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Polaris and Zero Motorcycles team up for EV snowmobiles and off-road vehicles

The world of electrification is rapidly growing, and with many automakers already entering alliances and partnerships to cement their place in the automotive kingdom, it was only a matter of time before this trend made its way to worlds outside traditional automobiles with Polaris and Zero Motorcycles revealing that they have teamed up in a partnership to further expand there EV initiatives.   But before you think that all electric Slingshots and Indians are in the pipeline, you better dial your expectations slightly. Instead of focusing on on-road offerings, this alliance aims to beef up off-road offerings like snowmobiles. Zero …

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Mahindra Loses ITC Battle With FCA, Will No Longer Be Able To Sell Roxor In U.S. Market

When we last met the Mahindra Roxor, it was roughly a year ago at the 2019 North American International Auto Show. The Roxor was created to help give buyers on the open range a very interesting alternative to traditional UTV and side by side offerings. The Roxor also received attention for its exterior styling which was reminiscent of a vintage Jeep CJ-3, and helped bring newfound exposure to Mahindra. This included the attention of a certain automotive giant in Auburn Hills, with FCA promptly taking Mahindra to court over copyright infringement. After a long legal battle, FCA has emerged the …

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First Look: Mahindra ROXOR 4×4 UTV – By Carl Malek

With our coverage of the 2019 Auto Show ongoing, we decided to visit our friends at Mahindra to see the ROXOR and find out exactly what it brings to the 4×4 market. The ROXOR has managed to build quite the reputation for itself in the few years that it has made the rounds. A lot of potential buyers are enamored by its combination of keep it simple engineering, and its low price point, others like its flexible suite of options, and the bargain basement price point. But does the ROXOR has what it takes to carve a viable niche for …

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Industry Insider: 4 Considerations When Buying UTV Parts

There are many reasons you might be in the market for UTV parts, but unless you’re an experienced mechanic, you’re probably wondering where you should begin. How do you know you’re buying the right parts for the right prices? How can you be sure you’re investing in something that will last? Here are just a few things to consider as you shop for UTV parts. 1. Price First things first: How much can you afford to spend on your vehicle? Keep in mind that the listed price of the part isn’t always the final price that you’ll pay. You might …

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