1928 AUBURN 8-115 Speedster 4

Kiawah 2016 – 1928 AUBURN 8-115 Speedster

This Auburn 115 Speedster would have made Jay Gatsby’s yellow Rolls-Royce look like a city bus by comparison.  Just two seats, roadster cockpit with aero windshield in twin planes, plus a boattail rear end that makes its giant hood even more prominent. Fast has a mascot in the roaring twenties, and it was this Auburn.   Kiawah 2016 – 1928 AUBURN 8-115 Speedster

RM Monaco 2016 – 1928 Bugatti Type 40 Boattail Speedster

It is hard to fathom sometimes that cars like this are sitting quietly in wealthy garages around the world.  Museum-quality icon or 1993 Mercury Sable?  Which shall we drive today, honey? RM Sotheby’s Monaco Coinciding with the Monaco Historic Grand Prix Le Sporting Monte-Carlo, Monaco 14 May 2016 http://www.rmsothebys.com/mc16/monaco/lots/ RM Monaco 2016 – 1928 Bugatti Type 40 Boattail Speedster


Hall of Fame – 1928 Mercedes-Benz 680S Torpedo Roadster by Carrosserie J. Saoutchik

Everyone loves Ferrari’s, but why do red stunners seem to be the main vehicles pulling seven-figure totals at auction? This Mercedes-Benz was a flagship for the newly-merged Daimler-Benz corporation — a way to show that the interwar reconstruction effort did not dull the engineering brilliance of the country. Mercedes looked to Jacques Saoutchik of Paris to handle coachwork on a few showcase vehicles — cars that would go on to star in branding ad campaigns around the world, and live in the record books for their massive speeds. 120-mph in the 1920s was an insane pace for the few owners who were …

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DAF Trucks – Powerful, Efficient and Extra Affordable When Pre-Owned

  Part 1 of TruckMaster Article Series Powered by TruckLocator.co.uk   DAF Trucks – Dutch Innovation Since 1928 DAF was founded in 1928 by Hubert van Doorne and A.H. Huenges, a local business owner. Huenges’ had used the services of van Doorne on several occasions to fix his car. He was so impressed with his engineering skills he put forward an offer of investment, creating a business which the two of them would run together. From this start-up business grew the Van Doorne’s Aanhangwagen Fabriek or Van Doorne’s Trailer Factor, more simply known as DAF. By 1936 Huenges had parted …

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