Relive your Oldsmobile memories with pint-sized Aerotech go-kart, one of only 70 made

Typically Sunday is when we launch another installment of our ongoing concept car series, but this unique offering on Facebook Marketplace certainly caught our attention, and if your willing to make the drive to New Hampshire, this slice of Oldsmobile Aerotech linked history can be yours for $1200. Aerotech looks with half the size We might as well address the obvious, this is not the official Oldsmobile Aerotech concept which served as the pinnacle of Oldsmobile’s engineering efforts in the 1980s. For those that need a brief refresher course, the Aerotech was an experimental high speed concept car which was …

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1987 Oldsmobile AeroTech 35

267MPH 1987 Oldsmobile AeroTech at Amelia Island Concours [36 Photos]

What the Oldsmobile AeroTech lacks now and arguably lacked then?  Brand appeal. But what it brings today 30 years after its rollout and stunning 250-mph plus top speed runs?  Importance. This is an important machine.  An extreme aerodynamics, tire and engine prototype, the AeroTech showed the world what it would take to cross into seriously dangerous speeds.  Its tires, brakes, cooling and streamlined underbody taught General Motors important lessons.  Most significant?  The move to shrouded lighting, smooth surfaces and wind tunnel testing. Beyond just showing off as a very ambitious GM prototype, the AeroTech has now even outlived its Oldsmobile …

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