VOLKER SCHMIDT 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Is Low and Lean With New Springs and Wheels gif

VOLKER SCHMIDT 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Is Low and Lean With New Springs and Wheels

It has been more than a few years since a C-Class Mercedes was a real pin-up beauty. And for a C220 to look as good as the original C36 AMG!? That is some achievement without changing one body panel or aero piece. These Volker Shmidt Revolution wheels come with a ride height drop courtesey of coil-over springs all around. This might not be our choice — the newly-available AirMatic ride in the forthcoming US-market C400 and C300 is hard to beat! But it would look a hell of a lot better with these hot wheels. VOLKER SCHMIDT 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class …

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Larte GL-Class

LARTE Design for Mercedes-Benz GL-Class Might Be Their Best Work Yet

Better than even the awesome Larte QX80 and QX60 makeovers? Better than the LX570 Alligator that Larte Design just launched in Moscow? Taste is always subjective — but in terms of the high-fashion and high-exclusivity goals of a luxury SUV upgrade, we’d vote for this Larte GL as their best work yet. The angularity and strongly matte finishes to the Larte trucks grilles and body kit certainly applies here, giving the brand a relatively unique statement of design across all its models. They best part of this body kit and accessory package for the GL550, GL450, GL350 and GL63 is …

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RUF ctr3 cs

777HP, 236MPH 2015 RUF CTR3 Clubsport Is Veyron-Hunting, Twin-Turbo Cayman

  Is there room in the hypercar market for the RUF CTR3 Clubsport – more than six years since the first-gen CTR3 debuted to rave comparisons with the Carrera GT? Now that Porsche’s top model is the 918 Spider, the RUF CTR3 is looking a little out of date — to say nothing of the ultra-hybrid McLaren P1 and LaFerrari. This is where the new RUF CTR3 Clubsport comes in — more aero, more speed and more drama with optional wide-body fenders and a 200-mph-plus ground-effects package. Merging the front crash structure of the Cayman coupe into this wider, lower, …

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2015 TRD Pro Series TOYOTA TUNDRA Priced from $41k with Black Pack, +2″ Lift and Dual Exhaust for 5.7L V8

Pricing is out for the 2015 TRD Pro Series Tundra — and it is awesome from the word Go! $41,280 is the base for the Double Cab, with the Crew Max coming in just below $44,000. While official performance from the 381-horsepower, 401-pound-feet-packing V8 is unchanged, the new dual pipes out back are sure to liberate lots of deep rumble and a few extra midrange ponies. Updated 7.30.14 with 40 Photos and Official Pricing for the bad-ass TRD Pro Tacoma and 4Runner     Including the TRD Pro Tundra in here because it looks fantastic. Pricing for the biggest TRD …

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NJovitec Tridente MC GT gif1

NOVITEC TRIDENTE Maserati GranTurismo MC Supercharged Is Low, Fast and Loud

UPDATED FOR GranTurismo MC Stradale Coupe Fast, low, loud… and VERY yellow! One thing we love about Novitec is that they generally make the cars the stars. It is less about a huge branding endeavor and there are barely any exterior Novitec identifiers. This makes the quality of the upgrades seem even more appealing and very OEM. PREVIOUS If there is one thing the Maserati MC Stradale wants more than anything, it is to be taken seriously in the company of the hottest Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche supercars. Even with the stock model’s fantastic low-slung style and high-strung atmospheric V8 …

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Novitec Tridente GranCabrio gif1

NOVITEC TRIDENTE Maserati GranCabrio MC Supercharged to 646HP with 3.7s to 60-MPH

If there is one thing the Maserati GranCabrio MC Stradale wants more than anything, it is to be taken seriously in the company of the hottest Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche supercars. Even with the stock model’s fantastic low-slung style and high-strung atmospheric V8 engine note, many guys are still going to scoff at the GC as too-soft and too-practical for full cool points. Four seats and everyday usability? Get lost, poser!  No more. The full style boot camp is joined this time out by a supercharger for that huge 4.7-liter V8 engine. As we have seen on the SRT Challenger …

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Novitic QP header gif1

NOVITEC TRIDENTE Maserati Quattroporte Is Quicker and Far Sexier Than Ever!

While writing the big 2014 Quattroporte buyers guide the other day, we regretted how few cool wheel and performance options are available on the Maserati flagship lately.   Novitec Tridente, the trident branch of Novitec Rosso and Torado, has come to the rescue with sets of gorgeous wheels in four finishes, ECU upgrades to the twin-turbocharged engines, and a delicious exterior upgrades menu. The matte-effect paint protection wrap and black-tinted elements for all the factory brightwork are amazing, but even the subtle trunk spoiler and lower aero kit work wonders. A fantastic machine made even more exciting with these brand-new …

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Mansory Siracusa

MANSORY 458 Siracusa Is Debadged Neon Under Black Carbon Aero

All these yummy Mansory upgrades are available for the Spider or the 458 Italia hardtop for all years.   MANSORY 458 Siracusa   The MANSORY SIRACUSA customization programme for your Ferrari 458 Italia MANSORY lets you visualise your driving experience Main eye-catcher of the new Siracusa front section is the striking apron with its optimised air inlets for better ventilation of the front radiators. In combination with the new bonnet, MANSORY does not only achieve an aggressive look, but generates also additional downforce. Newly designed side skirts are added to the wings. These steady the air flow between the axles …

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911 Turbo S Cab gif1

Quail Porsche Experience – 2015 911 Turbo and Turbo S Cabrio + Generations Showcase

  Who doesn’t love the 911 Turbo! Here are two lovely Porsche 911 Turbo models recently featured at the Porsche Experience Center of the Quail Lodge Motorsports Gathering 2014. In addition, we have a look back at all the 911 Turbo cars through the generations To top it off, official Porsche 911 Turbo specs/features and a guide to the best options — like Special GT silver metallic with Porsche Anniversary wheels.       2015 911 Turbo S Cabrio   Porsche 911 Turbo – Generations       2015 Porsche 911 Turbo S – Configurator Options     Description   No.   Info  …

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Mansory rolls royce ghosts gif43

MANSORY Rolls-Royce Ghost Upgrades In White and Electric Blue Gold

Before Pebble Beach automotive week, we decided on these pages that a Mansory luxury car might be the ideal ride to a show like this. It took until day three to spot a Mansory in Carmel Bay, but when we did, it was the grand-daddy of them all: the Gold Veyron! For those looking to make a splash with more than one passenger, the MANSORY Ghost might have been just the ticket to spin heads. These two vary from the pure and uncluttered aesthetic of the Mansory White Ghost, all the way to the eye-popping blue and gold Ghost. Somewhere …

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Mercedes-Benz SUV gif

USA Debut in 80 New Photos – 2014 Mercedes-Benz Concept Coupé SUV

Updated 8.31.14 The Concept COupe SUV earned a huge share of foot traffic at the Mercedes-Benz Pebble Beach house. One of perhaps twenty vehicles on display, this concept is clearly going to be a huge sales hit. Despite being an advanced vision and not a production model whatsoever, almost everyone who approached the truck wanted to get inside. Many tries at those flush door-handles, to no avail. These awesome nose and tail designs are reafy for primetime! The next-gen ML-Class is rumored to be name-changed to GLE-Class, This name change would bring along a new-segment GLC-Class in a racy, X6-form, …

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2015 qp gif

2015 Maserati Quattroporte Buyers Guide to Colors, Wheels, Options, Specs and Prices

Is the Maserati Quattroporte still the sexiest limo on the market in this latest sixth-gen model? For many eyes, nothing beats Italian glamour in a leathery four-door sedan. The rarity of the idea is itself pretty tittilating versus the dry and cold German alternatives, or the lush and colorful English brands that might be a bit too cuddly for some. The Quattroporte draws from an enviable set of clients. Mercedes-Benz might have its sponsorship all over New York and Berlin Fashion Week — but the Quattroporte has always been designed to appeal to Vogue Italia readers. These are stiletto-sharp people …

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green p1

Green/Green/Green 2014 McLaren P1 Proves The Golden Rule at Pebble Beach

The golden rule being: he who has the gold makes the rules! This P1 is certainly one of the most outrageous hypercars of 2014 – customized by McLaren Special Operations to have a green tint to every surface, even the exposed carbon-fiber sections and all over the cabin, of course. It is quite polarizing, which is a polite way of saying many people absolutely hated it. But some really loved it as well. In my opinion, the wheels are a trouble area. Flip those to white or dark grey/black — and this car might have the naysayers begging for a …

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QX70S gif1

2015 INFINITI QX70S Brings New Sport Package With Black Exterior and Cooled Front Seats

Are we spotting some trends here? — Many hot new cars debuted at Pebble Beach this year — White over black is the sexiest style of 2014 and 2015, by far — Infiniti is keeping it fresh with new S packages for the Q60 coupe and QX70 crossovers Trned-spotting this latest convergence of car brand marketing also offers a bit of insight into how quickly car brands can take an idea to market. Lexus with the Crafted Line of five models in white/black definitely shows a rapid-fire way to get sexy machines into showrooms ASAP, while even staid old Lincoln …

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Q60S gif1

2015 Infiniti Q60S Reveals its Sexy Gloss-Black Accents at Pebble Beach

Updated 8.26.14 The Q60S revealed its gloss-black self at Pebble Beach — and it is definitely a sexy special edition package for this sweet-sounding coupe. 2015 Infiniti Q60S   The hotshot executive sport coupe market is always fun: the Lexus RC F and BMW M4 are already stars of the Detroit show – months and months ahead of their arrival to buyers. The Lexus RC F in production form this week in Detroit ups the ante quite a bit. So what’s missing?   Well, the Cadillac ATS Coupe – which is coming tomorrow – has room under than hood for …

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650S Spider Mantius gif1

2014 McLaren 650S Spider Sends Us Praying in Mantis Green at Pebble Beach

  If there is one color I could get on-board with for a new dream McLaren — beyond my preference for white paint/dark wheels — it would either be McLaren Orange or Talocca Orange, which is a new and slightly lighter shade than the current MO color. But when presented with Mantis Green, who could say no? It is an outlandish color, and one that truly comes alive in the sun. The rest of the options for the McLaren 650S are actually pretty easy – especially versus the Ferrari configurator for the F12, which is a long process of interior …

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TechArt Panamera GT gif1

TECHART Porsche Panamera Grand GT Program Shows Huge Range of Exterior, Performance and Cabin Upgrades

The TechArt upgrades suite comes in three primary flavors for the outstanding Porsche Panamera: — First-gen Aero kit — Second-gen Aero kit — Grand GT comprehensive upgrades inside and out. As these ten demo machines show below, the depth of the packages are deep in making any Panamera into a widebody, ultra-performance beast! TECHART Porsche Panamera Grand GT Second-Gen (2014 – current)       Welcome to the TECHART Aerokit I for the Porsche Panamera models. Breathtakingly elegant and excitingly sporty. Uncompromising in both, its outer appearance and its inner values. Developed in the wind tunnel, made of quality materials …

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GT V8S gif1

2015 Bentley Continental GT V8S Is Stunning in Black Crystal Paintwork

With so much trendy energy in 2014 around white cars for the latest style — what about that other always-fashionable choice? Black Bentley’s will never go out of style. But which of the black tones fits you best? We are fairly confident this car is Black Crystal – but it may be Beluga Black or Onyx Black. The Onyx is least shiny, based on the configurator representations, while the Beluga black is dark is midnight. So color here is so amazingly attractive that one might forget this car lacks the Mulliner and Sport specification packages — and the stunning 21-inch, …

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Q50 Eau Rouge gif1

INFINITI Q50 Eau Rouge in 40 New Photos From Pebble Beach + Vettel Track Video At Spa

With a 180-mph speedometer clearly visible on the production-ready cabin of the Q50 Eau Rouge shown at the Quail last week, the hottest-ever Infiniti is almost as fast at the top end as Sebastian Vettel’s F1 car! But Seb has AWD and 560-horsepower from a turbocharged V6 with this concept as he blasts around the Eau Rouge’s namesake corner at Spa Francorchamps…! INFINITI Q50 Eau Rouge  

QX80 header gif21

2015 INFINITI QX80 Limited Is Red-Carpet Glamour with Genius IQ – 150 Photo Debut

Think the Escalade is the freshest and best super-luxury full-size SUV for 2015? Think again: the new QX80 Limited has a new VIP backstage pass. The QX80 Limited is a new flagship trim level that is a comprehensive style and substance upgrade for an already-extremely-tough truck — with all the dark trims, 22-inch wheels, latest LEDs and Autech cabin restyle adding serious desirability to this already-formidable package. Build with a frame + unibody and a 5.6-liter V8, the QX80’s strength and size has never been in question. What the truck was missing was some of the X factor of style …

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Silverado Rally GIF1

2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab Rally Edition Adds Gloss-Black 22-inch Wheels and Black Bowtie/Trims

There are persistent rumors of a big 2015 Silverado upgrade outside as well as with the new eight-speed automatic that joins the fun with this Rally Edition announcement. But the changes may be more under the hood and inside until 2016 or so, based on this latest Rally Edition upgrade. Available on the 1500 Crew Cab V6 or V8, the Rally Edition brings black side steps, black bow-ties, black mirror caps and the hottest gloss-black, 22-inch alloy wheels. A body-color grille and racing stripes complete the accessory makeover on the red truck shown here, but limited updates to the styling …

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LArte Design QX70 1gif

LARTE Design INFINITI QX70 Is Mad-Fast, Mad-Sexy SUV Upgrade Program

As shown by the extremely yummy LARTE Design Infiniti QX60 and QX80 overhauls, Larte Design has a vision for the ideal muscle truck of the future. And that vision can be applied to any of today’s three largest Infiniti SUVs to create a Porsche Cayenne, Brabus Benz and BMW X5 M chasers from Japan. Perhaps the most striking upgrades of all come to the already-sporty QX70 crossover, which now wears the stance and footwear package of a true autobahn muscle truck. Like the QX80 upgrades, the LARTE Design program for the QX70 comes in three levels of madness: LR1, LR2 …

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Concept Flashback – 2006 RINSPEED ZaZen is Porsche 911 with Clear Bubble Hardtop

This concept from RINSPEED in 2006 is actually quite magnificent. A clear polycarbonate hardtop and a variety of innovative supplier solutions round out what is a very intriguing concept car from RINSPEED. The rear fenders and nose treatment with Ferrari 612 lighting elements is interestings, but the RINSPEED ZaZen is absolutely hideous from the pure nose and tail angles. An unusual and sloppy mess of amateurish block shapes.   2006 RINSPEED ZaZen     Rinspeed “zaZen” Rinspeed and Bayer MaterialScience jointly develop new concept car “zaZen” – Automotive enlightenment on four wheels – Revolutionary lighting technique and transparent hardtop at …

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REGULA EXCLUSIVE Bodykits for Audi R8, Porsche Panamera and Porsche Cayenne GIF1

REGULA EXCLUSIVE Bodykits for Audi R8, Porsche Panamera and Porsche Cayenne Are Wild!

The best way to really make a splash at Pebble Beach is to bring a car that no one has ever seen before. This can be a supercar that is not sold in the USA, a priceless classic, or a mad style upgrade to an existing performance car. When it comes to these hyper tuner cars – the louder the visual impact of the upgrades, the better. Germany’s Regula Exclusive is certainly aware of these facts. The actual products on sale here are the nose, sides and tail body kit upgrades. But the icing on the cake are the wild …

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MANSORY Rolls-Royce Phantom gif1

MANSORY Rolls-Royce Phantom Limo and Phantom Drophead Coupe Are 7.5L, V12TT Purebreds

  In honor of the Monterey and Pebble Beach Concours week – here is the first in a series of showcases of Ultra-High-Net-Worth vehicles from which to choose. The MANSORY customization program knows no limits, of course. But how to make a Phantom even more striking? Ditch the trad — and go for the rad. These three examples of Rolls Royce Phantoms by Mansory are sure to be waived right onto the Concours lawns with no questions asked. They are so intimidating, to be honest, that the driver would likely not even have to roll down the window to say …

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TECHART for Porsche Boxster and Cayman GIF1278

TECHART for Boxster and Cayman Deliver A Huge Shot of Adrenaline to Porsche’s Mid-Engine Heartthrobs

You know the adage about Porsche limiting the Boxster and Cayman so the 911 Carrera is protected? That applies in all aspects of the cars, regretfully, even the hottest new GTS models for 2015. The Cayman and Boxster’s mid-engine layout and exotic proportions are just a tweak or two away from drawing huge crowds and stares on the road. From the factory, they are often just a bit too subtle and classy for their own good. So to inject some of the hottest 918 or Carrera GT flair? TECHART to the rescue! A comprehensive set of upgrade options are offered …

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TECHART Launches Race-Ready Centerlock Wheels for Porsche 991 Turbo, Turbo S and GT3

    Tire changes just became much quicker and cooler for owners of the top-flight Porsche 911 range! TechArt just announced a centerlocking wheel in the Formula IV range – available globally from September 2014. TechArt’s main US dealer is in Irvine, California – but the products can be shipped anywhere with a special set of tires pre-mounted and balanced. TECHART Centerlock  BROCHURE PDF  000991626187C     TECHART Formula IV Race Forged Centerlock Wheel Fighting for tenths of a second on track! From September 2014 TECHART Automobildesign is going to offer a top-class forged centerlock wheel to customers of the …

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2015 Acura TLX Media Launch Brings 100 New Photos, Pricing, Colors and Specs – $31k Base Price

The 2015 TLX is off to a roaring start! Eventually replacing both the current TL and the TSX sedan, the new TLX has three powertrains to entice shoppers away from the Lexus IS, BMW 320i, Mercedes-Benz CLA250 and Audi A3/A4. The base pricing looks extremely reasonably for such a swoopy and aggressive sedan design. From just $31,000 for the front-drive four-cylinder, to $about $35,000 for the front-drive V6, and up to a base of $41,450 for the loaded SH-AWD TLX V6 with its standar Tech package. Style-wise, the four-cylinder and V6 TLX’s both look low and sharp and all-new – …

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Radical header gif1

3.4s Radical SR3 SL Startup Video and 70 High-Res Photos at Atlanta Motorsports Park

Any Radical in the USA is fantastic to experience up close, especially in its native environment: the racetrack. The Radical SR3 SL here is the only two-seat model in the United States – so it is: a) the quickest car around almost any racetrack — including the Nurburgring, where Radical has long held an unbeat-ably quick pace in the 6.44-second SR8. The SR3 SL is no slouch either: its roughly 7:00-second Nordeshleiffe lap is still in the top 20 for any kind of car, racers included. b) one of the only street-legal track cars of this caliber of performance c) …

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RS5 Cab header gif1

2014 Audi RS5 Cabriolet Buyers Guide – Black Optics vs Matte Aluminum Optics

We discovered yesterday how to make your $55,000 Audi A5 Cabrio look much like the hottest RS5 Cabrio — with the simple click of the $4,000 sport pack to upgrade to dark carbon-blade wheels and a darker, sporter front clip. Is the RS5 also completely transformed and updated with its various add-on packages? Yes and no. There are three exterior themes available for the RS5 — but only the $3,000 Black Optics package is a must-buy. (Well, the Black Ops and the black Sport exhaust, actually.)   But the 2014 RS5 Black Optics package brings some of the most sinfully …

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A5 sport cabrio gif

2014 Audi A5 and S5 Cabriolet Buyers Guide – Colors and Sport Package Details

Just spent the last hour with the Audi S5 and A5 Cabriolet configurators – and have big news! The Sport Package is a must-click option for the A5 in particular: it brings RS5 styling cues all around for just a few thousand extra. Lovely and bold new colors available on the 2014 A5 and S5 as well.   2014 Audi A5 and S5 Cabriolet   2014 Audi A5 Cabriolet Engineering | Performance Engine type Four-cylinder Displacement (cc)/Bore and stroke (mm) 1,984/82.5 x 92.8 Horsepower (@ rpm) 220 @ 4,450-6,000 Torque (lb-ft @ rpm) 258 @ 1,500-4,300 Engine block Cast-iron Cylinder …

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Civic Si GIF

205HP 2014 Honda Civic Si Sedan Is FU-Cool from $23k + Visual Buyers Guide

Ever since the 2002 Subaru WRX and the Lancer Evolution arrived in the US – the Honda Civic has always taken a firm third place in the cool compact ranks. Honda is serious about winning car guys back. The 2014 Honda Civic Si is packing a huge wing, turbo-style polished allous with gloss black accents, and a wing to make the WRX blush. This is a car that is seriously cool. Curb appeal of the 2014 Civic Si now trumps the latest WRX and is up to WRX STI levels of aggression. The powertrain of the Si is still optimized …

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Novitec Toroado Aventador1 GIF

NOVITEC TORADO Lamborghini Aventador Is Hyper Sexy and Hyper Fast!

Despite the brazen execution of many hypercar customs, creating a package for such intense machines must be an intimidating task for many tuners. Not only must all the pieces surpass the amazing quality of the OEM car, but every upgrade must also be perfect, durable and flawless: — up close and in detail: inspection of a hypercar from up close is a huge part of the fun. so all the upgrades need to make you proud – even from two inches away. — at ultra-high-speeds, around racetracks delivering performance gains — on the way back from the track – with …

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TRD pro tacoma and 4runner GIFheader

Updated with Pricing + Equipment Specs – 2015 Toyota TRD PRO Tundra and TRD PRO Tacoma

Updated 7.30.14 with 40 Photos and Official Pricing for the bad-ass TRD Pro Tacoma and 4Runner Including the TRD Pro Tundra in here because it looks fantastic. Pricing for the biggest TRD Pro truck is not yet available, however. Coolest part of the Tacoma TRD Pro is the price from $36,000 with a six-speed manual. The auto and both cab lengths are offered with the very cool TRD Pro pack. Original article: Chicago is feeling some big Toyota love with the all-new TRD Pro Series, a special option pack for 4×4 Tacomas, Tundras and 4Runners that will be available to …

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BMW usa 5 series visualizer animation 5a

Updated With 188 New Images – Road Test Review – 2013 BMW 535i M Sport – Animated Visual Buyers Guide

Updated 7.29.14 with 188 new images Update info: BMW GLOBAL The BMW 5 series is incredibly trim-sensitive. It can obviously look amazing in full M5 track apparel, but looks very lonesome and humdrum in the low-range 528i and even 535i without the M Sport package. As a strong indication that this four-year-old model range is on the way out next year — there are hardly any new BMW press photos of the car since 2011. So we turned to the BMW.com global site configurators to try and make an amazing-looking 535i or, even better, a 550i. Even *more* recent update! …

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S8 header gif1

2015 Audi S8 with 520HP and 3.9s to 60MPH Is The Quickest and Definitely The Coolest A8

For many years, one of the core elements of the Audi A8’s appeal was its refined and ultra-classy ‘outsider’ appeal. Versus the once-staid S-Class and now-staid BMW 7 series, the A8 was a breath of fresh air. For the ultra-luxury limo set of shoppers, the A8 represented a ‘Mac’ type of aesthetic and usability, versus its very PC-type logic and functions of the other big German luxury sedans. The Audi’s shared German engineering, driving feel and performance instantly put the car ahead of the Lexus LS in many enthusiasts’ minds. A refined and measured exterior and interior design seemed as …

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Elantra Sport GIF1

2015 Hyundai Elantra Sedan Brings Classy LED and Tech Updates – Features, Photos and Pricing

Fresh off its JD Power Initial QUality Study victory, the Hyundai Elantra Sedan is updated for 2015 with some refined and classy LED additions front and rear, plus a tech suite upgrade inside. The Elantra’s fluidic sculpture design of the Elantra is still one of the best in the compact segment – along with the Mazda3 and Dodge Dart as perhaps the other two coolest compact sedans available. Making a small sedan sporty, low and wide on the road is not an easy thing. Just take a look at the Ford Focus or Fiesta sedans for evidence of the unpleasant …

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EVORA gif header1

4.4s 2014 LOTUS Evora and Evora S – USA Buyers Guide – Specs, Colors and Options

    Calling all USA and global sports-car fans! Lotus is indeed open for business – and it is your time to hop into your very own low-slung supercar. This article started out as a piece about how the Evora was no longer offered for sale in the US – but great news! A quick internet search shows numerous 2014 models available in the US at this very moment, with pricing from about $75,000. The confusion about the current Evora’s on-sale satus perhaps comes from the Sport Racer custom version of the Evora. This black/red model is indeed a European-only …

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BRABUS ML-Class Mercedes-Benz Increases Speed, Exclusivity and Cabin Luxury

UPDATED for the ML-Class — and this all certainly applies to the five-seat Benz SUV as much as it does the seven-seater!   Who are we to judge a megalux custom SUV? Nobody – that is who. At least, nobody with anywhere near the wealth or status to feel let down by the factory ML-Class AMG from Mercedes-Benz. But in certain worlds, the factory model is just too plain, and too similar, to even find in a Brentwood organic produce parking lot — let alone feel passionate about. BRABUS takes things up a notch in every regard. More premium, much …

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MACAN wheels gif header techart1

TECHART MACAN Upgrades for Wheels, Engine, Exhaust, Suspension and Cabin Revealed

The Macan is the hottest thing to hit the Porsche books since the Panamera – and TechArt knows it. Their first set of upgrades is already well under way — with details promised for a styling overhaul in a month or so. Until then, we have the first four wheel styles available for any Macan Porsche, plus the well-regarded Engine and Suspension module upgrades from the TechArt Cayenne. Both of these plug-and-play mods keep all the mechanicals the same, but liberate a huge amount of extra power and earlier torque peaks. High recommended is the new exhaust as well. Stay …

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SONIC RS colors Buyers guide

2015 Chevy Sonic RS Sedan COLORS and Buyers Guide Info

Update1 – With Colors!           The Chevy Sonic RS is by far the coolest and sportiest in the Sonic compact lineup from Chevy. A relatively unexpected hit with buyers, the Sonic line from about $15,000 comes as standard with a naturally-aspirated 1.8-liter engine. Uplevel trims bring the much quicker, much more tune-able and slightly more powerful on-paper 1.4-liter Turbocharged engine upgrade. With the RS package, the Sonic Sedan now benefits from the RS Hatchback’s exclusive style, handling and equipment enhancements. All good news – and great to see the sedan benefit from some cool style. This …

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2015 Chevy Sonic RS Sedan and LTZ Dusk Join Cool RS Hatch With Dark Rims, Body Kit and Sporty Handling Tune

The Chevy Sonic RS is by far the coolest and sportiest in the Sonic compact lineup from Chevy. A relatively unexpected hit with buyers, the Sonic line from about $15,000 comes as standard with a naturally-aspirated 1.8-liter engine. Uplevel trims bring the much quicker, much more tune-able and slightly more powerful on-paper 1.4-liter Turbocharged engine upgrade. With the RS package, the Sonic Sedan now benefits from the RS Hatchback’s exclusive style, handling and equipment enhancements. All good news – and great to see the sedan benefit from some cool style. This is an area where the Ford Fiesta sedan is …

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Brabus GL GIF13

186MPH 7-Seat SUV? BRABUS B63S 700 Widestar for Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

Who are we to judge a megalux custom SUV? Nobody – that is who. At least, nobody with anywhere near the wealth or status to feel let down by the factory GL63 AMG from Mercedes-Benz. But in certain worlds, the factory model is just too plain, and too similar, to even find in a Brentwood organic produce parking lot — let alone feel passionate about. BRABUS takes things up a notch in every regard. More premium, much faster, more exclusive and *much* more expensive. But these upgrades are so deep and thorough that they have a definite value proposition in …

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Lexus IS Header GIF132

2015 Lexus IS250 and IS350 Still Gorgeous – Now With LED Foglamps and Heated Steering Wheel for AWD Models

Is the Lexus IS one of the best-looking, best-made and best-sounding luxury cars on the market? Yes, yes it is. The BMW 320i is competing hard on price with the entry-level IS250 this year, as the Audi A3 is nosing into the fray as well. But none look quite as sexy or dynamic is this rear-drive Lexus. Below are photos from a quick spin in the Fall with the IS350 AWD, plus 60 official press shots — with the car looking outstanding in nearly all of them! Below are the full details on the 2015 update – which does not …

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Explorer Sport 2015 header1 GIF1

2015 Ford Explorer XLT Appearance Pack Adds 2.0L Turbo, Big Wheels and Dark Grey/Black Trims

The lovable Ford Explorer brings a few updates for the 2015 model year, highlighted by the new XLT Appearance Pack and its dark grille, big wheels and black trims. This brings much of the street presence of the range-topping Explorer Sport to the volume leader of the Explorer group — and is a welcome style and handling upgrade! The main way to tell the XLT Appearance Pack trucks from the Explorer Sport is the grille: the XLT option is a dark grey grille, while the Explorer Sport runs a gloss black grille. 2015 Ford Explorer XLT Appearance Pack 2015 Ford …

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Jaguar XF by 2M Designs GIF header1

JAGUAR XF by 2M Designs Shows How To Personalize a Jag With Class

So many German tuners lately! Ahh!!! In honor of the World Cup, perhaps? Yes, let’s go with that. But you must admit: these German tuner cars are pretty outstanding. Versus the small-time DIY efforts that most local shops in America and elsewhere offer – these are relatively holitics ideas for how to make any car a bad-ass beast on the autobahn. The approach leaves no area unaltered, it can seem sometimes. Wheels, engine, interior, paint wraps, springs, tires, brakes, lights, foil designs…. Seeing a before/after of these cars would be even more shocking than even ProActiv would put in their …

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3.9s, 565HP 2014 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster – FULL Debut in 80 Photos, Video + Engine Clips and Builder Details

Small car, huge engine. This has been the most successful formula for making lively sports cars since the AC Cobra and before. To that end, Aston Martin has dropped its latest and greatest 6.0-liter V12 into its smallest roadster: the Vantage. With performance of just 3.9-seconds to 60-mph through the automatic transmission, an exhaust note that gives you goose bumps every time, and personalization options that run to 30-plus colors — this is the pinnacle of Aston Martin in 2014.   SONIC DEBUT VIDEO DEBUT 2014 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster 2014 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster Full …

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McLaren P1 on GEMBALLA GForged-one Wheels Specially Designed for McLaren 12C, 650S and P1

Upgrading the wheels on a hypercar is a small change that can make a world of difference in the style, handling and tire options available. But choosing an aftermarket wheel that is made to the same standards as the rest of the vehicle? Not easy! That is why Gemballa is stepping up to deliver McLaren P1, 12C and 650S clients the absolute best in German quality with an aftermarket alloy design called the G-Forged-one. These are rims that are designed to balance ultra-light weight, low-drag and high-strength priorities that a supercar demands. Also fitting the Porsche 911 991-series, the wheels …

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Top Cosmetic Car Mods Under $50 — Part 3 — Plasti-Dip Your Wheels Into Metallic Anthracite Grey — How-To Instructions and Photo Results

  Part Three of a new ‘DIY Car Mods’ series. Definitely some really trashy stuff included in this series of articles. But what is the best/worst part of modifying your own car? No matter the price of the upgraded parts — you have zero guarantee they will perform as promised, or even fit. So please take all these with a hefty dose of salt. Ideally, these are just ideas based on what has “stuck” on my car’s cosmetic refresh list over the years. Many, many even trashier upgrades have been installed and later removed from deep shaming by car-guy pals. …

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Update1 Racing Heritage: the Silver Arrows from Mercedes-Benz (100+ Rare Photos)

Imagine a combination of all forms of racing – off-road to high-speed – done by one core chassis design.   During the 1930s, the Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows were storming every type of racing one could imagine: both competitively in Formula races and for world record attempts outside the circuit. This sent the Silver Arrows up hillclimb events, on ultimate Vmax runs, and even a few winter setups that included a dually rear wheel and a closed shell cockpit at one point.   All these variants were highly ingenious engineering achievements around one core chassis design. The open-wheel profile of any …

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