Geneva Motor Show Cancelled, Coronavirus Concerns Force Swiss Government To Pull The Plug

Car makers are in a mad scramble to reorganize and replan vehicle unveilings after Swiss authorities cancelled the 90th annual Geneva Motor Show Friday due to concerns over the spread of the Coronavirus. While some automakers have so far not unveiled a Plan B (or admitted that they do not have one) others have come up with prompt solutions to unveiling their new products to the world.   Porsche for instance, has confirmed that it will be hosting a livestream event on March 3rd to showcase the newest iteration of its flagship 911 sports car. Joining Porsche’s lead are Audi, …

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Morgan Teases Upcoming Four Cylinder Model For Geneva, Is It A Next Generation Plus 4?

Morgan is embarking on perhaps the most ambitious era that it has ever undertaken. The company started things off by rolling out an all new aluminum platform that replaced the iconic 83 year old steel ladder chassis, and it also ditched V8s, with the firm replacing them with BMW sourced turbocharged inline six engines. The sweeping changes for the company will continue on for 2020 with the Malvern based company confirming that it is cooking up an all new model which will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show next week.   Like other recent unveilings, Morgan is keeping …

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2019 Ginetta Akula – Underdog Debut Pips Geneva Hypercar Elite

We’re fans of underdog supercar maker Ginetta for a few reasons.  First of all is that they are actual racers. Most of the supercars that debut today will not have bona-fide tracktime in their futures, while this Akula certainly does. And secondly, for the functionality of their approach to sports cars. The spirit of the new Akula’s design vaguely recalls TVR from the wild old days.  This is not a machine that went  through dozens of focus groups and design evolutions.  This is a murderous slasher film in CFRP — all vents and intakes and outlets throughout the entire lower …

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2019 Bugatti La Voiture Noire – 39-Photo Geneva Debut & Design Analysis

Bugatti just revealed their coolest one-off exercise in nearly 80 years: the La Voiture Noire. The Black Car? Yes, but think of it as the Black Car with passion. Black as night, dark as sin. Black in the metaphorical sense. Every detail is dipped in black on this car – with its central single wiperblade and unique perforated striations in the panels. A mean and exotic one-off sports coupe with a fully redesigned and re-imagined take on the Chiron bones.  Bugatti is returning to its roots with one-offs thanks to the freedom from any price constraints and also a full-carbon …

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Volvo Reveals Polestar 2 EV Ahead of Geneva, Boasts 275 Mile Driving Range

These days, the various claims of companies unveiling “Tesla Killer” entries has become a consistent and borderline repetitive narrative in the automotive industry. But the continued success of the Model 3 sedan, as well as the Model X and S do symbolize the rapid and dominating presence that Tesla has managed to achieve in the marketplace. But that hasn’t stopped Volvo from unveiling its Model 3 competitor, and it appears that at long last, another automaker has managed to create a contender capable of waging war with the Model 3 on equal terms. Dubbed the Polestar 2, the new EV …

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2017 Renault ZOE E-Sport 1

3.2s 2017 Renault ZOE e-SPORT Concept Is Geneva Highlight

RenaultSport has found itself at the apex between F1 and Formula E in 2017.  They also produce one of the biggest range of EVs available.  No one is better prepared to take track-fast electrics to the street. The new Zoe e-Sport promises just that.  With a widebody style like the iconic Renault rally rockets, and a matte blue paintwork that happily recalls past Clio V6s. 460HP is the power allowed for this hatch smaller than a Ford Fiesta.  With almost a third of the total vehicle weight as batteries, this ZOE e-Sport might even have some midengine dynamics to add …

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2017 Brabus 550 Adventure G-Class 4×4² – Geneva Debut

Brabus starts with G550 4×4-squared mod with one of the most pumped-up factory trucks of all time: the G-Class 4×4.  This widebody, lifted offroad special now has a huge bump in power, sound and jungle capability.  Brabus sells the complete vehicle — which is convenient one-stop shopping for the world’s millionaire travelers!     2017 Brabus 550 Adventure G-Class 4×4² World premiere at the Geneva Auto Show 2017   BRABUS 550 ADVENTURE 4×4²   The exclusive extreme off-roader with 404 kW / 550 HP, 800 Nm of torque and exclusive BRABUS equipment   BRABUS 550 ADVENTURE 4×4²: The world’s largest independent …

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2017 Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo By Pininfarina 3

2017 Fittipaldi EF7 By Pininfarina – Geneva Debut LIVE

What if Sony’s Gran Turismo physics engine was SO GOOD at predicting which cars would win races… that you could designa car expressly to excel in Vision GT and have it be a world-challenger right from the start? That is the idea behind the Fittipaldi EF7 by Pininfarina.  This concept car launches the new Fittipaldi Motors today in Geneva.  Aiming to rival Ferrari and McLaren and the rest, the EF7 takes a design-led approach that is holistic: light and ultra strong chassis, race-levels of grip and speed, and aerodynamics to make the EF7 unbreakable on any track surface. We love …

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1AQ2Y7059 copy

2.8s 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT Concept – LIVE Geneva Debut in 40 Pics

Does this car live up to its preshow hype!?  YES! A four-door fastback supercar with the space of Panamera but the speed of 911 Turbo? Quite a potent blend. The concept wears much body adornment and even a hybrid ERS powertrain teaser.  But this shape is certainly en route to buyers VERY SOON with the standard (!) turbo V8s we have come to know and love from AMG. Look for pricing around 200k when this car makes its way to showrooms about a year from today. Worst thing about it so far?  The name?  This is the AMG GT … …

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2017 Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e Concept – Geneva Debut w/ Video

We can’t wait for the next generation of ‘small’ Bentleys to start arriving!  No longer saddled with its Audi and VW platform, the Bentley range is set to take a big leap up the performance charts. The revolution started with the Speed 6 concept and now continues with this hybrid Speed 6e cabriolet. Its beauty is nothing short of a stunning!  Still a high bathtub shape in profile, but look closer.  Intricate details like the lower sills and even the hood are carved out, scultped for aero and cleanly proportioned like no recently Flying B. The cabin of this two-seater …

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MANSORY Geneva Showstoppers – Top Five Wildest One-Offs

If you ever ask yourself, ‘ Hey, I wonder what Mansory has been up to lately,’ you are in for some fireworks. Mansory’s exotic customs are some of the most lavish and exclusive in the world.  And the latest set does not disappoint! Most striking are the cars they use as their starting points.  Seriously special metal to begin with… then gilded and leathered and ostriched to the max! Gatorskin cabin? Cobalt inlays? Diamonds to match? They do it all. For 2017, Mansory is bringing their new Rolls-Royce Dawn, Bentley Bentayga, AMG GT and a pair of G-Wagens.  Their G63 …

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Wildest Geneva Reveal – 2017 Lazareth LM847 – Monsterbike Runs 500HP Maserati V8!

Imagine all the show-stopping appeal and road presence of the Dodge Tomahawk V10 concept from the early 2000s… but made real, ride-able and road-legal acros Europe! And then imagine swapping the V10 for a much-better-sounding Maserati V8!? The results would be world-shaking. Such is the case for the custom-engineered Lazareth LM847 out of France.  This firm has been making some insane custom bikes, quads and car/bike hybrids for years, but this LM847 takes the firm to a whole new level. This seems like the perfect bike for the Clooney crew to thrum around Lake Como. But also a great fit …

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Geneva 2016 – Showfloor Mega Gallery – Part Two 111-tile

Geneva 2016 – Showfloor Mega Gallery – Part Two

So, so much hotness in here. Aston Martin DB11, Huayra BC, Apollo Arrow, Remac Concept One, Ferrari GTC4 Lusso, new Spyker and Zenvo’s….! Our favorite is split between the new Apollo and the DS E-Tense.   Geneva 2016 – Showfloor Mega Gallery – Part Two      

2016 Abarth 124 Rally Prototype 5

Best of Geneva – 2016 Abarth 124 Rally Prototype – 300HP Kicks Off 2017 Abarth Racing Revival

  In case the hot new Abarth Fiat 124 Spider were not enough to get your heart revving, Abarth Racing has brought along an even hotter version! A rear-drive rally racecar that started life as a ragtop!?  Sounds like a winner to us.  And it definitely looks like a winner too. A slightly raised ride height, boosted engine putting down 300Hp, plus a locking rear differential promise exciting, tail-out action to rally fans next year. Custom fender extensions, sill extensions and brake air vents behind the back axle speak to this car’s gravel-slinging dreams.  As does its gigantic, fire-spitting single …

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Design Analysis – 2017 Lamborghini CENTENARIO + 20 Astounding Geneva Closeups

  This might be the most outrageous Lamborghini of all time. And that is saying something — there have been some real wild childs’ in the back catalog! The Centenario is a 40-unit special Aventador with all-new styling and 770HP.  Half coupes and half roadsters, they are all pre-sold. The big innovations over the Aventador include rear-wheel steering and a new carbon-fiber chassis tub.  Much part sharing for boring things (like glass and suspension details) with the Aventador, yet cutting out a large bit of mass by replacing its aluminum spaceframe with a CF tub wherever possible.  This is likely …

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2017-Chevrolet-Corvette-GrandSport-003 copy - Copy

2017 Corvette Grand Sport Makes Surprise Geneva Debut

Imagine the bulk of the monstrous, 2.9-second COrvette Z06 — but available without the supercharged engine!? The results would be very similar to this just-launched GS.  460-horsepower from the dry-sumped V8 also includes a heavenly active exhaust and seven-speed manual transmission.  You get a hang of the extra gear in a snap because the long–throw shifter is so precise and feelsome. The Grand Sport is set for a summer 2016 arrival to the US — and just a few months later to Europe! The price premium over the loaded Z51 is likely to be around $5k, or around $70k. A Z07 …

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Geneva Auto Show 2016 - Mega Gallery 317

Geneva 2016 – Showfloor Mega Gallery – Part One

Highlights in the gigantic, 250-photo gallery below?  Definitely the W Motors Lykan Hypersport!  Painted to match the Furious 7 hero and attending Geneva for the first time. Others definitely include the Opel GT Concept, VW T-Cross Breeze, Arash AF10 (perhaps), Honda Civic hatchback concept, 2017 VW Up!, SEAT Alteca, Peugeot Traveller and many more! The new Smart Fortwo cabrio is looking sharp in bright baby blue, as are the new C-Class twins in C400 and C43 Cabriolet. Geneva 2016 – Showfloor Mega Gallery – Part One

Geneva Debuts – 2016 Subaru XV Concept – Less Hideous, More Production-Ready

Subaru has been bringing shockingly ugly concept cars to Europe for the big auto shows as long as anyone can remember. We’re equally unimpressed by this concept’s detailing, style and design decisions. As we were with the Viziv before.  Less repugnant… is still repugnant though. The difference is, this new XV Concept model is actually very, very close to production form.  Strip away the fug-nasty orange trims, fake honeycomb LEDs and the pricey paintwork, and we could be looking at the next-gen XV Crosstrek.  Of course, we will also see door handles and a frumpier roofline. The best angle is from the back, …

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2017 Rolls-Royce BLACK BADGE Ghost and Wraith – Best of Geneva 2016

  Hell yes! After griping about Rolls-Royce descending into Miata and Aston special-edition hell a few months ago, we’re thrilled to report the latest exclusives from Rolls are — in fact — cool as fahk. The Black Badge launch appeals to modern trendsetters in a way that no recent Roller has. How? Dark, mean, sinister and effortlessly chic.  The first two models to benefit are the Ghost and the Wraith — which drop all brightwork in favor of satin black for the grilles, trims and even flying lady up front!  The standard triple-dipped brightwork around the pillars and door-handles is …

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MANSORY Geneva 2016 – AMG GLE63, Range Rover Sport and Bentley Flying Spur

Roundup of the stragglers from Mansory’s Geneva showstand: the new GLE63, RRS and Bentley Flying Spur. Mercedes-AMG GLE63 by MANSORY WORLD PREMIERE at the 2016 Geneva Int. Motor Show     Sporty Power SUV ­– MANSORY refines the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 to a masculine wide body   All over the world the name MANSORY is synonymous with the refinement of luxury cars. With the new programme for the Mercedes AMG GLE 63 the company in Brand, Bavaria, once again recommends itself as the top address for sporty accessories, powerful increases in performance and an exciting body design.   Sporty elegance characterises the …

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MANSORY_MercedesAMG_GTS_03 - Copy

Geneva Debuts – 2016 AMG GT-S by MANSORY

  Another half-debut, half-preview from Mansory.  The cars definitely exist — as their real-life cabins show — but these outdoor renders are very obviously images vs photos. Even so, the incredible new reverse ducted wings of the Mansory GTS make themselves very well-known!     2016 MANSORY AMG GT-S WORLD PREMIERE at the 2016 Geneva Int. Motor Show     MANSORY rocks the Mercedes-AMG GT S   Refining super cars is more than just a business for MANSORY. The attention to detail and the love of all that is special and unique is what drives us to produce out-of-the-ordinary automobiles. …

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Geneva Debuts – 2016 MANSORY 4XX Siracusa Ferrari

Official details and some very detailed preview images of the new Siracusa package from Mansory.  Now fully redesigned for the 488 GTB!   2016 MANSORY 4XX Siracusa Ferrari         PRESS RELEASE March 2016   WORLD PREMIERE at the 2016 Geneva Int. Motor Show     MANSORY 4XX SIRACUSA – spectacular mid-engined sports car with Italian roots   With the 4XX MANSORY now presents the second generation of the super sports car SIRACUSA. The first model was based on the Ferrari 458, the successor, the Ferrari 488, has now been given a complete makeover. Centrepiece of the complete customisation …

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Geneva Debuts – 2016 Koenigsegg AGERA RS and AGERA Finale

The fun never runs out with the ultra-light and USA-legal Agera! These last specials of the RS and Agera Final, and Agera One of 1 are all pre-sold.  THey are still a fantastic showcase of a marque-defining hypercar. They may also mark the end of an era to a certain extent, with the new Regera range-topper already in production.       The Agera Final models are promised for a late 2017 delivery. Even so, we see great things in the future for any Koenigsegg! 2016 Koenigsegg AGERA   Koenigsegg Agera ‘Final’ Koenigsegg Automotive AB is pleased to announce the …

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Geneva Debuts – 2016 SAIC Volkswagen PHIDEON – China-Only Super-Passat

VW just revealed its next-gen flagship  super-Passat: the Phideon. Riding on a next-gen premium platform, the Phideon is a long-wheelbase sedan the size of the S-Class, but with a lower roof that VW refers to as a four-door coupe. On that note, one of the Phideon’s best initial impressions is its premium proportions.  A long-looking hood, improved dash-to-axle length and fairly short front overhang all send the right signals loud and clear.  That being said, it is not as rear-drive in appearance as even the Hyundai Genesis. The design itself is familiar, if a bit angle-sensitive as shown on these preview images. …

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Geneva Debuts – 2016 Volvo XC90 EXCELLENCE – Quad-Throne PHEV Limo for Davos Crowd

  Not just Rangies… but S-Classes and Audi A8’s too! The superlux livery market just found a new favorite: the XC90 T8 Excellence. Plugin-hybrid to ease your (guilty) conscience?  Check. SUV-easy entry and exit, plus jumbo cargo bay?  Check. Individual, 787-first-class seats in back with a full-length console and nap-ready headrests? Check. 4×4 grip for ski holidays or slushy commutes home?  Check. Subtle to the point of almost disappearing behind the bright window-edges and deep-tinted glass all around?  Check. The new XC90 Excellence certainly looks great on paper as the next favorite limousine for the Davos crowd. The Excellence order …

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2016 BRABUS ROCKET 900 Coupe 8

Geneva Debuts – 2016 BRABUS ROCKET 900 S65 V12TT Coupe

Brace yourself for a big week of new exotics! Let’s kick things off with the insanely powerful, yet quite suble, Brabus Rocket 900. Based on the rear-drive S65 Coupe, this Rocket 900 upgrade bumps displacement from the V12TT up to 6.3-liters.  A full engine makeovertakes power up to 887HP and a stonking 1100-plus pound-feet of torque. Accordingly, the performance of this car above 100-mph is in Veyron-like territory.  Yet also packing four giant thrones and a pretty big trunk. Even better?  This Brabus 900 pack is set to be offered on the ragtop too!     2016 BRABUS ROCKET 900 …

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2016 BMW X6 FALCON by AC Schnitzer 21

Best of Geneva – 2016 BMW X6 FALCON by AC Schnitzer

  ACS has gone to town on their new X6 Falcon flagship! The engine kit is available for both the 35i and 50i models, bumping horsepower a cool 75 for the top-flight 650HP output of the showcar. It is the tasteful and hi-viz exterior makeover that really catches the eye, though.  Quite an X6 Evo…. and definitely with more visual intrigue than the X6M.     2016 BMW X6 FALCON by AC Schnitzer Powerful, fast and impressive The X6 FALCON by AC Schnitzer  It flexes its wings, applies the gas and shoots towards its prey like a torpedo. The latest exceptional …

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2017 MSO 675LT Spider + Full-Carbon P1 Revealed for Geneva

  2017 McLaren 675LT Spider by MSO   MSO PAYS CARBON FIBRE TRIBUTE TO McLAREN P1™ AND WELCOMES 675LT SPIDER AT 2016 GENEVA MOTOR SHOW McLaren Special Operations (MSO) pays carbon fibre tribute to the outgoing McLaren P1™ MSO crafts carbon fibre-themed 675LT Spider as fastest ever, street legal convertible McLaren, which makes its public debut at Geneva after selling out in weeks Full McLaren model line-up on display showcasing the Sports Series, Super Series and Ultimate Series New stand location at the Geneva Motor Show, Stand 6040, Hall 6 McLaren Automotive will attend the Geneva Motor Show for the …

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2017 Lexus LC500h 3

2017 Lexus LC500h Joins Geneva Roster with Next-Gen Performance Hybrid System

  Lexus just released its big Geneva news: the 2017 LC500h! This super-sports variant introduces a next-gen hybrid that Lexus calls the Multi Stage Hybrid System. No details on what this entails as of yet, but the new hybrid system promises a big boost in actual sportiness versus just extra efficiency. How will they achieve that ? There are more than a few ways.  First off, Lithium-Ion batteries are expected — which may be their first excursion in the Lexus production hybrid.  Until now, Lexus has stuck to the proven nickel-metal-hydride battery packs so well-known from the Prius and Lexus …

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2016 McLaren 650S GT3 – Geneva Prelaunch + Photo Comparo Insights vs. 2015 Racecar

GT3 is the closest thing we have to an authentic battle-of-the-supercars — and demands a great amount of manufacturer attention.  The learnings on track with these cars are some of the quickest tech intros to road cars.  Advancements in aero and drivetrain behaviour on track actually translate directly to a street superstar — without just the lip service most race series pay to this tech transfer. And best of all, it is a two-way street.  Better turbo and cooling settings on the road for the 675LT have fed directly into the updated 2016 racecar from McLaren GT. McLaren below confirms …

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2016 Porsche 911 C4S by TopCar 1

2016 Porsche 911 C4S by TopCar Makes Pre-Geneva Debut

TopCar’s Stinger upgrades have been offered on nearly every 991 variant… except the Carrera 4 and Carrera 4S.  The unique body panels of the factory widebody need their own kit. And now we have it!  The TopCar package is definitely a dramatic change of stance and aggression for the C4S.  Exaggerated fender flares have their join point with the body high up in the shoulders of the machine.  It is cleanly integrated into the factory bumper designs– in back especially. The nose is all-new and pretty sexy. Deep rounded intakes line the lower face of the car. A dark carbon …

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2017 Bugatti CHIRON is Official! 100 Pre-Orders Locked in Ahead of Geneva 2016 Reveal

Pretty speedy turnaround from the Bugatti folks to the storm of speculation this weekend across the auto universe!  A rapid response and super-max trajectory, are, after all, core Bugatti traits.  So it does make sense. Or perhaps this was planned all along!  Bugatti’s press release early this morning confirms that ‘pre-marketing’ for the 2017 Chiron is already under way. Select private viewings have already taken place worldwide — with 100 orders secured so far! That total is astounding for a car no one has driven, and few even seen. 100 orders represents at least the first year or so of …

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Geneva 2015 Galleries – The Scandinavians – VOLVO, Koenigsegg and ZENVO

  PART FIVE   Here is why we are revisiting this mega-show: there are 400 photos in our Geneva 2015 file folder that have not been published yet. Some of the cars are cool, some are curious, and some are normal economy hatchbacks. A dozen of the big reveals are in individual articles — viewable at the Geneva category page over here. But for whatever reason, these fine machines did not make it into solo posts. Not fair, right? All photos deserve to see the light of day! The cars could use some sun, too. The Geneva auto show generally …

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Geneva 2015 Galleries - The FRENCH 23

Geneva 2015 Galleries – The FRENCH – Renault, Citroen, DS and Borgward!?

  PART FOUR When we found photos of this classic turd named Borgward, we naturally assumed from its hideous design, nauseating paint and unusual presence at a new-car show that it was French. It is actually German Belgian. Sarray. The Borgward design feels like a Karmann Ghia pretending to be a Buick, but less appealing than either. The Bakelite two-tone pastels are never a good idea. Only white with pink details would be worse. What is this? A white and pink Citroen van concept!  Home run, chaps. Time for a white-wine lunch? Moving on… So, why Geneva photos a week …

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Geneva 2015 Galleries The Germans 25

Geneva 2015 Galleries – The Germans, Austrians, Swiss and Czech – ALPINA, Audi, Quant, Mansory and Skoda

PART THREE   Here is why we are revisiting this mega-show: there are 400 photos in our Geneva 2015 file folder that have not been published yet. Some of the cars are cool, some are curious, and some are normal economy hatchbacks. A dozen of the big reveals are in individual articles — viewable at the Geneva category page over here. But for whatever reason, these fine machines did not make it into solo posts. Not fair, right? All photos deserve to see the light of day! The cars could use some sun, too. The Geneva auto show generally delivers …

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Geneva 2015 Galleries - The ITALIANS! Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo 39

Geneva 2015 Galleries – The ITALIANS! Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo

PART TWO Geneva? Wasn’t that huge swarm of media intros and press conferences almost 10 days ago? Yes, yes it was. The Geneva Motor Show is currently open to the public and the Palexpo center is packed wall-to-wall with the world’s hottest exotica. Here is why we are revisiting this mega-show: there are 400 photos in our Geneva 2015 file folder that have not been published yet. Some of the cars are cool, some are curious, and some are normal economy hatchbacks. A dozen of the big reveals are in individual articles — viewable at the Geneva category page over …

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Geneva 2015 Galleries – The ENGLISH! McLaren, Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin, Lotus and MINI

Geneva? Wasn’t that huge swarm of media intros and press conferences almost 10 days ago? Yes, yes it was. The Geneva Motor Show is currently open to the public and the Palexpo center is packed wall-to-wall with the world’s hottest exotica. Here is why we are revisiting this mega-show: there are 400 photos in our Geneva 2015 file folder that have not been published yet. Some of the cars are cool, some are curious, and some are normal economy hatchbacks. A dozen of the big reveals are in individual articles — viewable at the Geneva category page over here.  But …

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Geneva 2015 Showfloor - Toyota 3

Geneva 2015 Showfloor – Toyota Rolls Out New Avensis + TS040 Hybrid Racecar

Toyota’s big news for the Geneva show this year is the new Avensis sedan in wagon — both of which are available in Hybrid versions. The fuel-cell 2016 Mirai is also represented, along with the 2015 WEC Champion racecar: the TS040 Hybrid. We have not yet seen Toyota Motorsport GmbH’s 2015 entry, which is likely to be updated modestly versus the car shown here. Seeing a full LMP1 car in person is almost always exciting, though. They are huge in width and length, but almost impossibly low. Even the new design with a full roof could pass under most toll-booth …

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Geneva 2015 Showfloor - SEAT 7

Geneva 2015 Showfloor – SEAT Builds Buzz With 20V20 Concept and Production Leon ST CUPRA 280 Trio

SEAT is on a roll after a few years in the doldrums. The new Leon is a big hit, and the hottest model of the range is now available as a three-door, five-door or the super-cool estate. Geneva 2015 Showfloor – SEAT 2015 SEAT Leon ST Cupra   2015 SEAT 20V20 Concept

Geneva 2015 Showfloor - PEUGEOT 3

Geneva 2015 Showfloor – PEUGEOT 208 and 308 GT Glammed-Up By ONYX and QUARTZ Concepts

  Peugeot actually has alot of new metal for 2015: the 308 and 508 GT are fresh, low and sexy designs with more appeal than any French mainstream car in memory. The 208 is refreshed this year as well, with slight detail tweaks to the glasshouse, LEDs front and rear, and slinky new gloss-black wheels to match the current street fashions. But what really sets the dark and sexy mood of the Peugeot stand? That would be the stunning ONYX supercar and more-recent QUARTZ suv concepts. There is no shortage of style and modern moodiness with these two tentpoles drawing …

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2016 Hyundai Tucson 3

2016 Hyundai Tucson Impresses in 25 New Geneva Pics + Advanced 48-Volt PHEV

Updated 3.6.15 With 24 New Photos The new Hyundai Tucson looks really, really cool in Geneva! Can you believe this compact SUV will compete with the Nissan Juke and Fiat 500X? It just seems so much larger and more substantial. In fact, it is actually quite wide for this new generation, but still has the compact length needed to make it easy to park and drive in cities around the world. We are also impressed to see a 48-volt hybrid version on the stand. This four-fold leap in transmittable power is a big architecture change in the car world, and …

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2015 Magna Steyr MILA Plus 6

4.9s 2015 Magna Steyr MILA Plus Is Surprise PHEV Concept for Geneva

The Geneva show always makes room for small exhibitors. The design boutiques, tuners and startups all find a home in this massive auto expo. One new player is not actually new at all. Magna Steyr is one of the leading OEM suppliers and manufacturing partners for Mercedes, Aston, BMW and more. The company is a huge vault of IP on how to build cars lightly, strongly and indestructibly. Evidence? The Austrian division of Magna just re-upped their contract to build the Mercedes-Benz G-Class through 2022. This new PHEV concept is a design, construction and drivetrain exercise. Powered by a three-cylinder …

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2015 Morgan Plus 8 SPEEDSTER Headlines Geneva Show Stand 10

2015 Morgan Plus 8 SPEEDSTER Headlines Geneva Show Stand

  The Morgan Three-Wheeler and Aero 8 hoover up much enthusiast attention, but are they really the sweet-spot of the Morgan Motor Cars lineup? We would vote in favor of the Plus 8 Speedster — a stripped-down and chopped-windshield special based on the legendary best-seller. Running the latest 4.8-liter BMW V8 making 367-horsepower through an automatic or manual transmission, the Plus 8 roars to 60-mph in just 4.5-seconds. But those numbers do not really capture the drama of launching a Plus 8. With your rump almost right atop the back axle, the Plus 8 Speedster removes the bulky glass from …

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Geneva 2015 Gallery - ZENVO ST1 17

Geneva 2015 Gallery – ZENVO ST1 In Two New Wheel Styles + Venom Green Paint!

The ZENVO ST1 might not have the name awareness of a Ferrari, or the fame of Pagani or Koenigsegg. But what the ST1 does have in excess is real hypercar beauty.Every angle of the ST1 is a swirl of deep air intakes, chiseled edges and stunning, elegant simplicity. It is a gorgeous hypercar. This is a gorgeous machine. Even more so in Venom Green and with the new slant-spoke polished alloys on the silver car. With 1104 horsepower to the back wheels, the ST1 is only calm and serene when parked like this. When rolling, hold on to the rocket …

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Geneva 2015 Gallery - BMW Stand In 40 Photos 38

Geneva 2015 Gallery – BMW Stand In 40 Photos

BMW kept things relatively quiet for the Geneva 2015 auto show. Just a few reveals and no surprises: the new 6 series and the all-new 2 series GT are the big headliners. BMW Individual is proudly represented, however, with the X5 Individual looking particularly cool, unique and appealing. Geneva 2015 Gallery – BMW Stand In 40 Photos

Geneva 2015 Gallery - Cadillac ATS-V and CTS-V + Euro-Spec Escalade Platinum 1-tile

Geneva 2015 Gallery – Cadillac ATS-V and CTS-V + Euro-Spec Escalade Platinum

The new ATS-V and CTS-V look better and better to these eyes every time we see them! Two proper super-saloon cars for a specialized group of clients in the European market. Yes, Cadillac has always had trouble gaining traction in the UK and France, but the brand has devoted fans across many other Euro-group countries. Interesting to see the Escalade Platinum in its Euro-spec look, which takes some of our wishlist and makes it real. The brushed-alloy brightwork for the grille and details all around is now a nice dark grey, while the headlamps are now tinted a dark shade …

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Geneva 2015 Gallery - 2015 Ferrari Sergio by Pininfarina  15

Geneva 2015 Gallery – 2015 Ferrari Sergio by Pininfarina + 2016 488GTB

Looks like the new Ferrari FXX K is a no-show at Geneva so far, but that does not mean there is no new metal on the Prancing Horse stand. The limited-run Sergio by Pininfarina and the upcoming 488 GTB are both looking poster-perfect in this supercar nirvana of a car show.   Geneva 2015 Gallery – 2016 Ferrari 488GTB Geneva 2015 Gallery – 2015 Ferrari Sergio by Pininfarina

2016 McLaren P1 GTR Meets 1997 McLaren F1 GT LongTail In Geneva 6

2016 McLaren P1 GTR Meets 1997 McLaren F1 GT LongTail In Geneva

Updated 3.3.15 Seeing the 1997 F1 GT LongTail at the Geneva show really drives home how different it is than the original road car. A dramatically-flared rear fender and lower aero upgrade beside the doors is a big part of the upgrade, along with a giant front splitter and pointy rear end. 1997 McLaren F1 GT LongTail The 2016 McLaren P1 GTR is now in full racing mode. Scary-fast and ready to blast out of the pits at the Circuit de Catalunya later this year with the elite crop of owner-drivers who will join the ultimate racing experience. The P1 …

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2016 Audi R8 V10 8

2016 Audi R8 V10 Headlines Geneva Show With New R8 LMS GT3 Racecar

The 2016 Audi R8 V10 is official today ahead of its Geneva debut next week! Packing a totally redesigned chassis, cabin and exterior — the R8 hopes to keep its place as the modest and comfortable supercar in a world filled with moody McLarens and finicky Ferrari’s. The 5.20-liter V10 of the R8 V10 in blue here is only slightly tweaked from before, as it also is in the orange and red V10 Plus R8 models with their extra spoilers and TopGear-lap track mods. Inside, the design is quite fantastic and now includes all the latest and greatest Audi tech, …

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2016 Audi R8 e-tron 2

2016 Audi R8 e-tron Revealed In Geneva – 3.9s EV Is Only Rear-Drive R8

The new R8 e-tron is indeed a real thing! After the last model was cancelled in near-production form — despite years of testing and R&D — the R8 e-tron was never a sure thing for this generation. Audi is indeed selling this new R8 EV to customers — with orders taken later this year. Performance is quite slow versus the Tesla Model S. The R8 e-tron hums its way to 62-mph in 3.9-seconds before hitting a Vmax of just 153-mph. Overall range when driven gently is more than 250 miles. The design is massaged nicely with a grille inset in …

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2015 Porsche 911 GT3 RS 9

2015 Porsche 911 GT3 RS Makes Geneva Debut With 500HP + Wild Track Upgrades All Around

Welcome to the most hardcore Porsche 911 of all time: the new GT3 RS. Wearing track-ready details throughout the exterior and interior, the GT3 RS really moves the 911 up a league in its overall speed potential. It starts with a 4.0-liter six-cylinder engine making 500-horsepower and delivering a 3.3-second sprint to 62-mph. A full light-weighting package means the roof is now magnesium, the wings in front are carved out with downforce slots, and the rear end packs both a fixed ducktail and a giant flat wing. Drama in the rear wide-track fenders brings an all-new fender vent that folds …

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2015 Aston Martin DBX Concept Is Surprise Geneva Crossover

Prepare to be stunned and perhaps aroused! This all-new Aston Martin DBX takes a second swing at an SUV from the Gaydon HQ of James Bond. But is Bond running the show at AML? Not at all. The new lead is Andy Palmer, poached from Nissan a few months ago and bringing his smart and hyper-productive product plans to the Aston range. At Geneva, Aston rolled out the Vantage GT3, the new Vulcan hypercar, a production announcement for the Rapide Taraf (now selling up to 200 copies worldwide), and this interesting DBX SUV. A high-riding GT car with two doors …

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2015 Honda Civic Type R 24

5.7s, 167MPH 2015 Honda Civic Type R Scorches Into Geneva With 300HP Turbo VTEC

The 2015 Honda Civic Type R is official! This is it ladies and gentleman — the hottest-ever Honda road car since the original NSX. And it is about time!  Honda is relaunching the NSX as a 2016 model with turbo power, and the latest McLaren-Honda F1 car is also packing forced-induction for 2015. It all really comes together on this new Type R Civic, however. Very exciting performance stats are just the opening salvo — the real track joy will come from its incredibly tossable and tight-handling chassis tune.   2015 Honda Civic Type R   A HOT-HATCH ICON REBORN: …

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2015 Infiniti QX30 Concept Revealed For Geneva – Coming Next Year Priced From $35k

Geneva 2015 is about to kick off in full swing — starting what is arguably the largest and most important auto show on Earth in terms of product reveals. The 2015 Infiniti QX30 is the first in a new range of compact, front and AWD premium models, built with shared engines and platforms with the Mercedes-Benz CLA and GLA-Class. This new QX30 Concept is a lightly-upgraded version of the production model expected as soon as this Fall at US Infiniti showrooms. What is real? We believe that all the bodywork and metal elements are the final production-specification. (Aside from adding …

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2015 Audi Prologue Avant Concept Shows 4-Door, Fast-Wagon Style Ahead of Geneva Show

We have seen two iterations of the Prologue concept so far from Audi: both coupes with the scale and presence to compete between the BMW 6 series and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupes. With a design that harks back to the low and lean appearance of the Audi 5000 from the late 1980s, the Prologue design does feel much better as a deeply-sloping wagon silhouette. More naturally Audi, but still a bit blah for our tastes. It engenders little to no visual passion or excitement, despite being a clean and pure design. This latest Prologue Avant dramatically decorates the exterior details …

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Last Bugatti VEYRON ‘La Finale’ To Take Bow in Geneva

  The time has come, ladies and gentleman. After ten years of production and 450 units, La Finale is indeed upon us. This final Veyron caps off perhaps the most-successful hypercar program of all time. Still the ultimate king of speed, the Veyron is the pride of the Volkswagen Group — and also the entire automotive industry, in some ways. We can only smile imagining what barriers the next Bugatti models will break through, what records smashed and fantasies ignited.   2015 Bugatti VEYRON Grand Sport Vitesse La Finale   2015 Bugatti VEYRON Grand Sport Vitesse La Finale Bugatti sells …

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2016 McLaren P1 GTR Yellow 12-vert - Copy

986HP, ~2.2s 2016 McLaren P1 GTR Revealed Before Geneva and Catalunya Track Driver Program

  The 2016 McLaren P1 GTR is now in full racing mode. Scary-fast and ready to blast out of the pits at the Circuit de Catalunya later this year with the elite crop of owner-drivers who will join the ultimate racing experience. The P1 GTR is significantly stripped and optimized for track duties versus its P1 road-going hypercar base-point, which was no shrinking violet itself when it comes to extreme performance. The P1 GTR is an in-house way for McLaren to bring its racing expertise to regular owners, with full pit-crew support and the chance to touch the P1 GTR’s …

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2016 Hyundai Tucson Breaks Cover Ahead of Geneva Show Packing New DCT

Warning: this is not a concept. This fresh and big-SUV design is in fact the real Euro-spec Hyundai Tucson! This seriously stylish upgrade of the compact Tucson crossover also includes new engines and a brand-new seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission on some trim levels. You can really see the Hyundai first-mover advantage coming into play: as this Hyundai crossover looks far more grown-up than the new Chevy Trax or Honda HR-V, but is likely to be priced at similar sub-$20,000 base prices when it arrives stateside this Fall. 2016 Hyundai Tucson   The all-new Tucson All-New Tucson represents significant step forward …

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2015 RINSPEED Budii Bringing i3-Based EV Wackiness To Geneva

  Rinspeed is a reliable Geneva Auto Show attendee – typically with one of the most avant-garde designs on the entire showfloor. This year, the concept is called the BUDII and is based on the BMW i3. A new style and complete infotainment redesign takes the dashboard completely out of the picture, in favor of an adjustable-side steering column. This column on a robotic arm can also fold itself away for automated driving modes. This next skill of the Budii also reveals one of its most interesting aspects: the periscope-style rising sensor pod to allow a birds-eye view of the …

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2016 Toyota Avensis Sedan and Estate Coming to Geneva; Showing New Prius Nose?

  Toyota’s latest Avensis is coming to the Geneva auto show next month, with a nose that wears a striking new split-arrow LED emerging from the slim upper grille. This nose is the product of the ED2 design studio in France, and may influence the upcoming 2016 Toyota Prius sold globally.   2016 Toyota Avensis Sedan and Estate Posted on 15 February 2015 TOYOTA TO REVEAL NEW AVENSIS AT THE GENEVA MOTOR SHOW Toyota will reveal the new Avensis at the Geneva motor show (3 – 15 March), the latest development of its contender in the European mid-size (D-segment) car …

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2015 nanoFlowcell QUANT F Headed to Geneva With New 1000HP Powertrain

Quant is back in Geneva this year with a new evolution of the Quant E from 2014 – now packing 500 extra horsepower, a new transmission and drivetrain, a bright red color outside, new LED headlights and fresh wheels. The 2014 nanoFlowcell eSportLimousine prototype was recently approved for road use in Europe, so production reality is coming along nicely for this cool supercar. Imagine a Tesla Model S crossed with a Porsche 918 Spyder, and you have the $350,000 estimated price point of the eventual production model.    2015 nanoFlowcell QUANT F 10.02.2015 nanoFlowcell AG presents new QUANT F in …

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2015 Infiniti QX30 Concept 2

2015 Infiniti QX30 Concept Headed for Geneva

  The newest Infiniti is almost here! The QX30 Concept’s first teaser image is official, and is almost a dead ringer for the Q30 concept seen at Frankfurt 2013. From the back at least, the new QX30 does appeal to be significantly more SUV-ish than the low-riding Q30. This would imply there might be road and trail versions of the model in the cars. This version is also nearly production-ready (tires aside…) and should arrive in global Infiniti showrooms by December, we predict. The premium compact crossover is likely to be an influential design template, later rolling upmarket with a …

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Viziv 2 GIF

Subaru VIZIV 2 Concept From Geneva Is Fug of the Year Award Winner

The nose and tail of the Viziv 2 concept from Subaru definitely go into the “What were they thinking” file. The design shown here is expected to preview the upcoming Tribeca replacement, which will be a jumbo Outback seating seven. But hopefully the production car looks… A.) nothing like the first B9 Tribeca B.) nothing like this. In fairness, the worst elements by far are the twin giant round light elements in the nose and tail. If you block those out, the car is not half bad. New lean surfaces and geometric shapes show a nice crispness. But the red …

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White LaFerrari Snapped in Geneva This Week by N-D Photography GIF header1

White LaFerrari Snapped in Geneva This Week by N-D Photography – High-Res Photos

Is the Ferrari offered in just yellow, black and red as initially shown!? No sir. Any color is possible at this price level – and they are all simply gorgeous so far.   Jay Kay ordered his in a lovely green, but this porcelain white might be my favorite so far. Photo credits and hat tip to N-D Photography, pop him a like below on Flickr and Facebook. White LaFerrari Tallpaper White LaFerrari – N-D Photography

BUGATTI Marque Showcase -- Geneva, Salon Prive and Pebble Beach -- Veyron Vitesse and GS Rembrandt -- Plus GIF

BUGATTI Marque Showcase — Geneva, Salon Prive and Pebble Beach — Veyron Vitesse and GS Rembrandt — Plus Venet, Jean Bugatti, L’Or Blanc and GS Vitesse

So many Bugatti’s, so little time!   Just kidding. It really is the opposite, in fact, with a production run closing in on the final 75 units pretty soon on the horizon in 2015. But when your car costs as much as these magnificent specimens, who wouldn’t want a custom theme and livery? Quick shorthand: GS signifies the targa cars, while the Vitesse models are the fastest and newest of the all. The Vitesse wears significant updates and shaping to the entire nose, with a mid-wing in the air ducts that is not present on the earlier cars. Geneva 2014 …

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Geneva 2014 ShowFloor -- Ferrari California T, 458 Speciale and F12 Looking Brilliant GIF

Geneva 2014 ShowFloor — Ferrari California T, 458 Speciale and F12 Looking Brilliant, Per Usual

Any doubts about the California T’s new nose or the rationale of the 458 Speciale will be silenced in their first in-person viewing. Ferrari California T   Ferrari 458 Speciale Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Header 2

Geneva Booth Babes 2014

Geneva Booth Babes 2014 “It’s hard out here for a bitch.” — Lily Allen No life is easy, even for the most attractive humans in Switzerland. But standing and being approached by unwashed journalists for days on end at Auto Shows? That is some of the hardest trade show work there is. A big round of applause for these very attractive gals from Geneva 2014. “Blue Steel” Honorary Achievement in Mean/Sexy Posing: shown directly below.  


INTRADO Concept SUV — Hyundai Showing Interesting, Fresh and Tech-Infused Style in Geneva

      The Intrado is a welcome step from Hyundai, which seems to have lost almost all of its style and design momentum recently. The new Genesis is quite difficult to love (or even like, frankly), but this Intrado is the opposite. The carved lower panels are a particular favorite, as is the overall cleanliness of the surfacing. Hopefully it does not lose this crisp aesthetic on the way to production, or it might simply recall the blob-like Daewoo reincarnate that is the Kia K900.   Hyundai unveils new concept car – Intrado – at 2014 Geneva Motor Show …

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Porsche 919 LMP1 2014 GIF2

Porsche LMP1 Car Snags 919 Nameplate for Geneva Reveal — A Huge Vote of Confidence from Past Heroes in Future Glory

The Porsche Motorsport story for 2014 is moving ahead at the usual blisteringly-rapid Porsche pace. No one knows what it under most of the 919’s racecar livery – but expect these photos of the 919 at Geneva to be some of the best. Once racing, the 919 this car will be moving fast enough to seem blurry – even when in focus.   Past Glories Porsche 2014 Drivers & Key Personnel 2014 Porsche 911 RSR It was the news that motorsport fans around the world had been waiting for: Porsche returns to contest the Le Mans 24 Hours and the …

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McLaren 650 Spider

We Called It! McLaren Sneaks 650S Spider into Geneva With 650S Coupe — Delicious Tarocco Orange

When you work alone and in almost a vacuum of feedback, you have to pat yourself on the back every once and a while. Sidebar: you also have to scratch your own back, and handle other appendages in a DIY way as well. But that is for a completely disgusting How-To article on a different website altogether =] Closing note: it looks like McLaren has finally nailed its signature McLaren Orange paint with the help of tech partner AkzoNobel. The new color is actually called Tarocco Orange — and is delightful in all lights and climates as a bright yellow/deep …

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TechArt Showing 13 Mad Porsche Customs in Geneva + Exclusive 911 Noselift System for Tall Driveways

Geneva supercars? Again? Oh yes. TechArt is one of my favorite technical upgrade shops because their focus is primarily under the hood. Yes, they embellish their models with lurid body kits and wild colors: but that is only to show off the amazing power and grip solutions TechArt has done in the oily parts of these Porsches. A few all-stars are present and accounted-for in the TechArt Geneva lineup, with much focus these days on the Cayenne and Panamera. The 911 is not left out: TechArt’s upgraded 911’s also look good enough to kiss on the badge. TECHART unveils numerous …

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Skoda header GIF

2014 Skoda Superb Outdoor and VisionC Concept for Geneva Causing Some Angular Euro Style Envy…

Skoda is becoming a real asset for the Volkswagen Group. Bought for a song as the Czech firm was failing in the 1980s — Skoda now commands a quite sizable market share in Europe’s most profitable markets. Skoda’s core selling points have really been popular among anti-fashion consumers. People who (claim to) value a vehicle for its merits, value and durability versus a fleeting style. Skoda is also a surprise, run-away success story in China. The latest cars from Skoda seem to take the next step in the brand’s evolution: a cheaper, more avant-garde ethos than even Audi can manage …

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Infiniti_Q50_Eau_Rouge 3 GIF

Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge Gunning for BMW M5 — High-Res Glory + Geneva Video Teases GT-R-like Engine Howl

The prospect of the Eau Rouge Infiniti Q50 just became much, much more tantalizing.  @TheRealAutoblog has discovered a brilliant tidbit of information: this car sounds turbocharged. This is news because no Q50 sedans are currently turbocharged. In fact, I do not think Infiniti has ever implemented turbo engines (so far). Aside from the Q45 and its well-known 278-horsepower V8, the first 1990-92 M30’s were V6-powered, as was 1993-1998 J30… and so on. The Q50 Eau Rouge does not just sound turbocharged. It sounds GT-R turbocharged. The GT-R has a particularly gruff but high-strung appeal to its engine and exhaust harmonies. …

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2015 Audi TT Sketches tile

All-New 2015 Audi TT Set for Geneva Debut — Design Sketches Show Evolutionary Approach + Butch Stance

  The latest Audi concepts are a bit dazzling — but often for all the wrong reasons. But even while the Sport Quattro loses appeal on its exterior, the interiors of this next-gen set of Audi sports cars might be the real news. A totally clean-sheet layout revamp brings an ultra-low and minimal front dashboard that is simply divine. Allroad Shooting Brake – 2014 Concept Interior: CES 2014 – SQ Concept Interior Will the TT be able to proudly join the Audi sports car family in this generation? Despite is alloy-intensive construction in the current generation of TT and TTS …

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Mitsubishi Reinvents The Wheel With 2022 Outlander, New Styling and Technology Reinvent Languishing Nameplate

Regarding major facelifts, few are as big of a deal as the one that the Mitsubishi Outlander has received for 2022. The Outlander’s last revamp was back in 2014, and it has slipped behind rivals ever since. While our previous exposures to the Outlander did allow us to soak in its impressive fuel economy numbers, it also showed just how behind the times it was, especially regarding interior quality and technology. The 2022 model aims to change that, and here are our four favorite things about this revamped Mitsu.   Concept Car Styling In A Utility Driven World The exterior …

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Kia Sorento: Plug-In Hybrid unveiled, but will the U.S. get a piece of the action?

Kia first teased the idea of a PHEV variant of the Sorento when it revealed the lineup of engines that would underpin the new model back in February, with the model making its debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Alot has changed since then, but Kia’s plans appear to be soldiering on with its long term plans for the Sorento, with the Korean car brand unveiling the production Sorento Plug-In Hybrid. A key catch is that for the moment, we have no U.S. related information on the model, with all of what we know coming from what will be available …

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Bentley Bacalar Brings Bespoke Details, Exclusivity To Bentley Lineup [Video]

Are you a certain kind of customer that has climbed atop the financial mountain and think that the standard and already elegant Bentley Continental GT Convertible is simply not enough of a styling statement to signify that achievement to the world? if that fits you, the British luxury car company has the answer to your needs with the all new Bentley Bacalar by Mulliner limited edition convertible. It was originally supposed to make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show (before it was cancelled) but we took some time to formally examine things in-depth to find out if the Bacalar …

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Morgan Plus Four Gains BMW Engine, New Moniker For 2021

Following on the heels of a lone teaser image that was released late last week, Morgan has finally unveiled the all new Plus Four which not only breathes new life into a vaunted nameplate, but also further cementing Morgan’s ties with engine supplier BMW for its future models. When we say all-new, the term is purposely used, with the exterior styling not deviating too much from its core heritage and retro DNA. The new car only shares three percent of its components with the outgoing model, with the front fascia, side profile, and the elegant rear deck all reminiscent of …

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Alfa Romeo Puts Giulia On Crash Diet, Adds Power With All New GTA Model

Alfa Romeo wanted to bring some zest and fire to the Geneva Motor Show, but while the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent actions of the Swiss government thwarted Alfa Romeo’s original plans for a grand unveiling worthy of its ongoing 110th anniversary celebrations. The Italian sports car maker instead took to the digital realm to showcase the newest iteration of its Giulia sedan, which revives a vaunted moniker that has painted a trail of victories and performance during Alfa’s existence. Dubbed the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA, this model arrives to serve as an even hotter version of the already …

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Bentley Teases Two Seat Bacalar, First Two Seat Bentley Since 1930s

In an era where Bentley models are perhaps the most elegant and sumptuous models on the market today, the Crewe based firm is ready to lift the veil off of an all new Bentley offering that not only pushes the bar on proper Bentley luxury, but is also a nod to its history as well.   Dubbed the Bacalar, the model is named after a Mexican lake, and is the newest creation of Mulliner (the oldest coachbuilder in the world) the extremely lavish grand tourer will make its debut at the Geneva Auto Show on March 3rd. While many details …

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2021 Volkswagen GTI Brings New Styling, Power Bump To U.S. Consumers

Volkswagen might not be bringing the entry level Golf here in the U.S. but that does not mean the German company is leaving performance hungry buyers high and dry. Volkswagen is bringing the GTI and the R models to the U.S. with the company using the Geneva Motor Show to showcase the eighth generation GTI. The design of the outgoing GTI is certainly a tough act to follow, with the seventh generation model blending a balanced recipe of refinement and performance into a sensibly designed package. The eighth gen model largely sticks to this proven script, but adds new touches …

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Morgan To End Production Of Traditional Ladder Frame, Focus On CX Based Underpinnings For Next Gen Models

When Morgan first introduced the simple steel ladder frame 83 years ago on the 4/4 and other models in the firm’s four wheeled range, the British sports car maker had no idea that these humble underpinnings would not only last so long, but also help build and cement the unique history and identity that has come to define countless Morgan Motor Company products. But following a recent shakeup in Morgan’s management structure, the company has revealed that it is ending production of this iconic underpinning next year in order to accelerate the introduction of its next generation CX platform. This …

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Rolls Royce Celebrates End Of Ghost Production With Limited Edition “Zenith Collection”

In the world of Rolls Royce, it’s not too often that collectors and esteemed Rolls Royce loyalists have the chance to obtain a rare item that is at the apex of its potential. In this instance, that opportunity only occurs once every ten years, and with the current generation Ghost four door sedan ending its production run soon, Rolls is celebrating the event by unleashing a special run of “Zenith Collection” Ghost models that are sure to reignite the passion and elegant desire that has allowed Ghost to be a key cog in the company’s efforts to branch out to …

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Jaguar Land Rover Newsroom Legendary former Jaguar test driver and works racer, Norman Dewis OBE, has passed away aged 98 Dewis was Britain’s greatest ever test driver, having developed 25 of the most significant Jaguars ever over his 33-year career Jaguar’s most famous models, including the Le Mans 24 Hours-winning D-type as well as the iconic E-type, were honed with Dewis’ expertise Dewis also set a land speed record for Jaguar and competed with a D-type at Le Mans and Goodwood during the 1950s Even at 98, Dewis remained a global ambassador of Jaguar and an asset to the brand …

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Morgan Unveils All New Plus Six Roadster, Debuts New CX Platform

When we last checked in with our friends at Morgan, they were teasing the future, shelving the V8 powered Aero, and promising a turbocharged future for their future models. With the Geneva Motor Show now upon us, Morgan has formally unveiled the fruits of their labor, with the all new Morgan Plus Six roadster which brings a number of new technologies to the Morgan brand. The exterior styling of the Plus Six may not look like its hiding much at first glance, with the Plus Six embracing the distinctively retro elements that have become an iconic calling card for the …

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2019 Aston Martin Vanquish Vision Concept + RB-003 = Mid-Engine Mania!

Aston just whipped the tarps of its fourth mid-engined car in as many years. The Vanquish Vision concept is a fascinating move away from front-engine, rear-drive layouts for the most special of Aston road cars.  Another shift is a new V6 that is set to power this vehicle upon arrival in 2022.  Aston famously ran straight-six motors for most of its glory days in the 1950s and 1960s so there is definitely precedent for a non-V8 or V12. Lightness is the name of the game for next Vanquish — and this Valkyrie junior has bonded aluminum structure and bodywork that …

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Ferrari F8 Tributo 3

2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo Shows Sharp Aero Brutalism is Back

There are a hell of a lot of very soft and rounded corners on the new F8 Tributo to call it a sharp or brutal design. But that is what it is — the first appearance of flat-plane angles and crisp aero detailing since perhaps the F40.  Slices of horizontal white LEDs for main lighting are intense and so serious it hurts. A jutting chin-piece cuts the air up even before it reaches the sharky hood edge. Swirls of intake shaping like a waterslide shove air into lower edge intakes to feed additional radiators and supply the brakes with cold …

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350HP, 6.1s 2019 Hennessey VelociRaptor Ford Ranger Revealed

It’s about to rain supercars this week with Geneva auto show and Amelia Island Concours both happening. Before all that, how about a big black truck – tuned by Hennessey! Big? The Ranger is of course the new Ford midsize pickup truck, joining the USA lineup from its international origins.  Over there, this is a big truck even from stock. But once lifted, widened and made more badass? Oh yes, this is the baby Raptor of your dreams. Power for the VelociRanger is still the top gasoline motor available, but tuned up with derestricted intake and exhaust, plus a big …

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TechRules Turbine EV Racecar Shows Its Glowing Heart

Some interesting news from TechRules today — a closer look at the mini-turbine that will recharge future EVs on the go.  This is a series hybrid like an Abrams tank or certain military ships, where the power created from the gas turbines is directly applied to the electric motors which do the actual propulsion. What makes this new design so fascinating and potentially game-changing is the micro nature of the turbine that TechRules has created. A new air-bearing appears to solve a frequent wear-out item in turbines and should make the system an interesting long-term/long-range electric. One that you can …

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Toyota Teases Idea of Performance Focused Corolla Variants

Toyota’s revamped 2020 Corolla has already made great strides in eliminating the rather mundane reputation that it managed to earn for itself over the past several decades, with the recently launched Corolla hatchback being a viable enthusiast focused offering. However, Toyota knows that some Corolla buyers want a bit more of everything in their drive (bigger brakes, more power, etc) and a recent statement by a high ranking Toyota executive could indicate that spicier versions of the Corolla are indeed in the works. According to the Dutch auto enthusiast website AutoRAI, Toyota’s deputy chief designer Toshio Kanei appeared to reveal …

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Aston Martin Teases Project 003 Hypercar, Expected To Blend Usability and Performance

Following the giant splash that Aston Martin made with the launch of the Valkyrie hypercar, the bespoke British sports car manufacturer has confirmed that it is working internally on an all new hypercar project, which is expected to be revealed in full at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Dubbed “Project 003” Aston Martin claims that the new model channels a lot of the lessons that were learned on the Valkyrie project, but it manages to still maintain its own distinctive DNA. Aston also revealed that Project 003 was engineered to deliver what the company calls “class-leading dynamics on both road …

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Mercedes-Benz G-Class INFERNO by TopCar Design

We were famously unimpressed by the new G-wagen’s lack of visual impact when it was first released.  The new panels all around barely made a dent in updating the machine! Time was warmed our impression of the redesign — which was more focused on interior and performance upgrades, while deliberately keeping the exterior style almost frozen in 1979. TopCar Design to the rescue! The new aftermarket options for the latest G-Class generation are quite comprehensive, functional and visually exciting on such a big beast of a truck.  There are dozens of aero tweaks and detail modifications in carbon-fiber throughout the …

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2020 Land Rover Defender Returning to U.S. Market, Ends 22 Year Drought [Video]

Information about the 2020 Land Rover Defender has been scarce, with Land Rover holding its cards close to its velvet lined vest, and the world only getting glimpses via spy photos of prototypes, as well as Land Rover’s teaser images. The luxury off-road SUV maker has changed that however, and has released some new bits of information thst should prove particularly pleasing to U.S. consumers.   The big item here is that the Defender will be returning to the U.S. marketplace, with the model last being sold here in the mid 1990s. The Defender was pulled from our shores in …

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Jaguar Promises Bigger Size, More Sportiness For Next Generation XJ

Despite not being spotted in the wild as of yet, Jaguar is indeed working on the eventual replacement for the current XJ flagship sedan. While key details are still being kept close to the hilt, Jaguar’s chief design guru Ian Callum has decided to reveal some preliminary details in an interview with the folks at Car Advice at the Geneva Motor Show. During the fore-mentioned interview, Callum revealed that the next generation XJ will grow in size to help enhance cabin space. This is obviously a response to criticism about the cramped confines for occupants, especially rear passengers that have …

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Hyundai Unveils Kona EV, Promises 292 Miles Of Driving Range [Video]

Hyundai’s Kona CUV has already made waves since it was introduced a year ago. While it has not set its wheels on U.S. shores as of yet, the Kona has proven to be a popular choice for international buyers. Naturally, Hyundai wants to maintain this momentum, and has unveiled the next iteration of Kona, the Kona Electric. The exterior styling of the Kona Electric is largely unchanged from the standard Kona, and as a result the majority of the funky lines remain intact. However, there are several minor tweaks that are designed to help the Kona Electric stand out from …

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David Brown Automotive Teases Speedback Silverstone Edition

It has been a while since we last heard from the folks at David Brown Automotive. The upstart British car company is best known for their hand crafted Speedback GT sports car, as well as the distinctively stylish Mini Remastered. The firm recently moved their headquarters to Silverstone, England and has chosen to celebrate the move with an all new limited edition Speedback GT. Dubbed the “Speedback Silverstone Edition” David Brown Automotive claims that this new model will bring higher levels of performance and refinement to the Speedback range. As usual, David Brown reps were vague on the full extent …

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