Road Test Review – 2018 Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE 6MT – By Carl Malek

With the 2019 Chevrolet Camaro currently rolling into showrooms, the 1LE package is expected to play a much more promient role in Chevrolet’s long term sales plans. From the beefy V8 powered 1LE, to the introduction of the all new four cylinder 1LE, track ready performance has never been so readily accessible. But is the 1LE in its basic formula a solid all rounder for eager enthusiasts?

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Updated with Action GIFs – 2017 Chevrolet CAMARO 1LE Track Pack Slides Into Chitown!

Wondering what all the excitement about the 1LE Camaro is about?  Just check out the upgrade list for the manual-only performance special!  For the first time, the 1LE pack will also enhance the V6 Camaro too…. Overall, these are the core elements that make any Camaro seriously focused on a racetrack, and able to keep a 10/10ths pace for hours and hours of thrills.   The SS 1LE is a full three seconds quicker around Willow Springs than the standard SS — which is a huge improvement in controlled speed.  And one that you will certainly appreciate on the roads, …

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