1960s TV Batmobile by Tony Gullo 5

Houston Auto Show Customs – 1960s TV Batmobile by Tony Gullo

Of all the Batmobiles, the 1960s TV show version has to be the all-time favorite for most people. Bubble roof, wild colors, fins and details unlike anything else…. This display at the Houston Auto Show was a real crowd-pleaser, with great workmanship by Tony Gullo Customs. 1960s TV Batmobile by Tony Gullo  

1960 Plymouth Fury NASCAR 42

Mecum Florida 2015 – 1960 Plymouth Fury NASCAR Modified to Recreate Richard Petty’s Daytona 500 Racer

UPDATE 1 Sorry guys. Some shoddy reporting (and total lack of fact-checking:) on the first draft of this article below! Richard Petty started racing in 1958 at the Historic Columbia Speedway, so this 1960 model-year Plymouth was definitely not his first NASCAR ride. A bit of Petty trivia? He returned to this tiny dirt oval in 1959 to score his first win. The track is still around today, but in a heavily ‘disused’ state with much grass growing through the paved sections, which were laid down in the late 1960s. We do believe this body Plmouth Fury was his ride …

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