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Road Test Review – Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 4 – The Urban Alternative To A Car?

With all the focus on cars here on the site, it’s not too often that we have the chance to check out vehicles with less than two wheels. But when the folks at Rad Power Bikes reached out to us with the chance to check out an example of their extensive lineup of e-bikes, we were more than happy to take the offer. E-bikes are rapidly becoming a trendy segment in the broader bicycle market thanks to their functionality and the extra oomph supplied by the electric motor. But is an e-bike the perfect replacement for a car in certain …

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Honda Introduces 2020 Hunter Cub CT125, Aims To Dominate Leisure Bike Segment

When it comes to a motorcycle that can be the equivalent of a swiss army knife, few can match the iconic reputation that comes bundled into the Honda Super Cub. An iconic mainstay that has been in near continuous production since the mid 1950s, the Super Cub has evolved over the years to maintain the simplicity and ruggedness that has defined the marque, but adding new technology along the way. Fast forward to 2020, and Honda has once again significantly upgraded the venerable Cub with the unveiling of the all new Hunter Cub CT125. The Hunter Cub returns after a …

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Insider: 3 Reasons to Finally Buy that Motorcycle

Chances are, you’ve been dreaming about your perfect garage for quite some time. It’s not only about having the best car in there, but having a respectable collection that shows your hard work and efforts. Maybe it’s a car you’ve been saving up to buy your whole life, an old convertible your grandfather gave you or a set of classic cars that are your pride and joy. What about adding a motorcycle to your collection or even yet, making a motorcycle your primary vehicle? It wouldn’t be a difficult challenge to endlessly debate which image would be cooler: a top-down …

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Insider: What You Need To Know About Electric Bikes

If you own a regular bike, it may be time for you to upgrade to an electric bike. An e-bike has a powered drive system. The battery-powered drive system makes all the difference. You will not get late to work because you will ride faster. You will not get sweaty because the energy you use up while riding it is little if any. Better yet, you will climb hilly terrains and unleveled roads with ease. So, in case you were asking what the best bike to buy is to get yourself an e-bike.   Picking the best electric bike that …

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