2016 Honda Civic Sedan 61

2016 Honda CIVIC Sedan – 70-Image Reveal of Lux New Look + 1.5L Turbo

Honda’s live YouTube concert and Civic reveal is streaming the world debut of the all-new sedan tonight — with shockingly advanced design, tech and cabin luxury upgrades. The all-new look is quite distinctive and very sexy, particularly versus the current Civic. An all-new platform brings a lower hoodline, a more rear-mounted windshield, plus flying C-pillars out back that plunge into the trunk nicely. Out back, an aero-optimized octagon forms the main trunk and bumper shape, wearing striking LED light pipes around the top edges. Those lights are a great complement to the LED headlights, turn signals and DRLs in the …

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2004 Dodge Sling Shot

Concept Flashback – 2004 Dodge Sling Shot Was Rear-Engine Turbo Targa

More concept Dodges! The 2004 Sling Shot was a styling exercise investigating how a Dodge version of the recently-launched Smart Roadster might look. Production plans were ultimately shelved for both Sling Shot after, it was rumored, not even the Smart version could pass US crash testing rules. The shared platform means a turbo triple lived under the trunk in back.   2004 Dodge Sling Shot