2015 Toyota Camry NASCAR 2534

Gen-6 Toyota Camry NASCAR Revealed Ahead of 2015 Season

The NASCAR ‘Car of Tomorrow’ is now in its sixth generation after barely as many years roaring round the nation’s speedways. Luckily, this latest design rulebook allows the cars to look much less generic, and more like their actual namesake road car models. The first out of the gates for the 2015 season of the Sprint Cup and 2015 Xfinity (formerly Nationwide) racing series is the new Camry. It really does look like the production car! ANIMATED OVERLAY ANALYSIS: Camry v ‘NASCamry’ In this transparency of the production Camry XSE versus the NASCAR Camry, we can see how similar these …

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2015 TLX gif

Road Test Review – 2015 Acura TLX 2.4L Is Seriously Good Fun: Quick, Lux and Nimble

Just like delivering a compliment is easy and second-nature, writing a good car’s review is remarkably easy and refreshing. It feels great to give praise, and the words come flowing out. Alternatively – delivering bad news tactfully in a car review requires much more graceful delivery. You must plan your points carefully so they are constructive and helpful. The 2015 Acura TLX firmly falls into the easy compliment category. Say what you will — and what I have written — about the Acura nose in the last few years: this 2015 TLX absolutely blew me away with its amazing combination …

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2015 Acura TLX Media Launch Brings 100 New Photos, Pricing, Colors and Specs – $31k Base Price

The 2015 TLX is off to a roaring start! Eventually replacing both the current TL and the TSX sedan, the new TLX has three powertrains to entice shoppers away from the Lexus IS, BMW 320i, Mercedes-Benz CLA250 and Audi A3/A4. The base pricing looks extremely reasonably for such a swoopy and aggressive sedan design. From just $31,000 for the front-drive four-cylinder, to $about $35,000 for the front-drive V6, and up to a base of $41,450 for the loaded SH-AWD TLX V6 with its standar Tech package. Style-wise, the four-cylinder and V6 TLX’s both look low and sharp and all-new – …

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Concept to Reality – Acura TLX Prototype vs. TLX GT Racer vs Real 2015 TLX Production Car

Updated June 18, 2014 Yes, yes — the real TLX is out already so this preview concept is not very relevant anymore. But it is very attractive and desirable, in a way that bodes really well for the upcoming production TLX as a 2015 model from Acura. We have compared the two in detail (prototype versus real thing) and the sheetmetal is (almost) all shared between the two road cars. The shaping of the rear fender strake in profile is less artful in the production model. The TLX GT takes a wide-body fender treatment and has pronounced air vent cut-outs …

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Acura TLX GT Racecar Boosts 2015 TLX Launch with 500HP Twin-Turbo SH-AWD

Anticipation of the all-new 2015 Acura TLX is building this summer, with shoppers from within and outside the Acura/Honda fold curious about the slinky style and new tech on offer in these mid-size luxury sedans. What better way to really establish some new performance credibility and an all-out racecar version? Sure, it might be a popular strategy for making an upcoming production car seem fast and exciting, but it is popular for a reason. Why? It works! Just look at this lowered, aero-optimized and super-rapid TLX GT Race Car! One peek from any angle shows a hardcore side of Acura’s …

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How Much More Wood Can The Acura Woodchuck Chuck? 2015 Acura TLX Is Most-Important Launch This Year for Ailing Lux Honda Arm

The 2015 TLX is so important to Acura’s proclaimed renaissance that its importance is hard to overstate. While thew latest dullard RLX fails to wow just about anyone, its new ad campaign proclaims that “Yes, We Are There Yet.” We Are? That is a concern on many levels because there is a distinctly hollow and untrue ring to that slogan. The RLX suffers from lackluster appeal due to its inexplicable failings next to the Honda Accord, of all unlikely competitors. THe Accord is generally larger in all interior dimensions, and even a bit quicker in the sprint via a V6 …

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