer Systems

Dodge just updated its 2016 Charger Pursuit LEO model with some never-before-available tech: a giant portrait touchscreen that is custom-designed to be the main display and control for law enforcement officers in daily duties. Until now, the preferred method of departments to put computers into squad cars has been a floor-mounted Panasonic Toughbook. Yes, the laptop was theoretically portable, but not as mounted on its giant metal arm. Bolted down under the seat, this arm let officers move the laptop over the center console, angled toward them a bit. But still extremely awkward, and using an touchpad / nub thing …

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2015 Dodge Charger RT 392 Scat Pack 1

Road Test Review – 2015 Dodge Charger R/T 392 Scat Pack with Ken Glassman

2015 Dodge Charger R/T 392 Scat Pack By Ken Glassman As soon as the bright blue Dodge Charger R/T Scat Pack was delivered to my driveway, my heart began to race. Paperwork was quickly signed, and returning phone calls went to the bottom of my “to-do” list. I immediately jumped in the super-sport sedan, and gazed out onto that long hood with its mean looking dual air scoops.  Usually, I’ll spend 20 minutes acclimating myself to the switches, seats, mirrors, and setting preferences, and radio stations – but not this time. When you’ve got 485 Scat Pack horsepower from the …

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srt charger gif

3.7s 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat in 60 New High-Res Photos!

  Updated 11.10.14 You can tell how exciting the Dodge and SRT teams are about this car — even from a mile away, the performance of the Charger SRT Hellcat is visibly and audibly awesome. Great job on these photos, too, Dodge — looking fantastic! Favorite features: the special hood with front intake and rear outlet vents, a la the Viper, the clean and un-adorned grille design, and the razor-sharp front lower bumper element. This piece forms a deep and three-dimensional painted splitter element that is sexy as hell. In back, the spoiler and fender vents in the back bumper …

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204-MPH, 707HP 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Makes Online Debut - Est $60k Base Pricing From January Gif

204-MPH, 707HP 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Makes Online Debut – Est $60k Base Pricing From January

When in doubt: do a mile-long burnout! The 2015 Charger SRT Hellcat made its online debut this week. Thrilling pace and performance are guaranteed. No word yet on pricing or arrival time frames – but the 2015 SRT Hellcat Charger pricing is likely to mirror the $61,000 base prices of the Challenger Hellcat, with out estimated arrival time from in Q1 2015.     2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat NEW 2015 DODGE CHARGER SRT HELLCAT IS THE QUICKEST, FASTEST AND MOST POWERFUL SEDAN IN THE WORLD 13/08/14 With 707 horsepower, an NHRA-certified quarter mile elapsed time of 11.0 seconds on …

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2015 Dodge Charger Pursuit is Coolest Standard-Issue Highway Patrol Car EVER!

The latest police Charger is here! The Charger Pursuit is only for cool police. This will be the most coveted car in the fleet or any police department — from before day one. Part the nose, the lines of the new 2015 Charger at first appear wholly carry-over versus the previous car. But in fact, only the door-frame shape has be unchanged. The surface treatment is far more moden than the current Charger, with new and modern front fenders, deeper sills and a more organic tail and rear three-quarter angle. The latest LEDS in back are actually the long, low …

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