q50 btcc gif

INFINITI Q50 Parachutes into 2015 BTCC BAttle! OEM Racing Program To Benefit British Army Paratroopers

Proof that the Infiniti Q50 is ripe for more performance than even the Eau Rouge concept? The new BTCC Q50! Wearing an awesome widebody with menacing aero vents and scoops, the Infiniti Q50 BTCC entry is low and lean and mean. The program’s headline sponsor is Infiniti itself – with the car wearing a satin grey finish and giant Infiniti logos on both sides. In addition to building brand awareness in the UK, the team will raise money for a newly-formed Paratrooper Regiment charity for the British Army. The new “Support Our Paras” foundation is a combined entity for the …

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impala 2015

Zero to Hero in the 2015 Chevrolet Impala CNG SuperCruise

The Chevrolet Impala is a critical test-bed for two future GM technologies in 2015: a bi-fuel CNG option and the forthcoming SuperCruise automated highway driving system. We caught up with a 2015 Impala LTZ featuring the shield grille that comes on LTZ cars with the Safety tech option package – and this is still the best-looking full-size sedan from Chevy in decades. The current setup does not yet incorporate lane-keeping and automatic steering, but that is certainly in the pipeline. The Cadillac CT6 is tipped to debut a true SuperCruise functionality next year — with on-ramp to off-ramp highway driving …

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Transit ecoboost gif

4K Road Test Review – 2015 Ford Transit 3.5L EcoBoost LWB, Low-Roof Cargo Van

Breaking News: NASCAR developing 2018 commercial van racing series. The NASVAN Home Depot Cup will feature the Ford Transit, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Chevy Express, Nissan NV and the Ram ProMaster. Each van will hit top speeds of more than 199-mph while they trade paint around circuits like the legendary Charlotte and Atlanta Motor Speedways….””” The news above is pretend. There are no current plans for a NASVAN series. But if there were, we could sign up for the new Ford Transit as our ride first time, every time. This rear-drive big van is shockingly good on the road and at the …

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gtr prem 15 gif

Best of Awards – 2015 Nissan GT-R Premium in 4K Track Drive Reviews

 TRACK DRIVE VIDEO – 4K Quality The Midwest Auto Media Association’s Fall Rally in 2013 was my first-ever taste of the mighty Nissan GT-R. Last year, the Nissan USA guys brought a seriously menacing Track Edition model for quick laps around the Autobahn Country Club racetrack. We arrived on the scene in a press loan Nissan JUKE Nismo so it was a love-fest overall for the Nissan performance lineup. But a late arrival meant we skipped the track in 2013 in favor of mild street drives instead. Or so we thought. In Race/Race/Race settings, the GT-R threw my iPhone camera …

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TCC gif

Best of Awards – 2015 Ford Transit Connect Cargo 1.6L EcoBoost – 4K Track Test Drive Video

Proof that a turbo engine can make any car or van a hoot? The Ford Transit Connect Cargo with the optional 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine! Check out the brief autocross video to see a preview of every busy delivery driver near the end of his shift. The TCC (Transit Connect Cargo) is comfortable and sporty with a low center-of-gravity but an elevated view forward. It is a bit like a tall Focus or a slammed Escape — but hooning a cargo van makes it all the more enjoyable. With the MyFord Touch and Navigation, the TCC makes almost no sacrifices for …

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AMG GT edition one gif

2015 Mercedes-AMG GT Edition 1 Packs Dark Style and Huge Rear Wing + 60 New Photos

Updated 10.10.14   The wraps have come off the AMG GT’s Edition 1 package! 2015 Mercedes-AMG GT Edition 1     PREVIOUS The relationship between PlayStation and Mercedes-Benz has been very strong since the AMG SLS was the cover car for GranTurismo 5. That relationship is a three-way affair: among AMG, Polyphony Digital as the GT game developers, and Sony itself in extending the reach of PS4. The new DRIVECLUB game seeks to be a new type of social racing experience — where friends battle one another for track glory both in real-time and as part of championship leagues. Sony …

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c300 gif

Road Test Review – 2015 Mercedes-Benz C300 4Matic Sport is Smooth, Sexy and Classy

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is moving up in both desirability and style for 2015. The 2015 C300 and C400 models both pack turbocharged engines and 4Matic AWD as standard for the US market, and the pricing moves up the scale noticeably as well. But as a quick spin in the C300 4Matic Sport with the LED Lighting and Airmatic suspension packages shows, this is a Benz that is the best of all worlds. In many ways, the new C-Class goes back to the roots of Mercedes brand strengths. It is fast but ultra-luxurious. It ride like a dream but can hold …

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Nav gif

Update2 – Road Test Review – 2015 Lincoln Navigator Driven Back-to-Back with Escalade ESV = Surprise Winner!

UPDATED 10.9.14 Corrections to the suspension specs of the Navigator Select trim, as well as the name of the LWB Escalade from EXT to its actual name, the ESV. It has been hard to take the new Navigator and Expedition seriously in the face of the newer-seeming Tahoe, Yukon and Escalade. The Navigator seemed to be the slightest of light refreshes versus those all-new models from across town. But after time at the wheel of both the Navigator and the new Escalade ESV — we were strongly leaning toward the Navigator. This surprised no one more than your humble scribe. …

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civic r gif

2015 Honda Civic Type R Concept Two Makes Paris Debut

UPDATED 10.4.14 Production concept is more sexy than WTCC car? Oh yes.   2015 Honda Civic Type R Concept Two Paris Debut     PREVIOUS   276 horsepower is now the floor for Honda Type R models – this latest 2.0-liter turbocharged engine shows that Honda is diving in head-first into the world of turbochargers. Which definitely makes sense – Honda is, after all, supplying the McLaren Formula One team with its engines for 2015 and beyond. So you can be sure that the engine lab is glowing red-hot with huge boost! So what will change between now and the …

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Ftype R Coupe

Best of Awards – Most Fun SuperCoupe Street Racer – 2015 JAGUAR F-Type R Coupe

UPDATED 10.4.14 With Two 4K Drive Videos and 30 High-Res Photos   Our solid and bankable reco if you can afford it? The R! 2015 JAGUAR F-Type R Coupe   PREVIOUS The new F-Type Coupe is hot as the summer sun these days – but which is best? And among the standard, S and R — which fits your budget and performance criteria? Here is a quick walk through the JaguarUSA.com online configurator, where I built a $77,000 F-Type S Coupe and racked up a $92,000 total in the process. There are many tempting options, including the poshest 20-inch wheels …

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z28 gif

Best of Awards: Track Drive Video – 2015 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Is A Racecar With License Plates

  Nailing apexes in this Camaro Z/28 was the most fun this driver has ever had on a racetrack. The car is absolutely surreal in its power and performance in all dimensions. Brakes and road-holding via those Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires are unreal, while the power delivery from the 7.0-liter, 505HP V8 is nothing short of jaw-dropping. Skip to minute two of the above video to see the Z28 in track bliss with cars like the Hellcat, 2015 Mustang GT, Nissan GT-R, Lexus RCF and BMW M4….! One thought? We would recommend speccing the optional A/C on the …

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TT Sportback gif

2014 Audi TT Sportback Concept Is a Stylish Escape From Current Audi Styling Funk

Audi design is in a major funk. After a full 15 years of making BMW and Mercedes seem old and tired and boring, Audi lost the plot some time around 2010. We are not sure what exactly happened, but the magic seemed gone. The cars started to look like cheap copies of earlier Audi ideas – with the current A6 and new TT perhaps exemplifying this major design problem best. Sure, its proportions are cleaner than ever in 2015, and its new lighting is very dapper indeed. But what the heck? It looks like a 1999 model. This is a …

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Track Test Review - 2015 Ford Mustang GT in 4K Video 2

Track Drive Video Review – 2015 Ford Mustang GT

 Track Drive Video Review – 2015 Ford Mustang GT Awww yeah! Track time with the new Mustang GT! It felt so fantastic to fire up this pony-car for the first time. Could not help but smiling even to find the new GT and EcoBoost Mustangs in the parking lot that morning. They look outstanding in the flesh, with the GT adding some additional cooling functions via grille inserts to direct air where it is needed. Out back, the 5.0-liter V8 is announced by its large GT badge where the turbo cars have another pony logo. A 5.0 badge lives in …

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q80 gif

Updated With 42 New Photos – INFINITI Q80 Inspiration Concept Flagship

Updated 10.2.14 One popular design cliche is to describe the panel shapes of a model as ‘like flowing silk.’ The idea is to be lighter than air, and always in motion with ripples and elegant movement at all times. Far beyond cliche, the new Q80 Inspiration makes the idea real.A rare achievement, to be sure, and very exciting. Freeze that wind-swept silk in time, and it carries the beauty of motion even as a static piece. That is how we would describe the latest panel shaping theme shown in the new Q80 Inspiration, which is officially set to become a …

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AR550 Genesis gif

Hyundai SEMA Showstopper: ARK Performance AR550 Genesis Is E63-Hunter With Supercharged 5.0L V8!

What the what! Looking for specs on the 2015 Tucson on Hyundai Media, and what is staring me in the face on the homepage but an extremely tuned Genesis! Have you ever seen a SEMA concept so well-executed and well-timed? The new Genesis is absolutely killing it on the sales charts: the combination of 7 series proportions and 3 series pricing is really a huge, huge hit with shoppers. But how to convince the skeptical? How about a performance upgrade to shade even the M5 and E63? Enter, Ark Performance and the AR550 Genesis. Damn. Sexy. Hyundai?     ARK …

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MKZ AWD gif1

Road Test Review – 2014 Lincoln MKZ 3.7 AWD Is Stylish, Sporty and Futuristic!

The Lincoln MKZ is easily the best Lincoln this author has ever driven. Outstanding design and technology features make the MKZ stand apart from anything else coming out of Detroit this decade, and getting to know the new Lincoln over a week was endlessly surprising. This car handles with a fantastic AWD balance of my personal Subaru Legacy GT, carries a charming and unique design that is cutting-edge and futuristic unlike anything else on the road. Dozens of preconceptions went out the ultra-sleek moonroof as we cruised to Atlanta with the Active Cruise engaged, the massage seats on full blast, …

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Civic Type R concept paris gif

2015 Honda Civic Type R Previewed By Crisp and Clean New Paris Concept

276 horsepower is now the floor for Honda Type R models – this latest 2.0-liter turbocharged engine shows that Honda is diving in head-first into the world of turbochargers. Which definitely makes sense – Honda is, after all, supplying the McLaren Formula One team with its engines for 2015 and beyond. So you can be sure that the engine lab is glowing red-hot with huge boost! So what will change between now and the production model set for Spring 2015 in the UK? Mostly the headlights and the wheels. They will both be slightly more production-feasible. But otherwise, this is …

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625c gif

2015 McLaren 625C Is Asia-Focused Model With Super-Smooth PACC Suspension

  Here is an interesting bit of news! McLaren has launched the new 625C with features custom-tailored to the exploding Asian market. New tuning and settings for the ProActive Chassis Control lets the hydraulic suspension of the 650S become boulevard-smooth in its comfort setting – far cushier than anything with the McLaren badge to date. This is news because the 650S is already one of the smoothest-riding supercars ever made. That hydaulic suspension lets the car flow and breathe over bumps like a Citroen DS, but is adjustable in two further modes to make it track-hard. Below you can see …

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IS350C gif header

Road Test Review – 2014 Lexus IS350C F Sport – Convertible Coupe Perfection?

The market for cabrios hit the skids hard during the financial crisis, when any wind in your hair seemed suddenly too-lavish, and too-decadent. Even luxury shoppers pulled back during that unprecedented stock market decline. This makes sense: those in the market were the most exposed to big on-paper losses. As such, it was a pretty inopportune time for Lexus to launch its best-ever convertible: the ISC. This amazing machine entered a soft market with competition from the all-star BMW 3 (and now 4 series) droptop, as well as the better-sounding Infiniti G37 (now Q60) Convertible. So what has Lexus done? …

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Q80 inspiration gif1

INFINITI Q80 Inspiration Previews Gorgeous and Fascinating S-Class Competitor

One popular design cliche is to describe the panel shapes of a model as ‘like flowing silk.’ The idea is to be lighter than air, and always in motion with ripples and elegant movement at all times. Far beyond cliche, the new Q80 Inspiration makes the idea real.A rare achievement, to be sure, and very exciting. Freeze that wind-swept silk in time, and it carries the beauty of motion even as a static piece. That is how we would describe the latest panel shaping theme shown in the new Q80 Inspiration, which is officially set to become a production model …

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Brivido gif

2012 Giugiaro BRIVIDO Martini Racing Honors Lancia Beta Montecarlo and 037

In the world of iconic racing liveries, Martini Racing is right up there with Golf Oil as the most-loved in history. What better way to salute the long collaborative partnership between ItalDesign Giugiaro than to dress their sexy Brivido GT concept in fast red and blue stripes on a white base. In the case of the Brivido Martini Racing, the homage is more than paint-deep. With a semi-exposed rear diffuser and and long, low nose splitter, the Brivido is close in spirit to the legendary 037 and Beta Montecarlo racecars. These wild turbo rally specials were so fast and wild …

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Spofec RR ghost

Introducing Novitec SPOFEC for the Rolls-Royce Ghost: More Style and Power + Lower Ride and Dual-Mode Exhaust!

SPOFEC!? That is short for SPirit OF ECstacy. Get it? It is like a super-acronym. Using a similar strategy of unique branding by marque, the Novitec Group is rolling out hits left and right these days. Just a few weeks since the debut of the Novitec Torado (Lamborghini) and Novitec Tridente (Maserati) specials, here we have a SPOFEC Ghost that has everything hip buyers might want. This includes 22-inch wheels, a new controller module for the air-ride suspension to lower the car at speed or on demand, a dual-model exhaust to hear the V12 sing, an aero upgrade kit and …

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cuex gif1

Concept Flashback – 1985 Nissan Cue-X Inspired Original Infiniti Q45 Flagship and Future Q80

  As we prepare for the upcoming Infiniti Q80 Inspiration concept’s debut in Paris, how about a look back at the springboard ideas that led to the first flagship, the Q45 of 1990. The 1985 Cue-X concept from Nissan shares clear details with what became the Q45 from all angles, but especially in profile. This low and lean shape was far less formal than the competition from Lexus in the LS400, as well as the established players like Mercedes-Benz and BMW. It is fascinating to see the inspiration for the original Q, and the low and flowing style shown by …

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crv gif

2015 Honda CR-V Refreshed Inside and Out – On Sale October 1st

Just a first look at this one – but the launch timing is approaching fast! The new CR-V will go on sale in the US in just a week’s time, on October 1st, 2014. Full details are promised from Honda on September 30th. Overall, the new nose eliminates some of the grin from the current car, with an updated nose and LED lighting to bring a classier appearance to this best-selling crossover. The 2014 model carries a base price of $23,500 — which is the ballpark of the new model as well. Looking sharp! 2015 Honda CR-V     HONDA …

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Fiesta ST

Road Test Review – 2015 Ford Fiesta ST Is JJ Fantastic: Freaky Fast, Freaky Good! Even Better than BR-Z and FR-S

Performance Specials. They are the cream of the crop. They are the CTS-V’s of the world, the M5s and the Lancer Evo’s. They are freaky specials that are the product of pure driving joy, allowed to slip into showrooms every now and then. For car guys, they are the holy grail. Rare. Special. Excellent. From the moment you sit in the Ford Fiesta ST, you know that it is going to be a hugely fun drive. The seats are packed with support bolsters and the engine start button kicks the Fiesta into life with a snort from up front and …

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Silver Arrows GIF324

Update1 Racing Heritage: the Silver Arrows from Mercedes-Benz (100+ Rare Photos)

Imagine a combination of all forms of racing – off-road to high-speed – done by one core chassis design.   During the 1930s, the Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows were storming every type of racing one could imagine: both competitively in Formula races and for world record attempts outside the circuit. This sent the Silver Arrows up hillclimb events, on ultimate Vmax runs, and even a few winter setups that included a dually rear wheel and a closed shell cockpit at one point.   All these variants were highly ingenious engineering achievements around one core chassis design. The open-wheel profile of any …

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Mustang Unites gif

2015 Ford Mustang Global Sales Celebrated with New Burton Morris Pop Art for #MustangUnites

The Mustang has been coveted by global shoppers for decades — guys and gals who longed for the affordable performance and bad-ass spirit of a pony car, but were only offered hatchbacks instead. That is the past; the 2015 Mustang will now be exported to more than 120 global markets for the first time. To handle this momentous occassion, Ford commissioned Burton Morris art studios to create custom #MustangUnites pony emblems to show how the Mustang might fit in with the locals in these new home countries. Check out all the variations below, and cruise over to the splash page …

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ft1 vgt gif312

Toyota FT-1 Vision GT Now Playable in Gran Turismo! 100 New Dynamic Photos

Updated 9.16.14 Art Imitates Life. Life Imitates Art. Such a truism is very valid in the case of the FT-1 – which Toyota has just teased in its next form as a hard-core (virtual) racing special. The FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo differs from the road-going version of the car in many standard race-ready ways. Starting from the front: there is a much deeper aero package and chin spoiler, easy-off hood panels with racing latches, upgrades brakes and tires and huge fender-top slats to reduce any trapped air from the wheels. These slats drastically reduce under-hood temps as well as being …

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hood ornaments gif432

Top 10 Most Beautiful Pebble Beach Hood Ornaments

One of the most delightful details of cars in the 1920s and 1930s are their hood ornaments. These free-standing sculptures became a symbol of prestige and class and were a sign of a super-luxury car due to their labor-intensive casting and polishing processes — not to mention the actual concept vision, sculpting prototypes for the reverse mold, followed by chrome or brass plating. The below are all pretty outstanding, with the anthropomorphic ones featuring living creatures as perhaps a bit more captivating than the pure Art Deco style shown by the LaSalle and Horch Auto Union cars. In terms of …

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Lexus ES300h gif1324

Road Test Review – 2015 Lexus ES300h Delivers Industry-Best Value, Efficiency and Cabin Comfort

The ES is by far the most-successful Lexus nameplate since the brand launched in 1989. These days, the ES is outsold only by the crossover king RX350 and RH Hybrid, so the ES flame is still burning bright in Lexus showrooms worldwide. The ES300h Hybrid is just about the opposite of the car most performance-sedan fans might pick for themselves, but the fact of the matter is: we absolutely adored the ES300h after spending a week together.   Intro: ES Bias? From an outsider perspective, one might write off the ES350 and ES300h as legacy models — cars sold to …

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228i convertible gif

2015 BMW 228i and M235i Convertibles Make Tail-Out, Top-Down World Debut

    Official details on the new 2 series convertibles for 2015! The 228i kicks things off from $38,000 – up to $40,000 for the 228i xDrive and more still for the 235i and M235i Convertibles. Arrival time-frames are very soon — early 2015 is the promise from BMW. 2015 BMW M235i Convertible   The New BMW 2 Series Convertible Style and dynamics of the acclaimed BMW 2 Series Coupe combined with open-air driving Available in the US as 228i and M235i All-wheel drive 228i xDrive available from launch Woodcliff Lake, NJ – September 9, 2014 6:00pm EDT/3:00pm PDT . …

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rc350 gif

2015 Lexus RC350 Sends 306HP to 8-Speed Auto, AWD, 4WS and Adaptive Suspension!

Updated 9.9.14 Now we have the comparison between the silver RC350 shown in these latest Lexus photos and the F Sport version from Pebble Beach! The final 2015 Lexus RC350 F Sport looks **thisclose** to as sexy and fast as the top-flight RC-F — which is a great thing for buyers and Lexus sales alike. Available AWD is new to the RC350, as is the paddle-shifted automatic with eight gears, the latest adaptive suspension with adjustable settings, and an all-new four-wheel-steering setup. Very promising indeed! The only change visible on this pre-production car is a lack of the LED low …

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2015 TRD Pro Series TOYOTA TUNDRA Priced from $41k with Black Pack, +2″ Lift and Dual Exhaust for 5.7L V8

Pricing is out for the 2015 TRD Pro Series Tundra — and it is awesome from the word Go! $41,280 is the base for the Double Cab, with the Crew Max coming in just below $44,000. While official performance from the 381-horsepower, 401-pound-feet-packing V8 is unchanged, the new dual pipes out back are sure to liberate lots of deep rumble and a few extra midrange ponies. Updated 7.30.14 with 40 Photos and Official Pricing for the bad-ass TRD Pro Tacoma and 4Runner     Including the TRD Pro Tundra in here because it looks fantastic. Pricing for the biggest TRD …

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rcf gif34554543

467HP 2015 Lexus RC F Visits Monticello in Three New Colors + Tech Features

The Lexus RC-F is here in action for the first time! A production car so hot that drew its own crowd at Pebble Beach — even when locked and off — now alive and ripping around US racetracks… A few features are optional on this all-star chassis and power upgrade: including the new TVD rear diff and the triple headlamp LED low and high-beams. But otherwise, what we see here is what is coming to US Lexus dealers in November! A few key details still missing on the rear-drive, 467-horsepower RC-F Coupe: including the price and 0-60-mph time. But we’re …

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p1 gtr323

Update1 – 2016 McLaren P1 GTR – Pebble Beach World Debut in 75 High-Res Photos

Updated 9.5.14   These are the P1 GTR on the concept lawn as well as the official studio photography from McLaren. In person, it is all about that rear end! The huge sewer-drain exhaust pipes are stunning, as is the rear wing emerging up and rear-ward with twin functional vertical planes and a huge high-speed spoiler a foot above and behind the P1’s original tail. The deconstructed look of the rear end makes people think there are no taillights — but we know the truth! 2016 McLaren P1 GTR Pebble Beach 2016 McLaren P1 GTR   McLaren F1 LM GTR …

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1939 talbot-lago gif

2014 Pebble Beach Concours – Class Award Winners Showcase

Okay now. Start your classic car appreciation engines! About a hundred fantastic cars here, and triple that many amazing, high-resolution photos from 2014’s Pebble Beach Concours. The clear favorite for this non-expert and non-judge? The fabulous 1939 Talbot-Lago T150C-SS Pourtout Coupé all the way from Hong Kong.   Forgive me if some of these are out of order. But included are generally the top-3 in every category. Enjoy! Special Thanks to Photographer Collin Graves.   2014 Pebble Beach Concours – Class Award Winners Showcase   Class A: Antique 1st: 1910 American Underslung Traveler Toy Tonneau, William Johnston & Ronald Elenbaas …

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is250 crafted line gif

2015 Lexus IS250 F Sport CRAFTED LINE in 32 All-New, High-Res Photos

This might be the first-ever IS250 F Sport Crafted line in the world! Shown in the Lexus booth at Pebble Beach, the Crafted Line is fantastic on the IS. It brings the sporty F Sport grille in a rich gloss black versus the standard matte grey finishes available. The Crafted Line special-release IS250 F Sport will arrive in October-November to Lexus dealers nationwide, with two pieces of matching Tumi luggage already right in the trunk. 2015 Lexus IS250 F Sport CRAFTED LINE        

Bugatti Veyron legends header gif34

All Six Bugatti Veyron Legends Together In Pebble Beach 2014

      A few fashion photos set the mood nicely below for a true event. The amazing Bugatti Legends collection in full. All six Veyron Legends together for their grand society entrance at Pebble Beach 2014.     An intriguing collection of inspirations and honors in the group, with drivers, designers, engineers and, in fact, previous cars as the inspiration for the six Legends of Bugatti. Which is your favorite? Or do you have other ideas? Here is the Veyron Vitesse configurator link to add color your Veyron GS Vitesse dreams…  http://www.bugatti.com/en/vitesse/configurator.html     Bugatti Lifestyle Collection Black Bess …

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Novitic QP header gif1

NOVITEC TRIDENTE Maserati Quattroporte Is Quicker and Far Sexier Than Ever!

While writing the big 2014 Quattroporte buyers guide the other day, we regretted how few cool wheel and performance options are available on the Maserati flagship lately.   Novitec Tridente, the trident branch of Novitec Rosso and Torado, has come to the rescue with sets of gorgeous wheels in four finishes, ECU upgrades to the twin-turbocharged engines, and a delicious exterior upgrades menu. The matte-effect paint protection wrap and black-tinted elements for all the factory brightwork are amazing, but even the subtle trunk spoiler and lower aero kit work wonders. A fantastic machine made even more exciting with these brand-new …

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Mansory Siracusa

MANSORY 458 Siracusa Is Debadged Neon Under Black Carbon Aero

All these yummy Mansory upgrades are available for the Spider or the 458 Italia hardtop for all years.   MANSORY 458 Siracusa   The MANSORY SIRACUSA customization programme for your Ferrari 458 Italia MANSORY lets you visualise your driving experience Main eye-catcher of the new Siracusa front section is the striking apron with its optimised air inlets for better ventilation of the front radiators. In combination with the new bonnet, MANSORY does not only achieve an aggressive look, but generates also additional downforce. Newly designed side skirts are added to the wings. These steady the air flow between the axles …

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911 Turbo S Cab gif1

Quail Porsche Experience – 2015 911 Turbo and Turbo S Cabrio + Generations Showcase

  Who doesn’t love the 911 Turbo! Here are two lovely Porsche 911 Turbo models recently featured at the Porsche Experience Center of the Quail Lodge Motorsports Gathering 2014. In addition, we have a look back at all the 911 Turbo cars through the generations To top it off, official Porsche 911 Turbo specs/features and a guide to the best options — like Special GT silver metallic with Porsche Anniversary wheels.       2015 911 Turbo S Cabrio   Porsche 911 Turbo – Generations       2015 Porsche 911 Turbo S – Configurator Options     Description   No.   Info  …

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1914 MB GP cars

Pebble Beach 2014 Reunions – Three 1914 Mercedes-Benz French Grand Prix Cars in 78 Photos

After falling hard for this machine in Amelia Island,it is great to meet the rest of the crew. This trio of amazing Mercedes-Benz racing machines took a 1-2-3 victory at the 1914 French GP near Lyon. Reuinted 100 years later in Pebble Beach — looking not a day older and perhaps a bit cleaner than the finished the race out front!   1914 Mercedes-Benz French Grand Prix Cars   Mercedes-Benz At The Pebble Beach Concours D’elegance: Coupes From The Past, Present And Future August, 2014 International debut of the 540K Streamliner Coupe 1914 French Grand Prix 1-2-3 racers reunited Concept …

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1961 Ferrari 250GT SWB California Spider gif

1961 Ferrari 250GT SWB California Spider Is Flawless at $15-Million for Gooding PB 2014

1961 Ferrari 250GT SWB California Spider   LWB Spider below.   GOODING & Co. 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider Coachwork by Scaglietti Lot 18 Pebble Beach 2014 Estimate: $13,000,000 – $15,000,000 SOLD: $15,180,000 Chassis: 2903 GT   *Please note this vehicle is titled 250GT2903. CAR HIGHLIGHTS One of Only 37 Covered-Headlight Examples Distinguished Show-Car Pedigree and Celebrity Provenance Successful Participant in Numerous Concours and Rally Events Certified by the Ferrari Classiche Department Offered with Rare and Desirable Hardtop  

bestioni gif1

BEASTMASTER! 1917 American LaFrance Type 12 BESTIONI By Gary Wales

Holy wow. This machine is HUGE in person. Calling it ‘La Bestioni’ is the best-possible name for this former firetruck, as it truly is a massive beast of a thing. Gary Wales creates these bespoke roadsters from retired fire engines and his client list so far includes Jay Leno and four other lucky madmen. In terms of how large the Bestioni is, hopefully some of the neighboring cars are visible in these photos from the Quail 2014. A 2:1 ratio is very believable – the beast is easily 2X as large as a normal roadster. Gigantic and lavish and exquisite. …

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tatra t97 gif1

1938 Tatra T97 Aerodynamic Sedan at Pebble Beach 2014 Concours – 54 Gorgeous Photos

Snapping a full round of this red Tatra T97 Aero was a rare treat on Pebble Beach Concours Sunday. Very early in the morning, the sun was shining bright for the first time of the week. Tatra was a special marque invite for the 2014 Concours – in a mission to seek more variety and representation from unconventional marques. We know very little about the Tatra T97, in truth, but adore it almost instantly. Perhaps it is the long-running Volkswagen Beetle passion, or its flare for the aerodynamic… but the Tatra T97 is very charming. In many ways, the Tatra …

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mso 650S gif

McLaren Special Operations 650S Spider Answers Painted Surfaces Call, With Mixed Results

  Updated 8.28.14 We have lamented the rise of unpainted carbon-fiber surfaces on the latest generation of hypercars — and even created various renderings of the P1 with a painted nose. http://www.car-revs-daily.com/2014/03/21/unpainted-black-carbon-fiber-scourge-supercar-beauty-mclaren-p1-digitally-painted-front-clip-doors/ But, as meeting the MSO 650S Spider shows, we have to be careful what we wish for. Something about the painted nose section of the MSO 650s is less than perfect. The lower air-dams and side skirts are fantastic, and seeing chromed exhaust tips out back is unique. But still… something is not-as-dreamed with this nose…. McLaren Special Operations 650S Spider       PREVIOUS As if the …

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2014 BMW i8 pebble beach deliveries gif1

First 2014 BMW i8 Owners Take Delivery in Posh Pebble Beach Experience

Some big names in the below five-pack of the first deliveries of the BMW i8 at Pebble Beach! They include racing moguls Roger Penske and Rick Hendrick, among other luminaries. We would vote heavily in favor of the black finish — which is simply amazing, as we can see here. Well ordered, Thomas Keller! It is interesting that Chef Thomas Keller also appears to be providing dinner for the guests at this event, which is nicely symbiotic from BMW. i8 Passion Runs High As the $825,000 total from the charity i8 Pebble Beach Edition shows — the i8 is much …

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i8 Concours gif1fds

USA Debut and $825,000 Auction Grand Slam – 2014 BMW i8 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Edition

In what is certainly a feel-great moment for the BMW as well as the Pebble Beach Foundation charity — the one-off BMW i8 Pebble Beach Concours edition racked up a stunning $825,000 sale price at the Gooding & Co. 2014 auction. The price multiple of 6.11X over the BMW i8’s $135,000 retail total is surely not just from the custom-fitted Louis Vuitton luggage or dark-matte grey paint. It also accounts for instant access to what is easily one of the hottest new cars at any price. In the flesh, the i8 PB Concours Edition is quite magnificent. Its low, lean …

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Prius PHEV gif

Road Test Review – 2014 Toyota Prius Plug-In Is Quietly Excellent, More Iso-Tank Than Eco-Warrior

INTRO: Here is the scene: you are in traffic. It is a work-day and you are behind a dawdling Prius. ‘How the **** is that car going so slowly!? Oh, this guy is coasting up to red lights now!?’ Cue the inpatient passing maneuver/lane change or silent sulking while looking at the familiar Prius tail shape. Has this ever happened to you? We bet it has. The difference for sports-car drivers – or drivers who push every machine like a sports-car? Slight annoyance gives way to murderous rage after a few stoplights like this. And not just hatred for the …

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bugatti veyron legends EB gif1

EXCLUSIVE! 2014 Bugatti Veyron Legend ETTORE BUGATTI in 45 Stunning Photos

Updated 8.27.14 We owe a deep nod of gratitude to Bugatti executive leadership for letting our camera lens into this exclusive Bugatti luncheon at Pebble Beach on Concours day. Like everything in the world of Bugatti – and especially Los Legendes de Bugatti – it is a land of velvet-rope access. Limited availability. Manufactured scarcity. That is part of the Bugatti myth as well as the entire client experience. Mobs of people is not on the agenda. But flashbulbs and press guys? Lucky for us — that is part of the cult of Bugatti. Great to play any part available …

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MC12 Corsa gif1

This 2006 Maserati MC12 Corsa Is Only Street-Legal MC12 Racer In The World

The 2006 Maserati MC12 Corsa is a direct evolution of the FIA GT-winning MC12 series that started racing in 2005 — and won the series for five years running until 2009. 12 customer track specials of the GT1 car were produced for high-value Maserati clients — with the $1.7-million machine dubbed the MC12 Corsa. Of the 12 made, none were ever intended to be used anywhere outside of a closed racetrack. But this one, solitary car slipped through the net, snagged New York license plates, and has been “whippin’ on the freeway the NYC way” ever since. We are thrilled …

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LS460 F Sport CRAFTED line Gif

2015 Lexus LS460 F Sport Crafted Line – Pebble Beach Debut in 30 New Photos

Updated 8.27.14 The LS is perhaps the most enhanced by Lexus’s 2015 Crafted Line enhancements, but this is an entirely subjective assessment. In fact, every Lexus bar the CT200h and the new NX crossover are greatly benefitting from these new style upgrades. The LS benefits both in practice with the new grille and black wheels looking stellar on this luxury limo flagship, but also in theory. The Lexus LS has simply lost much of its top-three luxury car awareness in recent years to the resurgent S-Class and ever-popular Audi A8. The solution is not exactly easy to see for Lexus …

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gt1 911 gif1

Hero Racecars – 1997 PORSCHE 911 GT1 Marlboro LeMans at The Quail

For fans of anything remotely modern, The Quail Motorsports Gathering is far more enticing than the actual Pebble Beach Concours. Both are filled with wondrous cars that one cannot believe actually exist in the flesh. Cars like this 1997 Porsche 911 GT1 in Le Mans racing specification. So rare is this machine that a google search of its name comes up with far more Tamiya 1:24-scale models than it does actual racecars… This powertrain and design became the GT1 Evo mid-year in 1997, adopting the fried-egg headlamp style of the 996 Porsche 911s. The 911 GT1 is fantastic to experience …

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Kepler Motion GIF1

World Debut: 2.5s, 200+MPH 2014 KEPLER Motion Is All-New, Twin-Turbo Hybrid Hypercar

Hypercar performance for a supercar price? Yes please! What the Kepler Motion lacks in name recognition, it more than makes up for with beautiful proportions and the promise of extreme performance. The car runs a 550-horsepower, 3.5-liter Ford EcoBoost V6 midship and a 250-horsepower electric motor up front. The layout is similar to that employed in the Porsche 918 Spyder and the forthcoming Acura NSX — delivering a crushing 2.5-second sprint to 60-mph and a 200-plus top speed flat out. The power and carbon-fiber construction yields and ultra-stiff machine that is strong enough to make serious progress around any racetrack, …

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275 GT Long-Nose Alloy GIF1

Gooding Pebble Beach 2014 – 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB Long Nose Alloy Earns $4.6M

Can a classic Ferrari be enough to restore one’s faith in the world? In the case of this majestic 275 GTB Long-Nose — the answer is a firm Yes. Or, considering its original license plates and title wearing Haiti plates — “We!” Owned by the globally-chic Albert Silvera of Paris, Port-Au-Prince and Miami — this 275 GTB deserved every penny of its sale price. 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB Long Nose Alloy     GOODING & Co. 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB Long Nose Alloy Coachwork by Scaglietti Estimate: $3,750,000 – $4,250,000 SOLD: $4,620,000 Chassis: 07993   http://www.goodingco.com/vehicle/1966-ferrari-275-gtb-long-nose-alloy-2 CAR HIGHLIGHTS Quite Possibly …

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650S Spider Mantius gif1

2014 McLaren 650S Spider Sends Us Praying in Mantis Green at Pebble Beach

  If there is one color I could get on-board with for a new dream McLaren — beyond my preference for white paint/dark wheels — it would either be McLaren Orange or Talocca Orange, which is a new and slightly lighter shade than the current MO color. But when presented with Mantis Green, who could say no? It is an outlandish color, and one that truly comes alive in the sun. The rest of the options for the McLaren 650S are actually pretty easy – especially versus the Ferrari configurator for the F12, which is a long process of interior …

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phantom DHC waterspeed gif1

USA Debut of Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe Waterspeed Collection

Updated 8.23.14   Thrilled to meet the Bespoke Rolls-Royce Drophead Waterspeed at the Quail last week. Extra excited to find the latest Rolls-Royce masterclass matches my Bell & Ross watch! Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe Waterspeed   Okay! Before we get too excited about which would be faster today: the Rolls-Royce-powered Bluebird K3 or the new Phantom Drophead Coupe Waterspeed, we must clarify something! The K3 is the Bluebird boat. This is likely very obvious to people in the UK or Speed Record buffs, but the Bluebird’s I know best are the cars.   But this Phantom DHC Waterspeed indeed celebrates …

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HPE VGT gif1

2015 Hennessey Venom GT – Worlds Fastest Edition in 69 All-New Photos From The Quail

  The Venom GT is a major success story that keeps building momentum with every aerodynamic tweak and trip to the Kennedy Space Center. If JFK were a Vbox-reading racing driver in 2014, he would certainly approve. This white example is tipped to be the one-off World’s Fastest Edition built to celebrate the record run seen in the below video. It is only the ~14th Venom GT ever made. In fact, Hennessey may have created the first — and perhaps only — great American Hypercar. If not the first American hypercar ever, this is certainly the best there has ever …

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Update1 – 2015 Range Rover Sport SVR Makes USA Debut at Pebble Beach and The Quail

UPDATED 8.23.14   The new SVR Range Rover Sport is a really beautiful machine up close – with its huge wheels and gloss black accents making the car seem quick and special. In honesty, the new color really helps drive home the truck’s performance and exclusivity as much as anything else. Without the color, many would be hard-pressed to know this was the flagship RRS… Even so, the F-Type R seats and powerplant will certainly be appreciated by all buyers, as will the new sport exhaust. 2015 Range Rover Sport SVR What would happen if you brought the best and …

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RC350 F Sport gif1

2015 Lexus RC350 F Sport EXCLUSIVE: 8-Speed Auto, AWD, 4WS and Adaptive Suspension!

Updated 8.22.14 The final 2015 Lexus RC350 F Sport looks **thisclose** to as sexy and fast as the top-flight RC-F — which is a great thing for buyers and Lexus sales alike. Available AWD is new to the RC350, as is the paddle-shifted automatic with eight gears, the latest adaptive suspension with adjustable settings, and an all-new four-wheel-steering setup. Very promising indeed! The only change visible on this pre-production car is a lack of the LED low and high-beams shown on the final concepts, plus missing parking sensors. These two features are likely to be options on customer cars when …

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GS crafted gif

2015 Lexus GS350 Crafted Line Aces Style Mood in Bright White Over Gloss Black – 37 New Photos

The GS350 F Spot Crafted Line is really dynamic and attractive in real life — with the custom two TUMI luggage pieces that are included a nice addition. Gorgeous news from Lexus for five lucky 2015 models! The Crafted Line by Lexus introduces a dark ultra-white/gloss-black glamor to the LS 460, GS 350, IS 250, ES 350 and RX 350. The Ultra White shade shared by all five cars is the latest and extremely amazing shade that was launched for 2014. The Crafted Line cars all vamp up with glossy dark wheels, trims, grilles and mirrors to match the stunning …

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Phantom II LWB gif

2015 Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II Extended Wheelbase in White at The Quail Lodge

How to make a millionaire weep? Two ways: — remind him of your personal, daily EBITA salary (earnings before interest, taxes and amortization) — take him for a ride in your Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II limousine Sure, we can all measure ourselves by income or banked wealth. But what life really means seems to become vastly different as one crosses the $100-million mark. For cars, it certainly seems to become less about pace — and much more about grace and space. For the ultimate journey and arrival, nothing on four wheels beats the Phantom II. The Limo model with its …

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ISF header gif 99898

2014 Lexus IS-F Review – Part Three – 170MPH 4-Door Supercar Is Future Classic: The Ideal Luxury Racecar

2014 IS-F REVIEW – PART THREE of THREE   Simply put: the Lexus IS-F is one of the very best cars this author has ever driven. It is virtually flawless in its performance appeal — and addictive in its power delivery and handling eagerness. When cars like the E63 AMG and BMW M5 are in the competitive set, the IS-F feels every bit as special, and instantly more intoxicating. For drivers who want supercar power with velvet-glove luxury in a four-door, the IS-F will be your favorite car too. A future classic – one that beats its competition today and …

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QX80 header gif21

2015 INFINITI QX80 Limited Is Red-Carpet Glamour with Genius IQ – 150 Photo Debut

Think the Escalade is the freshest and best super-luxury full-size SUV for 2015? Think again: the new QX80 Limited has a new VIP backstage pass. The QX80 Limited is a new flagship trim level that is a comprehensive style and substance upgrade for an already-extremely-tough truck — with all the dark trims, 22-inch wheels, latest LEDs and Autech cabin restyle adding serious desirability to this already-formidable package. Build with a frame + unibody and a 5.6-liter V8, the QX80’s strength and size has never been in question. What the truck was missing was some of the X factor of style …

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Alpina B6 header gif121

540HP, 3.7s 2015 BMW ALPINA B6 xDrive Gran Coupe Available in USA! Quickest BMW Ever Made?

Meet the first (and only) Alpina B6 in the United States at the moment. This blue stunner is, in fact, the quickest BMW ever made. The addition of AWD and a huge jump in twin-turbo V8 power means the Alpina B6 is more rapid to 60-mph than any other BMW. Ever. This includes the M6, 1980 M1, 2015 M5 Jahre 30, i8, M4, M3…. Everything else is slower. THE PRIVATE DEBUT As well as the USA reveal of the Vision Future Luxury concept and M5 30th Anniversary, BMW’s Pebble Beach villa was packed with all the hottest metal in the …

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Huracan SUper Trofeo GIF2

World Debut in 55 Photos – 2015 Lamborghini Huracan LP 620-2 Super Trofeo

Shortly after the wraps came off this all-new Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo for the first time at The Quail on Friday, we shook hands with the always-handsome CEO Stephan Winkelmann. Mr. Winkelmann was fresh from taking perhaps 20 photos with admiring fans in front of the latest hypercar masterpiece from Sant’Agata when the lightbulb of an idea hit me. I instantly shared the thought with Mr. Winkelmann and earned a rare smile and laugh from the global automotive superstar: “You should release a pop song! A dance mix for the club, with engines revving and all the names of various …

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ft1 v2 3

Toyota FT-1 Concept Version Two – World Debut at Pebble Beach in 99 High-Res Photos

UPDATED with 99 high-res, real-life photos 8.17.14 The most striking things about the FT-1 in person are its captivating beauty, extremely long-hooded proportions, and intense aero detailing. The headlight units themselves are exposed LED laser lenses, while the lower radiator fans are event more prominent on version two of the car versus version one. Another striking observation that we missed on the red Detroit debut car? The FT-1 is a 2+2!  There are rear seats and a rear strut-tower brace visible on this Pebble Beach car — which is one of the most popular on the concept lawns that also …

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AMG Vision GT hader gif1

Best of Awards – 2014 Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo might be a favorite from both Mercedes as well as the GT  concept series. On the concept showcase lawn of Pebble Beach, the car is nothing short of breathtaking. This is a true design concept – its gigantic wheel/tire package is actually just decorative. This big machine was unloaded from its flatbed on special rollers under the car, and moved into place manually by a half-dozen men. Even as a static showcase, however, the ideas are very influential on the next generation of Mercedes AMG sports cars. The AMG GT will be the …

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p1 gtr header guf

2015 McLaren P1 GTR – Pebble Beach World Debut in 55 High-Res Photos

2015 McLaren P1 GTR McLaren F1 LM GTR McLAREN AUTOMOTIVE TO BESTOW ICONIC BADGE ON ULTIMATE TRACK-FOCUSED McLAREN P1™ GTR Twenty years on from victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans by the now legendary McLaren F1 GTR, McLaren Automotive will resurrect the iconic name from its history for the track-only edition of the award-winning McLaren P1™. The limited-run model will go into production when the 375th and final example of the road car has been completed, and in homage to its race-winning ancestor, the most powerful McLaren to date will be named the McLaren P1™ GTR. With no …

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p1 gif mission monterey 2

McLaren P1 Mission Monterey is Million-Dollar, Overnight Hypercar Street Marketing Brilliance

Just parked nicely in a street spot: this McLaren P1 is worth more than a million dollars. During the brief time we spent snapping a few hello photos, more than six other full vehicles full of showgoers stopped, parked, and took similar photos of this rare and all-new hypercar. This is cultivating a legacy for McLaren Automotive. Conspicuously absent altogether from day one of Pebble Beach is Ferrari SpA. Sure, there are old Ferrari’s and many owner cars. But no official representation. A sign of arrogance? Or complete lack of market sizing and sales promotion from Ferrari? This 24-hour McLaren …

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P1 MSO gif1

Pebble Beach Exclusives – 2014 McLaren Special Operations P1 in 63 All-New, Ultra High Res Photos

Fantastic to meet not one… but four McLaren P1’s today at Pebble Beach Concours week! The most special and most exclusive is this brand-new MSO model – which packs an extra aggressive aero kit and MSO upgrades for many performance components. Without much experience seeing the P1 whatsoever – it is somewhat hard to appreciate the MSO upgrades beyond the ground-effects lower aero kit. But MSO or not — the P1 is absolutely stunning in person. Better and better the closer your eye comes to the exceptional carbon-fiber chassis, wheel-wells, and all chassis and body panels. The P1 is marked …

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204-MPH, 707HP 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Makes Online Debut - Est $60k Base Pricing From January Gif

204-MPH, 707HP 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Makes Online Debut – Est $60k Base Pricing From January

When in doubt: do a mile-long burnout! The 2015 Charger SRT Hellcat made its online debut this week. Thrilling pace and performance are guaranteed. No word yet on pricing or arrival time frames – but the 2015 SRT Hellcat Charger pricing is likely to mirror the $61,000 base prices of the Challenger Hellcat, with out estimated arrival time from in Q1 2015.     2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat NEW 2015 DODGE CHARGER SRT HELLCAT IS THE QUICKEST, FASTEST AND MOST POWERFUL SEDAN IN THE WORLD 13/08/14 With 707 horsepower, an NHRA-certified quarter mile elapsed time of 11.0 seconds on …

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ft1 v2

Toyota FT-1 Version Two Brings Sexy Gloss Grey, Aero Tweaks and Near-Production Cabin

Just when the FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo is building buzz – Toyota has doubled down on the future Supra joy with version two of this miraculous concept. The new color makes it much easier to enjoy and appreciate the FT-1;s huge panel swoops and shaping – with extra tweaks to the design from extensive time in the wind tunnels. All this bodes very, very well for the next Supra road car – which is widely believed to be in development with the FT-1 detailing at perhaps 95-percent of the final product. One thing…. ? We can’t help but notice that …

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Updated with 20 Sexy New Photos – Track Test Review – 2015 Subaru WRX STI

Updated 8.13.14 Is this white over black wheels and trim STI the sexiest thing you have ever seen from Subaru since the 555 WR Blue racers from the 1990s? Yes, yes it is. Hopefully this latest vogue style does not become a fad or something that dates all 2014/2015 cars in the future. For now, however, there is nothing hotter on the world’s expressways and racetracks.   LATEST PHOTOS             The 2015 Subaru WRX STI! The time has come for (one of..) the last of my reviews from the amazing sojourn up north to Road …

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2015 VOLVO XC90 gif1

Update1 – 2015 VOLVO XC90 – 400HP Twin-Engine PHEV Dubbed T8, 316HP T6 Also Coming to USA

Updated 8.12.14 with additional platform info from Volvo More info from Volvo today about the all-new XC90’s platform – plus the first official exterior image! Granted, it is just a headlight close-up… but we are excited all the same. [ The full exteriors shown here are unofficial renderings. ]     2015 VOLVO XC90 Powertrain   Well, here is some good news! So far, we have seen the new XC90’s interior luxury and infotainment solutions. The luxury looks good, but the info touchscreen is a bit short of the Tesla 17-inch ideal. Under the hood? This has been another worry …

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Panamera GIF1

Road Test Review – 2010 Porsche Panamera S is Gorgeous, Potent and Precisely Adjustable German U-boat

A Banker’s Hot Rod. Have you heard this term before? There are a few ways to define this old Buick advertising tagline from the 1950s: — a car for financial gurus at the top of the global banking markets. A commuter special – able to beat many muscle-cars in stoplight drag races, but also able to wow prospective clients on a lunch outing — the other definition? a car for successfully robbing banks. A getaway car that is so fast and so adept at outrunning normal machines that it will easily haul four newly-affluent people far and fast from the …

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RRS SVR gif12

4.5s, 162MPH 2015 Range Rover Sport SVR is Officially Quickest, Fastest and Raciest RRS Ever!

What would happen if you brought the best and wildest performance tech from the F-Type R into the new Range Rover Sport? Three Letters: S V R Most of these debut images are fake city USA (official renderings) — but stay tuned for in-person debut photos later this week! Nurburgring Proving Test – Highlight Video RRS SVR Nring   2015 Range Rover Sport SVR 2015 RANGE ROVER SPORT SVR The 2015 Range Rover Sport SVR will be the first Land Rover vehicle to wear the new high-performance SVR badge The Range Rover Sport SVR is the most dynamically focused Land …

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2015 Dodge Charger Pursuit is Coolest Standard-Issue Highway Patrol Car EVER!

The latest police Charger is here! The Charger Pursuit is only for cool police. This will be the most coveted car in the fleet or any police department — from before day one. Part the nose, the lines of the new 2015 Charger at first appear wholly carry-over versus the previous car. But in fact, only the door-frame shape has be unchanged. The surface treatment is far more moden than the current Charger, with new and modern front fenders, deeper sills and a more organic tail and rear three-quarter angle. The latest LEDS in back are actually the long, low …

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isf GIF123

2014 Lexus IS-F Review – Part Two – 416HP 5.0L V8 Is Ferocious, Fast and Fun… Even on Rainy Day!

2014 IS-F REVIEW – PART TWO of THREE     Falling hard and fast for a press loan car is an occupational hazard for car journalists – but that would never happen to me! Ha! Can you imagine? Being so thoroughly obsessed with a machine that I would turn over my personal 2005 Subaru Legacy GT wagon in a hearbeat!? Never going to happen to This Guy! But…  then it did. Like falling in love with a stripper – the end is never easy on a humble John when his time is up. IS-F PRECONCEPTIONS — Never loved the IS-F’s …

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FT-1 Vision GT gif header1

Toyota FT-1 Vision GT is Hardcore Racing Upgrade of Road-Going FT-1 Concept

Art Imitates Life. Life Imitates Art. Such a truism is very valid in the case of the FT-1 – which Toyota has just teased in its next form as a hard-core (virtual) racing special. The FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo differs from the road-going version of the car in many standard race-ready ways. Starting from the front: there is a much deeper aero package and chin spoiler, easy-off hood panels with racing latches, upgrades brakes and tires and huge fender-top slats to reduce any trapped air from the wheels. These slats drastically reduce under-hood temps as well as being a serious …

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Lexus Crafted Line 2015 GIF header

2015 Lexus Crafted Line Debuts at Pebble Beach with Five TUMI-Styled Production Models

  Gorgeous news from Lexus for five lucky 2015 models! The Crafted Line by Lexus introduces a dark ultra-white/gloss-black glamor to the LS 460, GS 350, IS 250, ES 350 and RX 350. The Ultra White shade shared by all five cars is the latest and extremely amazing shade that was launched for 2014. The Crafted Line cars all vamp up with glossy dark wheels, trims, grilles and mirrors to match the stunning new accent color. Bang-on the style that the most fashionable shoppers crave for 2014 and 2015 – the Crafted Line also includes an interior glam session and …

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2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro Will Race in Stock Class in the 2014 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000

One thing to consider about racing: it is hot and intense and physical. The constant strain raises drivers’ core temps amid hot cockpits and little rest over the race. On the Baja 1000 — those sensations of any track race are thrown into a rock crusher. The ride is ROUGH at the huge speeds these Baja 1000 competitors hit on the way to the tip of California. Imagine 85-mph with periodic huge jumps, crash landings, and hard impacts over uneven sandy clay rock. So after that huge race, you’d be thirsty? You will be famished and grabbing any fluids nearby. …

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New GIFs header gif1

Updated Wallpapers, Tallpapers and Animated GIF Pages! Plus: GT-R NISMO and Lykan Hypersport Bonus Pics…

  Good afternoon! The trio of media-only pages are now updated with hundreds of new animations, wallpapers and tiled ‘tallpapers’! The pages load slowly because they are heaving under the weight of perhaps 700MB per URL. =] Enjoy. WALLPAPERS http://www.car-revs-daily.com/just-high-res-car-photos-page/   ANIMATED GIFs http://www.car-revs-daily.com/just-high-res-car-photos-page/just-animated-gifs-page/    TALLPAPERS http://www.car-revs-daily.com/just-high-res-car-photos-page/just-huge-tallpapers-page/     Included below is a smattering of oddball photos that have been on my desktop for days and days. They must be shared with the world already! The most notable in this outstanding group is the W Motors Lykan HyperSport’s interior – which may be seen here up close and in detail …

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MSO P1 gif header1

McLaren Special Operations Confirms Pebble Beach Debut of MSO 650S Spider and MSO P1

As if the all-new P1 GTR were not enough excitement at the McLaren Centre of Pebble Beach — the McLaren Special Operations team will be on hand for the best concours of the year as well! McLaren Special Operations is the newly minted custom-car division of McLaren Automotive. Based with the engineers and designers at the Woking HQ, MSO has shown some amazing creations over the years. A return to Pebble Beach for MSO is exciting because it will put them up close and personal with a core client group. The US has been a run-away success for all McLaren …

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ISF gif header1

2014 Lexus ISF Looking Sublime for Sunset Photo Shoot on the Bayou

Very eager to share my newest supercar crush! If the 1997 Lexus GS400’s ad tagline was ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes,’ then the IS-F’s should be: “Once bitten, forever smitten…” I have been taking photos and video almost all day since the IS-F arrived in the driveway! An instant bond with the Lexus IS-F has lured me out to the driveway thrice to run ‘errands’ over and over. Such is the instant bond with this intense flood of brute Lexus power that we even ventured out to do a risque sunset photo shoot. Nighttime photos are a serious challenge for …

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EVORA gif header1

4.4s 2014 LOTUS Evora and Evora S – USA Buyers Guide – Specs, Colors and Options

    Calling all USA and global sports-car fans! Lotus is indeed open for business – and it is your time to hop into your very own low-slung supercar. This article started out as a piece about how the Evora was no longer offered for sale in the US – but great news! A quick internet search shows numerous 2014 models available in the US at this very moment, with pricing from about $75,000. The confusion about the current Evora’s on-sale satus perhaps comes from the Sport Racer custom version of the Evora. This black/red model is indeed a European-only …

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999 Motorsports usa supersport gif3

999Motorsports USA SuperSport Mk1 is 400HP Mid-Engine Track Attack Special – Mk2 Available to Order Now!

 999Motorsports USA SuperSport Mk1 is 400HP Mid-Engine Track Attack Special – Mk2 Available to Order Now! Think that the open-cockpit Ariels, Radicals or Caterhams are the best-value, quickest and most-thrilling track day cars on the planet? For serious racers with Porsche 911 Supercups and RSR’s all around – there is one American track special that can beat the legend: the SuperSport999. 999 Motorsports USA is the local development and engineering center for this quick lap demon that has swept Asia and France already since 2012. The 14 cars built so far are absolutely purpose-built racers with a mid-engine layout plus …

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Buick header gif2

Buick OnStar 4GLTE As Standard Is A Game-Changer for In-Car Mobile Broadband

Spent some time today with the latest Regal and Lacrosse sedans from Buick – a surprising leader in the tech segment of the car business. Standard 4G LTE in all 2015 Buicks (except the Enclave, which makes it for 2016) will make the first three months of owning car car true heaven. That is the length of the trial period of in-car 4GLTE services with Onstar. I say this with a bit of a smirk because the sign-up rate will be amazingly high. The pricing, already-installed access and friendliness of the sign-in for up to seven devices is a miracle …

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JAGUA XQ-type header gif

2016 JAGUAR XQ-Type Preview – C-X17 SUV in 150 Photos, 4 Colors from Frankfurt, LA, Dubai and Guangzhou

Everything we have seen so far from the C-X17 concept is included here!  The first-ever Jaguar crossover is expected to be a huge volume hit for the resurgent brand, with commercial prospects that seem far more lucrative than the just-confirmed XE compact exec sedan. The XE-type will debut September 8th in Paris, while the XQ-type — as it is expected to be called — should see its production debut around that time as well. The other name trademarked by Jaguar is the Q-type – which could be an alternative name for this five-seat SUV or the name of a possible …

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DP Motorsports Porsche 964 Classic S and Classic RS are Better-Than-Original Classic 911s

We all know the amazing work from Singer in California – rebuilding old Porsche 911’s with such meticulous care that the cars are absolutely perfect upon delivery to their new owners. A vintage car – perfectly remade and optimized. Sounds divine! The tradeoff for many is the prohibitive cost and level of personalization available when commissioning a custom Singer Porsche. The $500,000 cost is a barrier as well. =] For German and global customers who might want to order a pre-setup classic Porsche 911 that requires about half the cash and half the time spent worrying about the setup? For …

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MACAN wheels gif header techart1

TECHART MACAN Upgrades for Wheels, Engine, Exhaust, Suspension and Cabin Revealed

The Macan is the hottest thing to hit the Porsche books since the Panamera – and TechArt knows it. Their first set of upgrades is already well under way — with details promised for a styling overhaul in a month or so. Until then, we have the first four wheel styles available for any Macan Porsche, plus the well-regarded Engine and Suspension module upgrades from the TechArt Cayenne. Both of these plug-and-play mods keep all the mechanicals the same, but liberate a huge amount of extra power and earlier torque peaks. High recommended is the new exhaust as well. Stay …

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Updated with 50 New Photos – 650HP 2015 Corvette Z06 Convertible ~3.0s to 60MPH with Manual or 8-Sp Automatic

Okay folks, get ready for the new Z06 Convertible — up close and very personal! Chevrolet commissioned two favorite photographers to handle a moody professional studio shoot for the grey car below. Outstanding details are visible in these high-glam shots, despite the indoor lighting being almost non-existent. The next set is perhaps even more amazing, with complete credit to CorvetteForum.com member Gene Sanchez Leeds. Mr Leeds snapped more than 100 photos of the Z06 twins at the New York show in April. The work is quite breathtaking in its detail and quality, with 25 of the best featured here. NY …

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Cobra Charity Raffle GIF1

This Superformance Mark III COBRA with Roush Power Could Be Yours – $20 Charity Raffle On NOW!

A fantastic car and a great cause – what is not to love? The Ohio Cobra Club and Superformance are still selling raffle tickets to win a stunning Mark III Cobra at the London (Ohio) Cobra Show. Enter now and feel good about supporting medical research, while gaining a chance to have this beauty in your driveway for only $20! Photo Credit: Ted7 Photography http://ted7.smugmug.com/Cars/Professional-Party-Photoshooti/SPF/SPF-20th-anniversary-NO-TAGS/     OCC Meets and Raises Cystic Fibrosis Awareness      The Ohio Cobra Club has been fund raising for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for over 10 years.  Each year they have held an event …

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McChip-DKR Porsche 993 GT2 Mc600 5

McChip-DKR Porsche 993 GT2 Mc600 Widebody Is Rear-Drive Twin-Turbo with Racing Upfit

    The much-loved Porsche 911 993 is widely known as the most-desirable of almost any 911 ever made. But for purists, the all-wheel-drive of the Turbo and Turbo S is not thrilling enough. Additionally, AWD cars are in different racing classes almost by default. There was no GT2 version of this generation 911 with the turbo engine and rear-drive. Step in, McChip-DKR. The power-freeing ECU geniuses at McChip really stretch their wings with this build. Literally! The 993 GT2 Mc600 that results from dropping in a twin-turbo engine requires far more grip than available on the OEM rubber setup. …

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MACAN gif header 1 new july

Updated with 50 New Photos – 2015 Porsche Macan S and Macan Turbo

A few new pieces of information about the Macan S and Macan Turbo thanks to this latest photo set from Porsche: — The Macan S on its optional 21-inch 911 Turbo wheels looks as good as the Macan Turbo – with both wearing quad pipes in back. Round for S, squared for Turbo. — The Macan is so fast…. that the photographer could not keep up! Many of these photos are out-of-focus. Here are all the latest Macan photos, specs, pricing and details from Porsche — plus a few of the legendary 1978 911 SC Rallye just for fun. MACAN …

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Capristo Aventador Exhaust gif1

Lamborghini Aventador Becomes A Real Screamer With CAPRISTO Exhaust Upgrade!

  When you take your Lamborghini Aventador out on the town, you want to be able to scare pedestrians and tease other car-guys at the tip of a toe. No cars & coffee revving will be more impressive than this shouty pipe set from Capristo for the Lamborghini Aventador! All controlled with a simple remote. It ditches the factory sound-dampeners in favor of a true bellow from the heavens. This handily increases power to 750-hp on the Capristo dyno as well. Scary good fun from about $8,000. More info below from Capristo. The full details link to Capristo Germany, but …

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Lexus IS Header GIF132

2015 Lexus IS250 and IS350 Still Gorgeous – Now With LED Foglamps and Heated Steering Wheel for AWD Models

Is the Lexus IS one of the best-looking, best-made and best-sounding luxury cars on the market? Yes, yes it is. The BMW 320i is competing hard on price with the entry-level IS250 this year, as the Audi A3 is nosing into the fray as well. But none look quite as sexy or dynamic is this rear-drive Lexus. Below are photos from a quick spin in the Fall with the IS350 AWD, plus 60 official press shots — with the car looking outstanding in nearly all of them! Below are the full details on the 2015 update – which does not …

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1940 Packard Custom Super Eight Convertible Sedan by Darrin GIF header

1940 Packard Custom Super Eight Convertible Sedan by Darrin

Here is a gorgeous car with a unique back-story ahead of the RM Auctions Motor City event on July 26th in Plymouth, Michigan. After working as a master apprentice with French coachbuilders for more than a decade, Dutch Darrin returned to America to set up his own shop. The French coach-built car industry from the 1920s to the 1930s was the absolute best in the world – delivering wild one-off creations to buyers around the world. Cars like the Delehaye 139, the Hispano-Suiza Xenia or the Rolls-Royce Round Door Coupe all came from this small piece of land around and …

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Jaguar XF by 2M Designs GIF header1

JAGUAR XF by 2M Designs Shows How To Personalize a Jag With Class

So many German tuners lately! Ahh!!! In honor of the World Cup, perhaps? Yes, let’s go with that. But you must admit: these German tuner cars are pretty outstanding. Versus the small-time DIY efforts that most local shops in America and elsewhere offer – these are relatively holitics ideas for how to make any car a bad-ass beast on the autobahn. The approach leaves no area unaltered, it can seem sometimes. Wheels, engine, interior, paint wraps, springs, tires, brakes, lights, foil designs…. Seeing a before/after of these cars would be even more shocking than even ProActiv would put in their …

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