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Holy Wow! Lexus LF-C2 Teasing RC350 Convertible Ahead of LA Show

  On first glance at this exciting teaser image – we thought for a moment this might be a drop-top LF-A like seen below in the previous Concept Flashback article. But on further analysis, we have a strong hunch that this is the new Lexus RC in convertible form. Very exciting – stay tuned for the full details. What do we know so far from transparency analysis? It is definitely an RC. But it is not the RC-F based on the nose, which does not show the larger hood bulge of the RC-F. The Lexus RC350 Convertible and even an …

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Concept To Reality – Part Two – 2007 Lexus LF-A Roadster

PART TWO: THE ROADSTER Why show a nearly-identical roadster version of the LF-A Concept for the 2007 show season? Mainly, to show the potential of the front-engine supercar design, as well as to prove that the idea was still progressing nicely on the road to production. In lipstick red, the LF-A Roadster certainly got hearts racing. People we palpably excited for the car at this point — but would have to wait another two years for the production coupe to drop its silk robes. 2007 Lexus LF-A Roadster   PREVIOUS How time flies! Versus the 2010 Lexus LFA production supercar, …

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Concept To Reality – Part One – 2005 Lexus LF-A Coupe In 31 High-Res Photos

How time flies! Versus the 2010 Lexus LFA production supercar, the 2005 Lexus LF-A Coupe is fairly shocking. Why? Not just its hyphen versus the hyphen-free production car? Yes, but there is more =] First of all, the production car is far more attractive.This is a rarity across almost every concept to reality series before, and shows how quickly the Lexus supercar idea was evolving alongside Lexus’s overall design aesthetic. And secondly, that this LFA concept seems so unbelievably early in the car’s evolution. Detail elements that are typically finished in most Toyota and Lexus concepts are very raw and …

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