2020 Hyundai Palisade Limited AWD – First Drive – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

For 10 straight months, sales of Hyundai’s SUV’s have increased sales. Kona, Tucson, and Santa Fe are models leading the way. Now the Korean manufacturer has just launched their largest SUV to date, the Palisade.  At a recent press event with the Midwest Automotive Media Association, outside of Chicago, we had a chance to spend several hours behind the wheel of the top level Palisade Limited.  It’s a special vehicle with a lot to offer anyone looking for a mid-size luxury SUV. The Palisade has standard 3-row seating that can seat 7 people or 8, if you choose a second …

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2019 Hyundai Kona Ultimate AWD – Review By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

FEATURES-FUN-PRACTICALITY AND VALUE The 2019 Hyundai Kona is one of the best subcompact crossovers that money can buy. That’s a bold statement, but the Kona can back it up. This 5-passenger SUV is available in five trim levels, the SE, SEL, Limited, and Ultimate, with starting front-wheel-drive models coasting $19,240, $21,050, $24,300, and $26,250 respectively. Add $1,400 for All-Wheel-Drive. The Iron Man trim, at $30,550, comes with a matte grey finish with red accents all around the vehicle,  red trim inside the cabin, and larger wheels. Not worth the money. The first 2 trim levels come with a 2.0 liter …

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Best of Amelia Island – 2018 Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003S Stradale – Photos & Videos

An absolutely phenomenal car is what it takes to win the real Concours trophies. In our book, a hypercar like no other is enough. SCG003S is exquisite in person.  The details for its transformation to “luxury” version of the SCG003 LMP car are slight outside. Full CHMSL and side idicator lights have a very NHTSA feel.  A backup lamp and rear fog are included along with taillights.  And a plate. This is a road car.  Fully legal in every state via a new low-volume manufacturer US certification. $2.4 mil is the cost and six are spoken for.  20 more on …

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Ford Reveals 2019 Edge, ST Model Emerges For Weekend Track Adventures [Video]

With Ford’s recent shift in both management and future product, the Blue Oval’s lineup of crossover vehicles have become a key cog in Ford’s profit making machine. The 2019 Ford Edge is one of these, and big changes are coming that aim to keep this proven nameplate fresh for the new model year. The exterior styling of the Edge has seen a significant refresh for 2019, which includes items such as a tweaked front grille, and standard LED headlights. A fully contoured hood is also on deck, and helps bring some muscular undertones to what was previously a very flat, …

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2017 Kia NIRO Touring – Road Test Review – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

The Deep Cerulean blue Kia Niro was waiting for me and the wife at the Ft. Lauderdale airport parking lot, and it was a welcome sight after a long day of airline travel. We dropped the rear seatbacks down, and the generous 54.5 cubic feet cargo area swallowed up two huge suitcases, that in a bygone era would have been labeled “steamer trunks”. A set of golf clubs, and the carry-on bags were added easily. As we eased into the front seats, we basked in the glory of comfortable perforated leather seats, with all the leg room we could want.  …

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2018 Genesis G80 Sport 3.3T RWD – Road Test Review – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

If you were asked to name luxury automobile manufacturers today, your answers would be somewhat different based upon your age. Those of you above the age of 45 would most likely include names like Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Lexus Cadillac, and Lincoln among the top brands. One brand you wouldn’t likely think of would be Genesis, or the brand that spawned it, Hyundai. But if you were under 45, I’d bet you’d have those two brands in the mix, and near the top. The reason is that so many younger drivers have grown up with, and have enjoyed, the ownership experience …

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2017 Toyota AVALON Hybrid XLE Premium – Road Test Review – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

  When it comes to hybrid vehicles, Toyota knows their stuff.  The Prius has been around for decades now, and have constantly improved them with each new makeover.  It is the best-selling hybrid of all time.  So as the company expanded their hybrid offerings to many of their other models, customers can feel comfortable enough to buy these larger vehicles in hybrid form.  I couldn’t wait to see how their full size Avalon, which I enjoyed in its gasoline version, would stack up.  The verdict?  It’s a wonderful hybrid car too. We tested the 2017 Avalon XLE Premium, which slots …

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2017 Lexus RC 350 2

2017 Lexus RC350 RWD – Road Test Review – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

I’ve driven a fair amount of Lexus sedans and SUV’s recently. I have enjoyed all of them as far as luxury cars are concerned. Quiet, sedate, upscale interiors, enough power, and almost everything a luxury buyer could desire.  What they all lacked, however, was some driving excitement.  While I pointed that out in the reviews, I didn’t give those cars demerits on that point.  The reason is because they weren’t designed to be thrilling driving machines. They were designed for luxury and comfort, and they checked most of the boxes for that mission statement. But things are somewhat different when …

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2017 Hyundai Elantra Limited – Road Test Review – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

For 2017 Hyundai introduces their 6th generation Elantra, and it’s destined to be a big hit.  Gone is last year’s brash, in-your-face design that separated it styling-wise from the more bland competitors in this compact car segment. Now we have an emphasis on a more elegant shape, and sophisticated style, and that sophistication is evident throughout the cabin and in the entire feel of this new model. Boomerang-shaped LED running lights fame a deeper, wider gill, with chrome horizontal slats that give the front end a more bold and obvious presence.  The cut lines on the sides of the Elantra …

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2017 Indian Scout 69 – Ride Test Review – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

In August of 2013 Indian Motorcycles, built by Polaris Industries, in Spirit Lake Iowa, unveiled their first new motorcycle at the Sturgis rally. The Indian Chief was a huge hit with the public, and they have introduced more Chief models since then. All Chief models are fitted with large displacement engines and designed to go head to head with Harley-Davidson, just as they did from the early 1900’s to 1953, when Indian closed their doors. But to truly compete with Harley today, they also needed a smaller displacement motorcycle, and the Indian Scout nameplate was resurrected. Today you can buy …

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2017 Lexus ES350 – Road Test Review – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

  If you are looking for a large, roomy, luxury vehicle with a soft comfortable boulevard ride, the Lexus ES 350 is an excellent choice.  If you want a bit more driving excitement, you’ll need to look to the smaller IS or GS models. The ES offers two powerplants.  The hybrid model has a 2.5 liter inline four, with an electric motor system for high gas mileage, and the standard 3.5 liter V-6 that makes 268 horsepower, and 248 ft. lbs. of torque. This engine provides good acceleration, and there is a control knob setting for Sport that adds a …

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2017 Polaris Slingshot SL – First Drive Review – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman  

Taking a ride out to Nielsen Enterprises, in Lake Villa, IL is always a treat. They’re the ultimate big boy toy store.  You can buy anything from ATV’s, UTV’s personal watercraft, snowmobiles, all four Japanese motorcycle brands, Can-AM Spyders, and Polaris products. If it’s fun, and it goes fast, Nielsen’s got it. Today’s mission is to take a Polaris Slingshot out for a test and find out why they can’t make them fast enough. The Slingshot is a three-wheel vehicle, with two wheels in front, and a single wheel in back.  It is 150” long, which is 4” shorter than …

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2018 Chevrolet EQUINOX 1

2018 Chevrolet EQUINOX Premier – Road Test Review – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

Car manufacturers apparently do not use the same calendar as the rest of the world. I know this because I found myself in Asheville, North Carolina last month — before the end of the first quarter of 2017 — road testing the new 2018 Chevrolet Equinox. I’m not sure why they time-shift like this, but I guess the folks at Chevy thought this new groundup re-make was so good, they just couldn’t wait to get it into customer’s garages.  And after spending the day with the new Equinox, I can say that they’ll have a lot of happy customers. In 2016, compact crossover …

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2017 KIA Soul Turbo – Road Test Review – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

Kia sells a full lineup of excellent vehicles, from small economy sedans and crossovers, to mid and full size sedans and Suv’s . They even build a luxury sedan rivaling some of the best from Japan and Europe.  They have many hybrid models, and even a fully electric car.  But their best-selling model is the Soul. This compact crossover is designed to appeal to the young Millennial generation, but even this old greybeard find it an engaging vehicle that provides a lot of features, roomy interior, gas mileage economy in a fun package. For 2017, Kia has upped the fun …

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2017 Ford Fusion Sport AWD – Road Test Review – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

  Ford launched the Fusion back in 2006, slotting in between the smaller Focus sedan and the larger Taurus. It was an excellent offering in the crowded mid-size sedan marketplace and it was well received by the press community, and buying public. The second generation came along in 2013, with improvements and more model options, and sales got even stronger.  For 2017, a mid-cycle update brings a new model to the Ford table with the Fusion Sport. Unlike the Lexus F-Sport designations, which mainly consist of a lot of badging, and styling modifications, Ford has really put the extra money …

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2017 Ford ESCAPE Titanium FWD – Road Test Review – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

A third of the auto industry’s sales last year were SUV’s. That means that about 5 million of them were sold here.  At Ford, their leading SUV model is the Escape. Over 300,000 units were sold last year alone, making the Escape the number 2 selling Ford model, behind only the Ford F-150 pickup truck.  The Escape debuted way back in the year 2000, and they have sold more than 2.4 million of them.  After spending a week with the 2017 Escape, it’s not hard to understand why. For 2017, the Escape gets a mid-cycle refresh, bringing some significant changes to the …

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2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE – Road Test Review – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

Unless you are a newborn baby, (and someone is reading this to you) or you’ve been living in a cave for the last 25 years, you are familiar with Toyota’s Camry. For decades, it has either been the best-selling mid-size family sedan in the US, or one of the top three. It used to compete with only a handful of competitors, but in today’s world, every manufacturer has an excellent mid-size family sedan. And yet, the trusty Camry still soldiers on, and always lands at the top of the sales charts.  And helping those sales figures is the Hybrid version …

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2016 Ford EDGE Titanium – Road Test Review – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

  The wife and I picked up our friends to go out to dinner in the Ford Edge. They weren’t in the car more than 60 seconds before they both said (almost in unison) “Wow, there’s a lot of room back here.”  A few minutes later, “these seat warmers are really nice.”  I then suggested they recline the seatbacks a little bit, and they were delighted with that feature, too. Ten minutes later, I heard, “Boy, this car rides really smoothly, even better than our Lexus RX. What is it?” They were surprised to learn that it was a Ford.  …

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2017 Volvo XC90 – Road Test Review – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

  It has been a very long time since I’ve reviewed a Volvo. So I was anxious to get my hands on the 2017 XC90 T6 Inscription with AWD.  As I did a quick walk around of the vehicle, the styling showed a fairly generic shape, especially when viewed from the side.  It doesn’t have a long front overhand, nor a steeply raked windshield.  The front end shows the traditional Volvo grill, which in my youth looked outdated, as it was mostly seen on boxy shaped boring sedans. But on the XC90 it looks more stately, sitting between the headlights …

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2016 KIA K900 V6 – Road Test Review – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

My friends are used to seeing a lot of new cars in my driveway, from almost every manufacturer.  They were especially intrigued by the new Kia 900. They admired the understated exterior styling, and the absolutely beautifully appointed interior.  The next question was, “How Much?” “Just under $61,000”, I replied.  “Are you kidding???” came the response.  “A $61,000 Kia?”  “That’s just NUTS”. I had to remind them that it was only two decades or so ago that they said the same thing when Toyota, Nissan, and Honda each came out with very expensive luxury cars.  But today, nobody laughs at …

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2016 Lexus RX450h F Sport AWD – Review By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

Way back in 1998 Lexus introduced the RX model, and it was an instant hit.  In those days it was a unique blend of car and truck. It featured a high seating position for a command of the road, along with the cargo capacity of a large station wagon. The RX offered the smooth quiet ride of a Lexus sedan, along with the luxury interior appointments they’d come to expect from the Lexus brand, and better gas mileage than any truck based vehicle. The public snapped them up like hotcakes. In fact it became the first Lexus model to sell …

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2017 FIAT 124 Spider – Road Test Review – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

From 1966 through 1978 the Fiat 124 Spider roamed the streets of America, and Europe, and became an icon of a classic, affordable, Pininfarina designed Italian two-seat roadster.  Light and agile, with decent performance, the car appealed to iconoclastic drivers who wanted something different than the heavy muscle cars of the era, and when most Japanese cars looked like the boxes that their parts came in. On the downside, they were much like their British counterparts of the time, like MG’s and Triumphs, in that they weren’t very reliable.  In those days, it was joked that Fiat stood for “Fix …

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2017 Toyota PRIUS – Road Test Review – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

  When Toyota brought the first Prius to the US back in 2000, you knew it was a hybrid by driving it, and even just looking at it.  It was an awkward looking thing that seemed to scream cheap sub-compact.  Inside, it wasn’t much better, with cheap looking and feeling materials, and it didn’t offer many amenities.  It was a purpose-built machine incorporating as many weight saving ideas built into it so that it could deliver outstanding gas mileage.  If that meant Spartan interiors and few features, so be it.  If it meant that the car wasn’t fun to drive, …

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2016 Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD 3

2016 Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD – Road Test Review – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

  Mazda’s new 2016 CX-9 is the largest of their three SUV offerings, and in fact, the largest Mazda vehicle they have ever made.  The larger dimensions are put to good use, as there is ample room for driver and passenger in the front, very good leg and headroom for second row passengers, and even decent, if not spacious, room for average size adults in the third row. We had a chance to spend a week with the top of the line Signature AWD model.  Mazda threw everything it had into this one, and it came with a very un-Mazda …

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DSCN4072 copy

2016 Volkswagen Passat CC 2.0T R-Line – Road Test Review – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

Volkswagen brought out the CC model in 2009, and it was an immediate hit styling-wise, as it separated itself from the more upright and boxy Passat that it was based on. And since that first model, the styling hasn’t changed much, which is a good thing, since it is still a striking timeless look.  The long arc of the roofline gives the CC a low, long, sleek look that reminds one of a Mercedes CLS, or Audi A-7.  Like the lines on a true coupe, the frameless doors make interesting visuals, like a four-door-coupe.  And there is enough chrome around …

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Road Test Review – 2016 Toyota Rav4 SE – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

If you are in the market for a small crossover SUV there is good news, and bad news.  The good news is that virtually every auto manufacturer from Japan, America, Europe, and Korea make at least one.  The bad news is that virtually every auto manufacturer from Japan, America, Europe, and Korea make at least one.  So choosing the right one to buy will be a daunting task.  There isn’t a rotten apple in the whole bushel full of competitors. This is by far the most hotly contested segment in the industry.  And it’s not hard to see why. These …

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2016 Honda Civic 1

Road Test Review – 2016 Honda CIVIC 1.5T Sedan – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

It seems like Honda has been making Civics forever.  It could be because that from the very first one, the Civic has been an outstanding small compact car with a reputation for value, reliability, and excellent gas mileage among other virtues.  It was loved by journalists and buyers, alike. However, the last generation Civic (2011 through 2015) was received with tepid enthusiasm from the press, and from customers.  That led to a very unusual second-year update, but even that didn’t do much to help keep the Civic near the top of the competition that got fiercer every year. For 2016, …

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2016 Highlander Hybrid 3

2016 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited – Road Test Review – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

Tell the truth: when you see one of the big SUV on the road, the first thing you think about is how much the gas costs to run it. And while we are currently enjoying relatively low gas prices right now, trust me, the oil companies are working night and day to reverse that trend.  And they will invent some reason to scare us into believing that gas prices are justified in going up.  But I digress . . . When the Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited showed up in my driveway, I was amazed to look on the Monroney Label and …

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Road Test Review – 2016 Lincoln MKX AWD – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

Ford has been producing Lincoln vehicles for 98 years, but I’m sure Henry Ford never envisioned making a crossover as great as this one. There is a lot of competition in this luxury crossover space, and this MKX is right up there with the best of them, from Japan, Europe, and cross-state rival Cadillac. It’s obvious that Lincoln is shooting to make a new name for itself as being a company that builds vehicles that can pamper its customers in luxury, and also make their customers smile with invigorating performance and handling.   The standard engine in the MKX is a …

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2016 Mazda MX-5 Club 6MT 3

Road Test Review – 2016 Mazda MX-5 Club 6MT – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

  In the spring of 1971, I was almost finished with my freshman year at the University of Iowa, and it was time for me to get my first new car.  My father and I were to split the cost.  His idea of the perfect car for me was a low mileage, 1969 Chevrolet Impala, 4-door.  And my idea was a 1971 MGB rag top.  While my friends were into muscle cars of the time like Mustangs, Camaros, Chargers and Barracudas, I was more interested in small British cars that, while not fast, were known for handling prowess, rather than …

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2017 Hyundai ELANTRA Limited 1

Road Test Review – 2017 Hyundai ELANTRA Limited – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

2017 Hyundai Elantra Limited By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman Last month, in March of 2016, I tested the 2017 Kia Sportage.  This month, in April of 2016, I’m driving the 2017 Hyundai Elantra. I’m beginning to think that Korea uses a different calendar than we do in the US.  No matter, the point is that this new Elantra is ahead of its time, and is a wonderful remake of an already excellent automobile. Way back in 2004, I bought an Elantra for daughter #2 as she graduated from college and needed her first new car.  It was a small, compact car …

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2016 Toyota TACOMA Limited 4x4 DoubleCab 3

Road Test Review – 2016 Toyota TACOMA Limited 4×4 DoubleCab – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

The mid-size Toyota Tacoma has been around for a long time, and has deserved its reputation for being rugged, reliable, and inexpensive to operate. And they don’t change much over the years.  In fact, the 2015 model had been mostly unchanged since the 2005 edition.  As you can imagine it was long overdue for an update.  Enter the 2016 model. The 2016 model features an all new engine and transmission, new interior and exterior styling, yet the core of the Tacoma’s mission statement remains the same. Truth be told, it has been so long since I’ve tested a Tacoma, I …

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Drive Review - 2016 Mitsubishi Lancer 2

Drive Review – 2016 Mitsubishi Lancer 2.4 SEL AWC – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

    The Mitsubishi Lancer is 10 years old, and unfortunately, it’s showing its age.  It is by far the oldest compact sedan in its class, which includes the Ford Focus, Hyundai Elantra, Toyota Corolla, Nissan Sentra, Honda Civic, and Chevy Cruze, among others. And except for the all-wheel drive feature, and a modest price, the other models have passed this Lancer by in terms of interior quality, refinement, gas mileage, and styling. The base engine in the front-wheel-drive ES model is a 148-horsepower 2.0 inline 4, with either a 5-speed manual or optional CVT automatic transmission.  The gas mileage …

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Road Test Review – 2016 Chevrolet MALIBU LT – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

Since seeing the new Chevy Malibu way back in February at the Chicago Auto Show, I was anxious to test drive.  I thought it looked outstanding, and the leather interior was both handsome and inviting.  So I was delighted to see the Silver Ice Metallic Malibu dropped off in my driveway for a week. I was disappointed that the model I got was the LT, rather than the top line 2LT or Premier trim levels.  The LT comes with a 1.5 liter turbocharged engine rather than the 2.0 liter turbo.  Heck, I’ve owned motorcycles with larger displacement engines.  In fact …

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Road Test Review – 2017 Kia Sportage SX FWD – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

Review: 2017 Kia Sportage SX FWD By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman So I get a new Kia Sportage dropped off in my driveway on March 21, 2016.  I look at the window sticker and is says that’s it’s a 2017 model.  What’s up with that?  Seems a little early in the year to be bringing out next year’s model, no?  And they’re still selling 2016’s, next to the all-new 2017’s.  Sometimes I just can’t figure out how the car companies work.  So depending upon when you’re reading this post, you’ll get an insight into this authors work habits.  Do I write …

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2016 Mazda 6 GT 3

Road Test Review – 2016 Mazda6 – By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

2016 Mazda 6 i Grand Touring By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman I always look forward to getting a Mazda dropped off in my driveway for a week’s worth of driving.  You can always count on a Mazda to deliver three things: peppy performance, great gas mileage, and outstanding handling. Our test car was the top of the line model, the Grand Touring model. As all Mazda 6 models, it comes with a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder direct injection, variable valve timing engine with a very high 13:1 compression ratio and is designed to use unleaded gas.  The engine makes 184 horsepower and …

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Road Test Review – 2016 INFINITI QX80 Limited with Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

2016 INFINITI QX80 Limited AWD Review By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman   The first thing I noticed when the Infiniti QX80 arrived in my driveway was how big it is.  It’s HUGE.  How huge is it?  I think the front bumper resides in a different zip code than the rear bumper. (Rim-shot)  You don’t look for a parking space as much as a mooring. (Another rim-shot).  If you are not Shaquille O’Neal, you better get a ladder if you want to wash the roof. The QX80 is a full five-inches longer than a Cadillac Escalade, and has a five-inch longer wheelbase.  That’s …

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2016 Scion iM Review by Ken Glassman 10

Road Test Review – 2016 Scion iM by Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

Road Test Review – 2016 Scion iM By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman In 2003, Toyota created the Scion brand to appeal to younger buyers with small fuel efficient vehicles that were entry level, but without making the buyer feel like they were entry level. Also, Toyota was never known to push the styling envelope, so Scion was supposed to be the new brand that would put more hip styling on display without upsetting Toyota’s core customers. As it turns out, young buyers prefer the Toyota brand over the Scion brand.  Over the years, Scion had built some interesting vehicles, but they …

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2016 Ken Okuyama Design KODE9 Spyder – Bespoke Japanese Exotic, or Triple-Price Knockoff?

For all of Japan’s hard-earned prestige in the car-making business, there are few to no supercar startups emerging from this island nation full of automotive talent. Perhaps this speaks to the export-centric nature of the industry, or to the plethora or superb global hypercars among which to choose for your fast drives around Fuji speedway and others. And again still, perhaps the native driver mentality is simply conservative and hyper-urban. Being stuck in traffic in a $200k exotic is just as boring as being stuck in traffic in a Honda S660 ragtop, or perhaps an MX-5. Few would doubt Japan’s …

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Road Test Review – 2015 Buick Encore AWD Premium with Ken Glassman

2015 Buick Encore AWD Review By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman   The marketing folks at Buick have identified a large group of auto buyers who are looking for cars that have a prestige image, contemporary styling, and nicely appointed comfortable cabins. These shoppers want luxury amenities, but are also environmentally conscious and don’t require strong gas guzzling performance. The 2015 Buick Encore was designed with those attributes in mind. The handsome, rugged exterior styling features sculpted lines from the front clip and steeply raked hood (complete with Buicks iconic Venti-ports) to the character lines running just above the beltline, and door …

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1937 Cadillac V16 Fleetwood Limousine 1

Joe Kennedy Special Order! 1937 Cadillac V16 Fleetwood Limousine – RM Hershey 2015 Preview

Any V16 will have a ridiculous front end. And the Cadillac Sixteens defined the genre for its entirety. The gorgeous and clearly ultra-plush proportions of the Cadillac V16 are best on the LWB 7-seater limo. The shorter cars are gorgeous and huge too, but just not as lovely and cartoon-y (in a good way). The provenance of this particular car as a Special Body Order is a good clue to its famous owner: Joseph Kennedy, father of President John F. Kennedy and Hollywood tycoon. So not just a glitzy limo with scale to make you pale… but this very car …

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Road Test Review – 2015 Lincoln MKC AWD with Ken Glassman

2015 Lincoln MKC AWD Review by Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman The Lincoln brand has been trying to find itself and find its place in the market for years now. They have produced some fine vehicles, but their focus has been a bit blurry. They need to appeal to younger buyers who for years have only considered German or Japanese luxury brands as being the real deal. But this compact crossover may be just the vehicle to boost the Lincoln cachet, and puts the brand on a path to growth and prosperity. The MKC has handsome, sophisticated exterior styling, performs well , …

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2015 Lexus ES350 with Ken Glassman 2

Road Test Review – 2015 Lexus ES350 with Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman

2015 Lexus ES350 Review By Ken “Hawkeye” Glassman Lexus has been making fine luxury cars for decades now. It’s what they are known for, and why the brand has been remarkably successful. They put high quality materials in their car’s interiors, and a long list of optional amenities to add to cabin comfort and entertainment. They provide smooth, quiet, soft, comfortable ride qualities, and smooth engines and transmissions. The big car magazine and web site journalists think they were Formula 1 drivers in a past life, so while they give Lexus props for those qualities, they always seem to temper …

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2015 Dodge Charger RT 392 Scat Pack 1

Road Test Review – 2015 Dodge Charger R/T 392 Scat Pack with Ken Glassman

2015 Dodge Charger R/T 392 Scat Pack By Ken Glassman As soon as the bright blue Dodge Charger R/T Scat Pack was delivered to my driveway, my heart began to race. Paperwork was quickly signed, and returning phone calls went to the bottom of my “to-do” list. I immediately jumped in the super-sport sedan, and gazed out onto that long hood with its mean looking dual air scoops.  Usually, I’ll spend 20 minutes acclimating myself to the switches, seats, mirrors, and setting preferences, and radio stations – but not this time. When you’ve got 485 Scat Pack horsepower from the …

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Road Test Review – 2015 BMW 228i Convertible with Ken Glassman

  2015 BMW 228i Convertible Review By Ken Glassman The 2015 BMW 228i convertible replaces the 1-Series as the company’s entry level rag top. This version has a 1.2-inch-longer wheelbase, has 2.5 inches of additional length, and extra inch of width. And that helps to make it less stubby looking than the 1-Series cars. The better proportions, along with sharp character lines along the sides, and sleek front end, means that this 2-Series is a great looking car. It is also a really fun car to drive. The 228i is powered by a 2-liter, TwinPower Turbo inline 4, direct fuel …

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2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited AWD 1

Road Test Review – 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited AWD With Ken Glassman

    2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited AWD Review By Ken Glassman These days, it seems like everyone loves the sport utility vehicle, and it’s the most hotly contested segment in the car market. Whether it’s the compact, midsize, or large version, the family hauler is now usually some form of SUV. And Hyundai’s Santa Fe models are serious players in that segment. For those looking for a smaller midsize SUV, the Santa Fe Sport is Hyundai’s entry ticket. It seats five adults and their cargo comfortably and offers a choice of two different 4-cyclindar gas engines — a 2.4 …

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Road Test Review – 2015 Lexus NX200t F Sport AWD With Ken Glassman

2015 Lexus NX200t F Sport AWD Review By Ken Glassman Lexus is breaking ground by introducing their first compact SUV crossover, and by putting their first turbocharged engine in it. And with engine technology improving, and stricter gas mileage rules fast approaching, I’m sure we’ll see a lot more turbos in the Lexus lineup soon. Lexus is certainly no stranger to SUV’s. Their landmark RX mid-size is the best selling luxury vehicle in the country with over 100,000 units sold each year. Only time will tell if the NX 200 will be able to match that, and if it does, …

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2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI S Review 3

Road Test Review – 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI S with Ken Glassman

2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI S Review By Ken Glassman   Set your way-back machine to 1983. Volkswagen introduces a new car that is designed for “drivers”, not just people who drive cars. The Golf GTI was meant to be a small, stylish (which was debatable) car that had good power, combined with excellent handling, a slick gearbox, basic interior appointments, and would still get excellent gas mileage. It had to fit four people (albeit a bit tight) and have the flexibility of a hatchback, which has always been popular in Europe. But built into everyone was the most important feature: …

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2015 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E 5

Road Test Review – 2015 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E With Ken Glassman

2015 Volvo S60 T6 Review By Ken Glassman A Hooligan Volvo Sedan? Yes, but . . . Ever since the 1960’s Volvo’s built their reputation by being a boxy (homely?) vehicle that was reliable, fuel efficient, roomy, and most of all . . . a very safe vehicle. It sold safety, when American cars were selling big engines and style, and Japan was selling cheap cost. College professors, wearing tweed sport coats with patches on the elbows, and young conservative families interested in safety seemed like the average buyers. But in the last 20 years or so, all car companies …

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1973 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R Kenmeri 5

RM Monterey 2015 Preview – 1973 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R Kenmeri

Succeeding the first-gen Hakosuka Skyline GT-R was this iconic Ken & Mary (or ‘Kenmeri’ for short) two-door. With a far more workmanlike profile than the same-year 240Z, the 2000 GT-R did all it could mechanically to be a legitimate sports-car. The legend of this upswept C-pillar shape speaks for itself, with this Skyline one of the best-loved Japanese cars ever made. Do not let the completely-original stance fool you into thinking this is just some retro nerd-mobile. With a lowered stance, this Skyline GT-R is instantly recognizable from 1000 paces as a supercar hero.  1973 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R Kenmeri   …

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Road Test Review – 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4×4 with Ken Glassman

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4×4 By Ken Glassman   The Jeep came into existence during World War II, when the US Government needed a small agile 4-wheel drive vehicle that could get through mud, snow, and sand, and carry 4 soldiers, crawl up and down hills, ford small streams, tow a light artillery piece, and be reliable and easy to service. Millions of them were built, and they saw action in the forests of Europe, and the sands and jungles of Asia in World War II, as well as Korea, and even Viet Nam. And millions of soldiers drove …

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2015 Dodge Journey Crossroad AWD

Road Test Review – 2015 Dodge Journey Crossroad AWD By Ken Glassman

  2015 Dodge Journey Crossroad AWD Review By Ken Glassman The Dodge Journey is a bit of a sleeper in the conversation about compact SUV’s. Some of that may be due to the fact that it’s larger than the likes of the Nissan Rogue, Honda CRV, or Toyota Rav 4, yet still not up to the size of full sized SUV’s, like the Highlander, Pathfinder, or Pilot.  But this Dodge “tweener” has some good features, and for those looking for a larger family vehicle, which can be had with a third row seat, there’s a lot to look at. There …

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2015 Subaru Outback Limited 4

Road Test Review – 2015 Subaru Outback Limited By Ken Glassman

  2015 Subaru Outback Limited By Ken Glassman Since nearly 25% of Subaru’s total vehicle sales, or around 120,000 copies, comes from the Outback model, Subaru understood that radical changes would be a risky proposition. Outback buyers are a fiercely loyal group, and that’s because they have been happy with the package that Subaru has been offering for many years. So while the 2015 model is based off the new Legacy sedan, the Outback changes have been evolutionary, not revolutionary. The result is a better vehicle, with mild styling changes, and improvements. PERFORMANCE Two engine options are available, and while …

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2015 Nissan Rogue 009

Road Test Review – 2015 Nissan Rogue SV AWD By Ken Glassman

  2015 Nissan Rogue SV AWD Review By Ken Glassman Nissan’s sales growth has been aggressive over the last several years, and one of the main reasons for that is the popularity of the Rogue, now their second leading volume model, trailing only the mid-size Altima sedan. And like the Altima, the rogue swims in a large pond of competitors. But steady improvements over the years has added up to a fine small SUV that combines strong fuel economy with a right-size vehicle that can span the spectrum from entry level to near luxury with a broad range of option …

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2015 03 04 SCGGen 04 0455m1

2016 Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003C and SCG003S – Specs, Pricing and 135 Photos!

The name SCG003 name might be a mouthful, but its performance will be an earful, and its design is a sumptuous eyeful! Welcome to the next chapter in hardcore performance. The ultimate in hypercar power and track pace – competing with exotica like the W Motors Lykan Hypersport, Pagani Huayra, Koenigsegg and Bugatti. The 2016 Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003 is a duo of custom-designed race-winners — both on the track and on the street. The SCG003C stands for Competizione, while the SCG003S is for the stradale — or street. Grand ambitions for this mid-engine, carbon-fiber masterpiece. A truly stunning design …

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2015 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster  1

2015 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster Sextet Lights Up Amelia Concours Weekend

If one Aventador Roadster is shockingly loud, low and wide when you meet it in real life… imagine a string of a six blasting around your block for two days straight! Heavenly? Yes. These beasts are truly incredible in the flesh. The candy-colored paints here add a bit of light-hearted fun to what is really the benchmark supercar. Thrills, chills and only a half-million-dollar bill!? Sign me up. The Aventador Roadster is a nice mid-way point before stumping up to the real hypercar heroes — each costing well in excess of a million bucks. Lamborghini has made the Aventador Roadster …

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2015 Toyota Camry NASCAR Dollar General 21

DAYTONA – Meeting the 199MPH 2015 Toyota Camry NASCAR of Matt Kenseth #20 Dollar General

Thrilling week in Daytona Beach so far! An incredible day of meeting Toyota NASCAR drivers, crew chiefs and even the president of TRD USA, the overall lead in the Toyota Racing effort in American events. Meeting the 2015 Camry racer up close then seeing it in what felt like an HD action movie of the race Duels later? YES! So much fun to see the Daytona Speedweek leadup to the Daytona 500 tomorrow, Sunday the 22nd of February. The car-guy part of NASCAR culture makes tech and equipment off-track and in the pits every bit as serious as a wild …

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highlander hybrid

Road Test Review – 2015 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited AWD – By Ken Glassman

  2015 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Review   By Ken Glassman Last year the Toyota Highlander underwent its third major makeover, and not much has changed for this year. While the Highlander is technically a crossover vehicle, based upon a car platform, it looks and feels very much more truck-like, and seems more akin to the Toyota 4Runner than a Camry. It is a large vehicle, which seats 7 or 8 depending upon the interior choices, and has more cargo space than the last generation. It is also better looking, with a bold front end and brawny, bulging fenders. The base …

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2015 Hyundai Sonata Limited Review

Road Test Review – 2015 Hyundai Sonata Limited – By Ken Glassman

2015 Hyundai Sonata Limited Review By Ken Glassman The first Hyundai Sonata appeared on the scene way back in 1988. It was a small, homely looking sedan, but a capable, economical car with a lot of content found only on cars costing a few thousand dollars more. And it may be best remembered for having a five year bumper to bumper warranty, and 10 years on the powertrain. Hyundai in those years were trying to impress the buying public that their cars were ready for prime time, and they were willing to back them up with the best warranty in …

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k900 v8

Road Test Review – 2015 Kia K900 V8 – By Ken Glassman

  2015 Kia K900 Review By Ken Glassman For 2015 Kia has jumped into the high end luxury sedan market with the K900, just as their sister company Hyundai has done with the Equus. In fact, both cars share the same basic platform, and mission statement. That is – to build a high quality automobile, stuff it with a long list of standard safety, and luxury appointments and amenities, and offer it at a price that is thousands of dollars less than similarly equipped German, Japanese, and even American luxury brands. Under the long hood, you’ll find a muscular 5.0 …

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eleanor gif

1967 SHELBY GT500 Eleanor Mustang Headlining MECUM Austin Auction This Weekend

Your chance to own not just an incredibly upgraded Mustang GT500 with custom widebody, aero pieces and mechanical improvements throughout — but a famous movie hero as well? This Mustang GT500 is one of three driven by the stars in the 2000 movie Gone in 60 Seconds. Yes, that means Angelina Jolie will have driven your car! The Mecum Austin auction is the first-ever event for the powerhourse auction specialist. More than 600 cars are set to be sold this weekend, December 12th and 13th, starting on Friday — just two days from today! 1967 SHELBY GT500 Eleanor Mustang   …

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RS7 piloted gif

Update1 No Crash, But No Speed Either – 2014 Audi RS7 Piloted Concept at Hockenheim

Updated 10.19.14 No driver, no drama and no crashes from the Audi RS7 around Hockenheim! But also… not as much speed as one might expect. The car was driving at about five tenths, which is disappointing due to the outlined info below. It knew the track and was still pretty wimpy. No doubt Audi being cautious, but still … kindof lame versus seeing a car really driven on its ragged edge. After all, driverless tech will be very helpful in running 24-hour durability tests in the future — once it gets warmed up and will start flooring the throttles!   …

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4Runner header GIF

VIDEO Review – Off-Roading in the 2014 Toyota 4Runner SR5 – Guess Who Chickens Out First…

Okay, in my defense: every off-roading I have tried to do so far has drastically damaged my car and my pride. I am just nervous and a total amateur when it comes to hitting the muddy trails. Despite driving the impressive and very capable 2014 Toyota 4Runner SR5, underthe direction of Land Rover’s off-road instructors — My internal gyroscope said no to the steep side-angled trail of the mid-ranked Blue trails in this little excursion. BIG WIMP-OUT – EXTERIOR CAM BIG WIMP-OUT – INTERIOR CAM I know rationally that the car was fine on this exact trail, but fear is …

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Travel Adventures — Breckenridge Int’l Snow Sculpting Competition To Hit 25th Anniv in 2015!

Breckenridge is by far my favorite mountain town, ski town, and Wild West favorite in general. Vail up the road is a bit posher in the village, but the 1996-completed design is starting to feel pretty saccharine to some eyes. Vail, above, is a Swiss chalet recreation, they said boldly with poured-concrete-everything. Breck is a wood town. This was the original location of Gold found in Colorado, the the entire town therefore has a long, storied past. It just feels nicer to me. Yes, you can spend $600 on jeans in both places. But the jeans from Breck will feel …

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Road Test Review – 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT – Can Electrons Replace Raw Power?

The Ford Mustang Mach-E was a controversial move when Ford first unveiled it especially after it was revealed that it would use the name Mustang which would put it in the same corporate family as the iconic Mustang pony car. Fast forward to now, and that initial wave of skepticism has transformed into strong sales with the Mach-E rapidly becoming a sales leader for Ford. But the one thing that seemed to be missing at first was performance, with lower grade models lacking the spice to make them true performance models. The Mach-E GT aims to change that but can …

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Chevrolet Teases Blazer SS EV, Will Reveal More Details In July

Chevrolet recently confirmed that the Equinox and Blazer SUVs would receive EV variants but while we have seen our fair share of images showcasing the smaller Equinox EV, its larger corporate partner in crime was camera shy and we didn’t see or hear much about it. That’s all changing though, with GM and Chevrolet not only confirming that it will be fully unveiled in July, but they were even kind enough to include a lone teaser image of the Blazer EV too.   Blazer EV, A Noticeable Departure From Tradition Like the Equinox EV, the Blazer EV goes off in …

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Buick Wildcat EV Exudes Style, Previews Future Of Brand’s EV Efforts

The evolution of Buick has seen the brand go through many twists and turns over the past few decades. GM’s Ultium fueled revolution aims to guide Buick through its latest transformation into an all-electric brand for the future. Buick reps offered a glimpse into this new reality with the all-new Buick Wildcat EV Concept that not only looks sleek in its own right but also previews some new technologies too.   A Showstopper That’s Not Heading To Production The Wildcat concept first started out as a mere design sketch that happened to catch the attention of higher-ups within the company. …

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Road Test Review – 2022 Polaris Slingshot SLR – Turbocharging Improves The Breed

When the Polaris Slingshot first appeared a few years ago, it signified a bold push for Polaris with the model being the first cyclecar that the company ever produced outside their usual lineup of snowmobiles and off-road vehicles. The Slingshot’s blend of traits and its ability to be licensed as a car in some states (instead of a motorcycle) helped generate a strong surge in sales. However, the first generation Slingshot was also a crude offering and lacked some of the things that we take for granted in traditional cars. Polaris sought to remedy this with the second generation Slingshot …

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Road Test Review – 2023 Nissan Z -This Z Is Worth The Wait

It has been a long time since we have seen an all-new Z car. When Nissan last updated the moniker, it was the 370Z that first appeared on the scene all the way back in 2009 (2008 in Japan.) The 370 promised more power and even more usability. However, just like how a box of Hostess Twinkies does not stay good forever (despite local legend) Nissan left the 370Z on the shelf too long without any significant updates. That large lapse in time caused the car to fall behind its rivals and slumping sales reflected this sorry state of affairs. …

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2022 Blazer Feature Image

2022 Chevrolet Blazer RS AWD Review: Rally Sport Goes Off-Pavement

2022 Chevy Blazer RS: When Rally Sport Makes a Difference The 2022 Blazer RS is the only RS trimmed crossover from Chevy that gets performance upgrades. In the case of the Blazer there is a dual clutch rear differential that can torque vector. Oddly enough this dual clutch feature can also essentially lock the rear axle shafts together for excellent off-pavement traction. 2022 Blazer RS Exterior For 2022 Chevy has added Nitro Yellow and Blue Glow to the color lineup of the Blazer. Our tester was adorned in the very bright Nitro Yellow. Many manufacturers are offering distinct new colors …

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Brabus Crawler Take G-Class To New Level Of Capability, Only 15 Will be Produced (High Resolution Photo Gallery))

Brabus and the Mercedes G-Class go together like peanut butter and jelly on a sandwich with the German tuning company producing some wild G-Class-based creations over the past several decades. However, the firm appears to have perhaps found a way to outdo even some of its crazier creations with the all-new Brabus Crawler which pushes things into uncharted territory.   Brabus Crawler Goes All Out In Rock Crawling Mission At first glance, the Brabus Crawler looks like the end result of spending too much time with a metal cutting saw, but this is more than a chopped-up G-CLass and there’s …

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2023 GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate Blurs Boundaries With Cadillac, Adds New Luxuries

When the Denali Ultimate line first appeared on the Sierra, it signified GMC’s ambition of expanding the sales grip of its hot-selling Denali lineup. Boasting more standard equipment and luxury than a standard model, Ultimate models are a noticeable upgrade over their slightly tamer cousins. With the Sierra Denali Ultimate riding a wave of momentum, the brand has revealed the second member of the Ultimate lineup the 2023 GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate.   An Escalade In GMC Clothing   Looking at the exterior of the 2023 GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate, the changes here may not seem obvious at first glance. …

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Comparison Test – 2022 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum vs 2022 Mazda CX-9 Signature

The quest for family vehicle sales dominance has rapidly become the number one priority for many automakers with the SUV and CUV segments bearing the brunt of sales demand from consumers. However, consumer expectations of what they want from a large three-row utility and what it should have has grown from over 20 years ago with tech and fuel economy becoming key requirements. The 2022 Nissan Pathfinder and the 2022 Mazda CX-9 are two entries trying to lure in more families, but while they each have a different way of doing it, we wanted to find out which one is …

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Climbing Machine

Chevy’s 2022 Colorado ZR2 is Still Great!

2022 Chevy Colorado ZR2: End of a Generation Chevy needs to update the Colorado, and they know that. The 2022 Colorado ZR2 is the last year of this generation before the newer, more efficient, more powerful version arrives. Outside the 2022 Colorado ZR2 In an automotive world that mostly exists in grayscale, and red, this Bright Blue Metallic ZR2 pops. From any angle a ZR2 is easily distinguished from other Colorado and Canyon trim levels. From the front, the bumper has very large clearance cuts so the tires have better access to the terrain. This also takes away the mounting …

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2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Launches Into Production, Three Things You Should Know

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning has had a long road going through development, but at last, Ford has formally begun production of the F-150 Lightning and celebrated the occasion with a massive launch event at the company’s hometown of Dearborn, Michigan. The Lightning promises to bring some innovations to consumers, and here are three key things you should know about the Ford F-150 Lightning.   F-150 Lightning Supercharging Ford’s EV Plans The F-150 Lightning will begin production at Ford’s all-new Rouge Electric Vehicle Center, located within the massive Rouge plant complex. The Electric Vehicle Center took 19 months for Ford …

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GM And Honda Confirm EV Plans, First Model Set For Production In 2027

Rumors and borderline confirmations circulated for years about GM and Honda potentially teaming up for an ambitious project aimed at creating an affordable EV model. The two have now made it official with both companies confirming the news earlier today.   Honda To Gain Two New SUV Models A key aspect of this partnership is that Honda will be getting two all new EV utility offerings with the Honda side getting the Prologue while Acura gets a currently unnamed model for the luxury market. This announcement though expands on this and confirms that the deal will focus on affordable EVs …

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Road Test Review – 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 – Insanity Unleashed

Jeep has had a very complicated relationship when it comes to giving its iconic Wrangler a V8 engine. While aftermarket companies have done it for years, Jeep resisted the urge of giving its Wrangler an injection of V8-powered fun. However, the emergence of the Ford Bronco has at long last finally forced Stellantis’s hand, and the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 is the long-awaited fruit of this dream. But is it a case of you should never meet your heroes? Or is it the perfect definition of insanity?   A Familiar Wrapper Hides The Essentials With all the magic happening under …

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Aston Martin Unveils Third Generation Vantage V12, Last Of The Breed

The Aston Martin V12 Vantage has always been the pinnacle of performance for the Vantage coupe, a fire-breathing demon in a sea of V8-powered imps. The last two generations of V12 Vantage pushed the envelope of performance despite being hobbled by the limitations of an aging platform and a laughably bad semi-automated manual transmission in the case of the Vantage S. Aston Martin knows that the days of the V12 are numbered and has revealed the third generation V12 Vantage which will be the end of the line for the legendary twelve-cylinder.   V12 Vantage Is Leaner, Meaner, And Better …

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Road Test Review – 2022 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing – Super Sedan Spreads Its Wings For Maximum Performance

Cadillac is about to fully double down on its commitment to the electric vehicle market. The luxury brand plans to eventually ditch gasoline vehicles in place of an all-electric future. Before that happens, though, the luxury brand is throwing one final celebration of performance with the Blackwing lineup of performance models (and the Escalade-V to a lesser extent.) One of these is the 2022 CT4-V Blackwing which strives to have one last dance with rivals like the BMW M3. But does it finally have the mustard to overcome the benchmark of the sport sedan segment?   Blackwing Exterior Styling Is …

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Mazda CX-60 Debuts With PHEV Performance, New Rear Wheel Drive Platform

It wasn’t too long ago that Mazda teased the CX-60 SUV which is the next strategic piece in the company’s push towards enhancing its presence in the utility vehicle market. With the smaller CX-50 poised to make a splash in the U.S., the CX-60 is looking to achieve the same feat across the pond in European markets.   New CX-60 Platform Embraces Rear Wheel Drive The CX-60 is a bigger SUV offering and that extra size means a new platform with the CX-60 being the first of these new CX models to use an all-new rear-wheel-drive-focused platform. This platform has …

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Alfa Romeo Finally Reveals 2023 Tonale CUV, Aims To Reinflate Alfa’s Sales Projections

The Alfa Romeo Tonale has been a long-awaited and quite frankly overdue response to the rapid growth in the CUV segment. Alfa Romeo has long been limited to two models (the Giulia and the Stelvio) with the combined sales total of the two models in the U.S. lagging behind some of its luxury rivals. The Tonale aims to change all that and not only allows the Italian performance brand to offer a smaller utility offering, but also embraces the growing trend towards electrification too.   Tonale Packs Performance In Smaller Package The Tonale share some of its underpinnings with the …

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2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz 2.5T Limited review by Ben Lewis

We were really excited to test the new Hyundai Santa Cruz. While and SUV-type vehicle with a truck bed isn’t a new idea, – the original Subaru Brat, the Subaru Baja and even the Honda Ridgeline – fit the bill, It seems like a great time for this kind of vehicle. So, let’s take a cruise in the Santa Cruz! What Today’s Truck is Wearing Well, let’s start with saying we love the looks. Built off the Tucson SUV platform, there are a lot of similarities – no problem there, that’s borrowing from one of Hyundai’s best designs. Up front …

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Auto Industry Insider: 10 Questions to Answer Before Customising Your Ride

Customizing a car may seem like the ultimate way to turn your vehicle into something completely unique, but it can also be a complete headache. So many questions need to be answered before you start customizing your ride. This blog post will answer ten essential questions that all car owners should consider before starting their project.   1) What Exactly Do I Want to Change on My Car? Customizing a vehicle can be an extremely long process, so you need to know what you are getting yourself into. Think about the paint job first and choose your own colors carefully …

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Road Test Review – 2021 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport – The Ultimate Tool For Cyclists?

When it came to making a more athletic-looking crossover, Volkswagen seemingly followed the proven formula with the Atlas Cross Sport. Chopping the roof off and transforming the blocky Atlas into a sportier offering by honing it into a coupe-like shape proved to be a popular move, especially with SUV buyers. We wanted to see how it fared as an adventure-minded vehicle and embarked on a series of adventure-themed challenges, including some tailored towards cyclists. How did it manage in the end?   Exterior Styling Has Adventure Baked Into Its DNA While the exterior styling of our bright red tester will …

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Toyota Avalon Enters Final Model Year With All New XSE Hybrid Nightshade Model

It wasn’t too long ago that Toyota revealed that the Avalon would not live beyond the 2022 model year. We recently had one final chance to check out the recently axed TRD model and the Japanese auto giant has now confirmed that not only an additional trim level will go away, but that the final run of Avalons will also be the latest recipient of the Nightshade appearance package.   XSE Hybrid Embraces The Night Like other Nightshade-equipped Toyotas, the dark motif for the Avalon is purely a styling package that aims to bring the Avalon into the dark side. …

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Road Test Review – 2021 Lexus RC F Fuji Edition – Track Potential Soured By Flaws

It’s not often that a track-focused limited edition model visits the office, but we always look forward to learning more about it. That was precisely the case when the 2021 Lexus RC F Fuji Edition came to visit. But while the slick carbon fiber visuals, burbly V8, and elegant interior made an excellent first impression, it ended up falling just short of being the right mix of track performance and street capability.   An Artist Known By A New Name If the introductory visual presentation looks familiar, it’s because the newly renamed Fuji Edition was once known as the RC …

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2022 Acura RDX A-SPEC ADVANCE Review by Ben Lewis

2 years ago, we reviewed the then all-new RDX and were mightily impressed with both the SUV, but also direction the brand had been going. This was before the massive upgrade we saw on the TLX, and the introduction of the soon-coming, Integra 4-door. But if you thought Acura would catch a breather, you’re wrong. We’ve just tested the 2022 model, and there are significant upgrades all around. Re-test one of our favorites? You bet! Bolder = Better The RDX was one of the first to get a hunk of love from the brand’s new design language, taking what was …

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Toyota Previews 17 Upcoming EV Models, Promises More Are On The Way

Toyota has never been a company known for underdelivering on its promises. The Japanese auto giant was one of the pioneers of modern green vehicle technology when it launched the Toyota Prius several decades ago. But with the market rapidly evolving and electrification becoming a dominant motivator for sales, the company had to go big to solidify its green vehicle status. Toyota execs did just that in a big way, with the company previewing 16 different electric vehicle concepts while also promising more are on the way.   Diverse Field Of EV Concepts Previews Wide Segment Reach We could spend …

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Morgan Shows Off First Completed Plus 8 GTR, Will Only Build Nine Models

It wasn’t too long ago that Morgan revealed that it was reviving the Plus 8 GTR using leftover components including several vehicle chassis that were found years after the original Plus 8 ended its production run. Unfortunately, at the time Morgan kept silent on the key details surrounding this repurposed model, but the British sports car maker has confirmed the final production number and even unveiled the first completed GTR in a set of new images.  Morgan Shows Off Flexible Customization Options Before we get into the actual production numbers, we might as well take a moment to talk about …

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Hyundai Drops Range Numbers For Ioniq 5 EV, Confirms 303 Mile Range

Hyundai has shared plenty about the upcoming Ioniq 5 EV ever since it was formally revealed several years ago. The EV will play a key role in Hyundai’s attempts at supercharging its quest towards EV dominance, and it will be an innovative offering thanks to a few slices of new technology. But the one thing that we haven’t heard is range, but that’s changing with Hyundai revealing the final range numbers for the EV.   Two Range Ratings Points To Future Ioniq 5 Variant The big surprise here is that Hyundai chose to reveal two range numbers for the model, …

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Hyundai Tucson Next SUV To Get XRT Treatment, Gains Rugged Style

As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that’s especially true when it comes to some of the styling packages that Hyundai has cooked up for its SUVs over the past few years. When we last saw the XRT edition, it was being modeled by the Hyundai Santa Fe, and it was meant to help give the large family hauler a more rugged look. Hyundai has decided to spread the love and has given the hot-selling Tucson the XRT treatment for the new model year.   Reading The Same Script If some elements of the Tucson’s …

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Road Test Review – 2021 Nissan Titan PRO-4X – A Legit Alternative To Established Truck Brands?

The 2021 Nissan Titan has emerged as a very interesting alternative to rivals like the Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-150, and the Ram 1500. However, you might not have the opportunity to realize that at first glance, which is thanks in part to the Titan consistently being on the short end of the advertising stick and being behind the domestic big three in a few categories. But that’s not stopping Nissan, with the Japanese auto giant making minor tweaks to the Titan for the new model year. But are they enough to help finally launch the Titan into the limelight?   …

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Road Test Review – 2021 Toyota Avalon TRD – The Last Word In Avalon Performance?

When you think of the soon to be axed 2021 Toyota Avalon, chances are that you don’t necessarily think of it as a performance-focused offering. Part of that was due to how Toyota sold the model for years, with the company preferring to highlight its long list of comfort and entry-level luxury features. The Avalon is the latest victim of the U.S. market’s recent push towards SUV and CUV models. Still, before it goes away, Toyota decided to create an Avalon that could be a passable machine for weekend track work thanks to the addition of TRD goodies. But is …

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Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe

2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe Review

The Plug In Hybrid Wrangler With the market moving away from fossil fuels, Jeep has brought us the Wrangler Rubicon 4xe as an excellent stepping stone to an electric future. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to check out the videos. Outside Outside of the Rubicon 4xe we find all of the features on a standard Rubicon. However, many of those features come in a different accent. Starting from the front, we can see blue colored accents on the recovery points and on the hood decal. While the headlights are a traditional round shape, they are modern LED’s that …

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Safe Travels: How to Become a Better Driver for Road Trips

If you’re here, you’re someone who loves to drive. Whether it’s your reliable family vehicle or your prized classic car, the idea of getting out onto the road and just driving is your way of cooling off and finding your happy place, no matter where that might be.  But, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been driving for a month or a lifetime, you might not be as good of a driver as you think you are. Once people pass driving exams, they find it too easy to fall into bad habits. While you think you’re in control, these bad habits …

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How To: Avoid Rookie Mistakes when Buying a Classic Car

Classic cars have a universal appeal among collectors. Style and functionality blend together perfectly with many of these, which is why they’re still so popular. That doesn’t mean that buying a classic car is as simple as some people might think. Picking up a standard alternative can come with its worries, but these can be taken up a notch with a classic car. If you’re new to buying or collecting the vehicles, then you mightn’t know what to look for and consider. That could lead to you making a few mistakes during the process. With the amount of money on …

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Road Test Review – 2021 Santa Fe Hybrid Limited (AWD) – A Good Hybrid Family Option?

If you were to ask a passerby what company is best known for hybrid SUVs? The chances are good that most respondents will say Toyota and typically leave others like Hyundai in the back of their minds. While Hyundai has made great strides in enhancing its green-vehicle presence with models like the Ioniq hybrid lineup, their SUVs have been late to the party when it comes to hybrid technology. But the firm is aiming to change that and has done so in many ways, including models like the 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid Limited. But does an infusion of hybrid …

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Mullen Five EV SUV

Mullen Unveils Mullen Five EV CUV, 325 Mile Range And 3.2 0 to 60 Time Could Create Potent Combination

Amid all the debuts that occurred at the 2021 L.A. Auto Show, There are still some eager upstart firms seeking to make a name for themselves in the broader electric vehicle segment. One of these firms is Mullen, with the Southern California company using the 2021 L.A. Auto Show to introduce the all-new Mullen Five EV crossover.   Big Numbers And Value Pricing, Can They Pull It Off? Like a few other newcomers in the EV segment, Mullen is playing the tried and true tune of promising big performance that can be had at a value price. In this case, …

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