2019 Honda HR-V Sport AWD – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

We’ve tested Honda’s HR-V a while ago and found it surprisingly sporty and fun – especially when equipped in front-wheel-drive with a 6-speed manual transmission. So, when Honda announced a new HR-V Sport model for 2019 we were excited – in Europe, there’s an HR-V Sport with a manual transmission and the 1.5-liter turbo we get here in the Civic. This ain’t Europe. Unfortunately, we’re not getting that Sport. No turbo motor. And for 2019, the manual transmission is gone, too. Farewell… That said, our HR-V Sport gets some goodies unique to the model that should make it more fun …

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2017 Honda HR-V 6MT – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

A Honda HR-V with 2WD and manual transmission. ! Rare barely begins to describe the 6MT on Honda lots nationwide. Perhaps this is an auto-reviewer special!? It’s certainly possible. In the craze for small crossovers, it seems like an automatic is de rigueur, and most buyers are finding the added grip and confidence of All-Wheel Drive (AWD to you and me) a temptation too hard to resist. A while ago, we tested an AWD, CVT, HR-V (OK, it’s alphabet soup) and really liked it. A bit slow perhaps, but with all the brilliant simplicity of design that we think would …

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First Drive Review – 2016 Honda HR-V – Looks Cool, Drives Poorly with Zero Power

    Really wanted to love the new HR-V as an emblem of new Honda mojo. But after a brief drive, the HR-V is a huge letdown and not in the top five cars in the compact-crossover segment. How to go from excitement to extreme aversion in just an hour on the road? The HR-V is perhaps not as bad as it seems when I end this drive video with “Hate It.” But Honda desperately needs to ace at least four big criteria for its next-gen models, this HR-V and new Civic included: — Design — Drive — Cabin tech …

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2016 Honda HR-V Looks Damn Good in 88 New Photos

  Updated 5.26.15 With 88 New Photos We struggled for a minute on this headline — but there is no mistaking the meaning: the 2016 HR-V’s design looks sublime in this new photo set. Even in its dark Steel Grey, the swoopy lines and stance of the HR-V are clear winners. We see LED lighting out back, but none up front. Even so, the nose of the HR-V is one of its coolest angles. The deep grille with its dark crossbar up top is very convincing. A sport grille is available, as are some cool multi-spoke alloys – as shown …

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2016 Honda HR-V - Modern Steel Metallic 12_001-horz

$20k 2016 Honda HR-V Arriving Now! Trims, Pricing + All Colors in Animated Turntables

Welcome to the ultimate Honda HR-V colors guide! 300-plus images, eight turntable animations and even the full pricing and trims list. The first HR-V’s are rolling into dealerships this week, but will be snapped up almost instantly by other eager shoppers. Why? Great style and design, posh cabin with cool new tech, plus pricing from a base of just $19,000 for the LX model. The EX-L Navi with AWD and an automatic transmission tops out the model range around $27,000. Our pick? The most-loaded manual transmission model in EX FWD form. With the cool available machined alloys and the Sport …

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2016 Honda HR-V US gif

2016 Honda HR-V LA Debut With 50 New US-Spec Photos Inside and Out

 Updated 11.21.14   As cool as the new Honda HR-V looks outside, a bit of really surprising news lives in the cabin of this Civic-based crossover. It is simply far more premium, stylish and modern than anything currently in the Honda stable. The floating console and fabric or leather-wrapped dash elements create a real sense of maturity lacking in the current Civic. The touchscreen tech solutions for HondaLink also appear to be very mature in the 2016 HR-V — meaning they are fast-reacting, easy to learn, and easy to use in day-to-day driving. The new HR-V is arriving into a …

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hr-v gif

2016 Honda HR-V Is Official! Will Debut in LA Next Month With On-Sale Dates In Early 2015

Believe it or not, this below Honda Vezel article is the most popular piece on Car-Revs-Daily.com over the past 12 months. By a huge margin. People are excited about this vehicle. It is great to see the predictions come true in a USA model of this cool and stylish small crossover – even if the name and the headlights are toned down versus some of the European and Concept models a bit. We also lose a bit of body-color trim on the outside in favor of grey plastic, but such is life. The USA-spec HR-V still looks fresh and really …

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Trax USA chevy 2015

2015 Chevrolet Trax USA Arrival In September To Battle Juke, Honda HR-V and Jeep Renegade Mini SUVs

Can you blame Chevrolet for bringing the Trax to the US market? Of course not! There is no bigger growth segment in the car market than the mini SUV. This one shares most of its platform and running gear with the Sonic and other little guys in the Chevy portfolio, but will command a $3,000 premium just for sitting a bit higher up and having some SUV body cladding. This model is required to slot in below the ever-larger and very dated Equinox and very-old-indeed Captiva Sport that is a fleet-only model. Chevrolet and GM have been rightly lambasted for …

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Honda Teases 2023 HR-V SUV, Joins Acura In Sharing Long Term Plans

The road map to the future is full of twists and turns, and many automakers are preparing for a future where green vehicles are rapidly becoming a vital component of the broader sales sphere. Honda is no exception, and the Japanese auto giant has revealed that it not only plans to roll out a next-generation Honda HR-V SUV but also revealed that plug-in hybrid models are not in the final blueprint for both Honda and luxury brand Acura.   Next Generation HR-V Promises To Be Unique For North America The Honda HR-V has made a splash since it arrived on …

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2017 Honda Fit 2

2017 Honda Fit – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

We’re often asked for buying recommendations, and certain models are our go-to cars. We know they’re good, fun, reliable, and the odds of getting a bad one are slim. (We hate angry emails.) And for many years, the city car of choice has been the Honda Fit. These days, so many buyers are clamoring for mini-crossovers, we forget that for a lot of folks, a small hatch is equally capable to do the job. So, is today’s Fit still a good fit for buyers? Well, it’s certainly a good looking little guy. Okay, we should probably caveat that. The bright …

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2017 Honda CR-V 1.5T AWD Touring – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

  An exciting new twist with the 2017 CR-V.  Five of them, in fact!~ Honda’s really got us spinning with the all-new CR-V. And while it already was one of the very best, they’ve done a lot of things – big and small – to make sure it keeps its leadership position.   Twist 1: It will turn heads: CR-V’s have always been modern, contemporary vehicles, but not Wowzers. Until now. First of all, the new CR-V looks noticeably bigger, and it is. Give partial credit to the smaller HR-V being offered so its big brother can stretch out. The …

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2017 Honda RIDGELINE – Challenges Mid-Size Roughriders with Smooth, Plush and Efficient Pickup Solution

At first look, the new Honda Ridgeline seems like even more of an open-bed Pilot than ever before. And in many senses, that is exactly what it is. Then you zoom out a bit, and consider the growing mid-size pickup truck market. The new Colorado, Canyon, Tacoma and upcoming Frontier refresh will make a totally reinvented truck class. And within that group, the general theme is full-size ability — now in a fun travel size. For a large swath of buyers, the refinement and road manners of the Ridgeline make it a unique offering. With nearly all the towing and …

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2015 LA Auto Show 88

2016 Honda CIVIC Coupe Reveal – Big Style, Power from First-Ever Turbo Engine Option

First look today at the 2016 Honda Civic Coupe! Very impressive and sexy new form language, design elements and a gorgeous, coupe-exclusive tail make this the hottest 10th-gen Civic shown so far. Power is up across both LX and EX trims, with a fairly potent new 1.5-liter turbo four making 174 horsepower, an improvement of 31 ponies versus the equivalent engine last year. Joining the Civic sedan, the Coupe is the second reveal in a broad Civic assault over the next year. The first-ever US-market Civic 5-door is coming along soon, followed by Si versions of at least the Coupe …

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2016 Honda Pilot Elite AWD – Photo Flyaround Shows Classy LEDs, All-New Look

  Updated 10.18.15 with 37 New Photos The 2016 Pilot is nearly unrecognizable. It is completely new from all sides, with the next-gen Honda face and LEDs brightly glowing front and rear. While the silhouette of the new Pilot’s nose, windshield and glasshouse is extremely rakish now, the dimensions also appear to have grown quite a bit. The second row and rear overhang are particularly jumbo in this new design from the exterior. Inside, of course, you get the benefits of that large and in-charge profile.   The new 2016 Honda Pilot is here! With a striking new design that …

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Holy ****Balls!! Gen-10 Honda Civic Coupe Concept Is INCREDIBLE

  By the tenth generation of something, you should be an expert at just about anything. Honda is indeed finalizing the Gen-10 Honda Civic for a launch next year as a 2017 model-year, and shows that it has found the plot once again. Surely, they have realized now that something dreadful happened somewhere in the Gen-7 phase of around 2004. Purists might tell you it was when the independent rear suspension was swapped for a cheap and dirrrty torsion bar. But whenever it happened, the Civic — and especially the Civic Coupe — have veered much to close to humdrum, slow-as-**** …

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Update2 – 2016 Honda Pilot Is All-New With 9-Speed Automatic, New AWD and Vastly Superior Cabin

The new 2016 Honda Pilot is here! With a striking new design that moves away from the blocky look of the current model, this eight-seater promises improvements in almost every single way. The biggest news for drivers is an all-new nine-speed automatic transmission for top trims, plus a redesigned AWD system that can move more torque to either axle than before. Inside, a total redesign makes things far smoother, quiter and safer than before. Upgraded entertainment and touch-screen nav and climate controls are welcome, as are the advanced safety systems to be offered on the 2016. In this family-dominated segment, …

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SEMA 2014 Honda FIT

Best of SEMA 2014 – Honda Fit in 7 Race-Ready Customs!

Which is the right Fit for you? Have fun with one, or collect them all for special Fitness dominance! Just kidding. Honda brought a mad fleet of custom 2015 Fits to SEMA this year, winning awards and shocking crowds with amazing stances, sweet LED headlights on the Tkin, roll-cages galore and even a front-bumper-mounted exhaust outlet on the Kontrabrands Fit!! Great details on an easy-to-love 2015 Fit, and for some, a roadmap to Stage 3 Cross/Fit! Speaking of, CrossFit would have been a good name for the awkwardly-badged HR-V…..? But for now, the Fit is star of the show. We …

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Road Test Review – 2021 Hyundai Venue Denim – As Capable And Value Filled As A Pair Of Slick Jeans

The sport utility market seems to be at its breaking point when it comes to the sheer number of offerings that are available in the market today. From big to small, it’s apparent that the world’s automakers are trying to fill every possible niche in the battle for SUV dominance. The Hyundai Venue is one of those that are trying to make its mark in the compact SUV segment. But does the Venue still have what it takes to bring it to competitors looking to trounce it on value? And why does our tester look like a pair of blue …

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Road Test Review – 2021 Mazda CX-30 Turbo – Cute Ute Gains New Muscle For The New Model Year

When we first sampled the Mazda CX-30, it certainly came with a lot of promise and helped fill a void in Mazda‘s lineup. The one key problem was that the CX-30 lacked raw power, with the wheezy engine being a notable detriment to the CX-30. But Mazda isn’t one to rest on their laurels and wanted to give the 2021 CX-30 Turbo the chance to live up to the Japanese automaker’s legendary reputation for performance. It intends to do this by giving it a turbocharged alternative to its naturally aspirated ways, but is more boost the answer to its lagging …

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2020 Mazda CX-30 Off-Road Drive Review By Matt Barnes

Mazda is unique in the automotive world, as it doesn’t report to a parent company. Mazda has a proven record of making reliable and fun to drive vehicles. They have once again delivered with the all new CX-30. Exterior From the outside the CX-30 looks very similar to the Mazda 3 hatchback. Upon closer inspection it becomes clearer that these two are quite different. The CX-30 is about 5-inches taller than the 3 with an additional 2.5-inches of ground clearance. Interestingly enough the CX-30 is also shorter than the 3 by 2.5-inches and has a 3-inch shorter wheelbase. The exterior …

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2020 Toyota C-HR – Road Test Review – By Matt Barnes

For decades, Toyota has been known for having bland vehicle styling. To change that reputation, they have recently made an effort to modernize their vehicles and add exciting features to the body work. From the new Camry to the Tacoma, we’d say that it’s working. Continuing that trend, Toyota has updated the 2020 C-HR with a restyled front end, bold new colors, and attention-grabbing wheel designs. Toyota sent us a 2020 C-HR Limited trim to test for a week.   Exterior The most common colors on vehicles sold in the US today are white, black, and every shade of grey …

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The Best Of Balance? – 2020 Mazda CX-30: Review

When Mazda first began revamping their SUV lineup a few years ago, the Japanese automaker made it clear that it was keen on outdoing established rivals with a healthy blend of style and technology. This includes addressing a noticeable hole in their lineup, with the all new CX-30 crossover. But can the newest member of the Mazda family be the perfect middle ground for budget focused CUV buyers?   Mazda 3 Underpinnings Highlight Sensual Design: The CX-30 is essentially a lifted version of the Mazda3, but like the sedan and hatchback it shares its platform with, the CX-30 has a …

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2020 Hyundai Venue Road Test Review by Ben Lewis

2020 Hyundai Venue SEL Review Here’s a term you don’t here that much anymore. Basic transportation. You probably remember them, usually a small car, no frills, no thrills, just get me to work (or school) and back. Thrifty and reliable. Well, those don’t really exist anymore. Part of that is good – comprehensive safety is becoming standard equipment on just about all vehicles. And with almost everyone using a smartphone, connectivity is important. And oh yeah, might as well make it a small SUV/Crossover – versatility and practicality won’t take a back seat anymore. So that’s opened the door for …

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Road Test Followup – 2019 Hyundai Kona Ultimate By Carl Malek

When we last met the Hyundai Kona, it was in Detroit where we got to briefly experience its charms on various roads in the Metro Detroit area (as well as run into Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond of Top Gear and Grand Tour fame). Our brush with the stars aside, the Kona delivered a good first impression, thanks to its compact size, as well as the sheer amount of standard equipment that is infused into every Kona. The Kona even took its act to the green car market, where the Kona EV has been making waves since it …

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Hyundai’s Venue Brings Big Personality In Small But Tidy Package

Hyundai has bold plans for the SUV market, and with the flagship Palisade and the subcompact Kona CUV covering both ends of the spectrum, the Korean auto giant has decided to unleash an even smaller utility entry into the fray to try and steal precious sales from new rivals such as the Nissan Kicks, Ford EcoSport, and the Chevrolet Trax, the 2020 Hyundai Venue. When we last met the Venue, it was through several teaser images. However, Hyundai has finally pulled the veil off of its newest SUV offering. When we say the Venue is small, we’re not exaggerating, with …

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2019 Mazda CX-3 2

2019 Mazda CX-3 Grand Touring – Review By Ben Lewis

No big shock here, small CUV/Crossover/SUV’s are all the rage. Not only a nice, city-friendly- sized version of larger SUV’s, with their low prices, enhanced fuel efficiency, and utility, they’re knocking the stuffing out of the small car segment as well. And now Mazda is going after the affordable sports car. Which is pretty interesting. With the Miata, they pretty much own the affordable sports car segment. But the 2019 Mazda CX-3 looks like they’re going after one of their own. So, it’s a sports car? Well, it looks like one. It certainly comes from the same family of the …

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2019 Nissan Kicks SR – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

Before we start this review, a moment of silence for the Nissan Juke. Yes, that odd, amphibious-looking crossover that was a bunch of fun to drive, interesting to look at, and a breath of fresh air in the stuffy small crossover segment. And now to the all-new Nissan Kicks, the Juke’s replacement. While it certainly is more conventional, it does a lot of things very well, and comes in at a bargain price. That’s a different kind of a kick, to be sure…. Goodbye Froggy, Hello Smurfy While some at Nissan tried to tell us that the Juke looked like …

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Industry Insider: 4 Reasons To Buy A Used Car

When it comes to the time to buy a car, you may be wondering about whether you should buy a new one or a used one. Both ideas have their pros and cons, but there are many more reasons why buying used is the best idea, and is something you should certainly consider. Here are some of those reasons. Depreciation Possibly the biggest reason to buy a used car and not a new one is what is known as ‘depreciation’. Unlike most purchases, as soon as you drive the new car away from the forecourt it will have lost value …

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Road Test Review – 2018 Hyundai Kona – By Carl Malek

Typically when it comes to small value focused cars, Hyundai has always been one of the front runners, and has largely done a good job catering to this still strong segment with offerings like the Elantra GT, the recently tested Hyundai Veloster, as well as the budget minded Hyundai Accent. However, in a curious twist of irony, the firm did not have a formal compact crossover entry to take advantage of this recently growing offshoot of the utility market. The 2018 Hyundai Kona aims to rectify that, but can the Kona’s youthful confidence allow it to standout in a segment …

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Road Test Review – 2018 Toyota C-HR XLE – By Carl Malek

The legacy of Scion still continues to permeate throughout Toyota’s current lineup. The brand once known for its youthful swagger had a proverbial ace in the hole before Toyota pulled the plug several years ago. But can the newly rechristened Toyota CH-R hold its own in an increasingly crowded marketplace? or is it too little too late for a CUV that was supposed to be the shining star of a defunct past? The exterior styling of our tester certainly drew plenty of stares when viewed in the flesh. There’s alot going on in this busy canvas, and it all starts …

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2018 Subaru CrossTrek Review 11

2018 Subaru Crosstrek 2.0i Premium – Road Test Review

Subaru refreshed its Outback Jr for the 2018 model year with a bump in horsepower and fresh LEDs on the top trims.  New cabin tech and the slightest of slight design upgrade to detailing outside and in completed the refresh. Most notably, the top Crosstreks now have a sexy LED DRL that comes standard with the upgraded bi-xenon, auto-highbeam cornering lamps on the Crosstrek Limited. Humbler trims like our 2.0i Premium tester have to make do another year with bulb DRLs and a decidedly dowdy look on the road. No LEDs in front for this trim but some searingly-bright LED …

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Comparison Test – 2018 Mazda CX-5 vs 2018 Mazda CX-3

As the CUV market continues to grow in importance, the diverse selection of models, sizes, and trims can sometimes make the process of buying one of these vehicles a daunting endeavor. While the old adage “bigger is better” still resonates in the minds of many buyers, is it really indeed better? To find out, we went behind the wheel of two of Mazda’s bread and butter CUV entries to find out if size really does matter, and whether other factors emerge in the quest for the perfect family hauler?   2018 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring It’s no secret that Mazda’s …

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2018 Volvo V90 7

2018 Volvo V90 T6 AWD Inscription – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

Before the SUV, the Minivan, the Crossover, and SAV (how many ways can they slice this pie?) there was the station wagon. And there has, and always will be, those faithful to a vehicle that gives you all the car-like goodness you could want with the hauling ability of an SUV. Really, no vehicle looks cooler with a surfboard strapped to its roof. And within the “wagons ho!” crowd, there’s a special place just for Volvos. Like this Volvo V90 wagon. It stands apart from other wags as Volvo’s always have, and yet breaks new ground in a way Volvo’s …

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2017 Nissan ROGUE SPORT SV AWD – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

Over the years there have been plenty of words used to keep certain brand names high on the sales charts, and to use the halo of well-earned reputations to promote the latest and greatest. Think Grand Cherokee, Camry Solara, Mustang II. Some more successful than others. And now we have a spinoff of Nissan’s exceptionally popular Rogue. The Nissan Rogue Sport. What’s up, Sport? Sport fits the smaller, more aggressive looking Rogue, being a good foot shorter than its big brother. Designed to compete against such city funsters as Mazda’s CX-3, Honda HR-V, and Toyota’s CH-R, it’s still a handy …

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Road Test Review – 2017 Kia Soul Turbo – By Carl Malek

In a world where CUVs are slowly becoming the dominant species in the automotive world, one particular entry has always stood out for offering a unique yet successful approach to this often rehashed segment of the market, the Kia Soul. The Soul arrived when boxy was in, and it competed with mainly with its equally square counterparts the Nissan Cube, and the Scion xB. Both the Cube and the xB have entered automotive retirement, but the Soul has managed to soldier on, and transform itself into a solid competitor for a new wave of CUV entries. But can a dash …

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2018 Toyota C-HR – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

There’s a lot of talk lately that the small car is on its last legs. And you-know-who is to blame…the crossover. It started quite a while ago with SUVs swaying the public, with their rugged looks, great versatility, and comfy, tall seating position. Then came the small SUV wave, and it’s become a Tsunami – the Nissan Rogue is currently the best selling non-pickup vehicle (full-size pickups are still big business) in the country, with a passel of CR-V’s, RAV4’s, and CX-5’s and more not far behind. Still, the smallest of the small cars felt safe until recently, when the …

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Revised Kia Soul 5

Road Test Review – 2016 Kia Soul + – By Carl Malek

When Kia first unleashed the Soul back in 2008, the funky CUV was a bold gamble for the Korean car giant. Boasting boxy styling, youthful vigor, and an ad campaign featuring cute hamsters, the Soul proved to be a hit with CUV buyers, and prompted the company to release numerous variants including the recently launched Soul Turbo model. But has its mid-cycle update helped the Soul stay relevant among millennials? or has it lost a few steps against a new wave of CUV entries that are all vying for their piece of the greater CUV sales pie.     The exterior …

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2016 Volkswagen TIGUAN R-Line 4Motion – Road Test Review – By Tom Burkart       

Our reviews here on Car-Revs-Daily.com generally try to be upbeat and playfully informative.  With insightful observations galore and a few critiques along the way. It is usually because the cars manufacturers send our way are all fairly loveable, newsworthy and generally pretty fresh on the market.  We put ourselves in the position of the buyers in that market segment for a week.  A week of driving later.. we’re usually gushing with some form of praise. This Tiguan review will have many of those characteristics, but with a darker edge. The 2016 Tiguan is woefully outclassed by nearly any compact crossover …

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2016 Volkswagen Tiguan 4Motion – Road Test Review – By Lyndon Johnson

The Volkswagen Tiguan was early to the party of compact crossovers, debuting in 2006 during a period of high gas prices. One would think it was great timing to introduce a small SUV to consumers concerned with conserving fuel. But in fact, by the time it got here in 2009, the gasser Tiguan was rated at 19 MPG city, 26 MPG highway by EPA. That didn’t get MPG-conscious consumers beating down the doors of their nearest VW dealer, and falling gas prices did little to boost Tiguan sales. Fact is, the VW Tiguan has stayed right there at an EPA …

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Road Test Review – 2016 Mazda CX-3 Grand Touring – By Carl Malek

The CUV sales boom is in full force. Many automakers are revamping their product plans to take advantage of this renewed level of demand. Mazda is one of these companies and has invested large amounts of money and effort into revitalizing its CUV lineup. The 2016 Mazda CX-3 is the first fruit of this renewed effort, and promises to bring Mazda’s trademark levels of sportiness and vigor to the compact CUV segment. But has this focus on driving perfection blunted its capabilities in the process? The exterior styling of the CX-3 incorporates many of the cues that made their debut …

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2016 BMW X1 xDrive28i Copper Canyon Mexico 57

Drive Review – 2016 BMW X1 – By Ben Lewis

Baby Bimmer? Mighty Mini? X marks the spot. We recently tested the new Mini Clubman, and came to the conclusion it was as much a less-expensive BMW (sort of a squashed Sport Activity Vehicle) as it was a supersized Mini. So now, here we are, testing the new BMW X1. And that’s really interesting, since it shares the platform with the Clubman. And in many ways, it’s a radical departure from where BMW has been. The question is has BMW lost the melody, or did they manage to get us all singing along? BMW isn’t going to give away the …

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2015 Toyota C-HR Concept 4-Door 5

2015 Toyota C-HR Concept Updated as 4-Door, Production Model En Route for 2017

Toyota’s baby SUV is almost ready for primetime! The second variant on the C-HR theme since Geneva in March of 2015, this new version is a rich metallic silver with production-intent proportions. Versus the original purple C-HR, this latest concept adds a pair of rear doors versus being a soft-road coupe. Mind you, the doors are well-hidden behind an interesting upward bulge of metal in the side surfaces. Other big tweaks to the shape of the body take the C-HR design from completely one-off to production-ready. We saw a similar evolution of the Lexus NX via various concepts, eventually leading …

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2015 Jeep RENEGADE Trailhawk Review 87

HD Road Test Review – 2016 Jeep RENEGADE Trailhawk Is Fun, Stylish and Smart!?

    INTRO – 2016 Jeep RENEGADE Trailhawk Review HD Off-Road Drive Video 1 Nearly everyone has a great Jeep Wrangler memory from their youth. You were thin and gorgeous, laughing and loving the top-down lifestyle. Hanging a foot out the doorframe on a sunny afternoon. Tunes were playing, and exploring the world around you took on new meaning. Or you were discovering the huge straight-six torque that defined the truck for decades. Or just pining from the sidewalk at your sexy crush driving away. That collective memory is a core element of the brand’s appeal — and always has …

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2016 Hyundai Tucson 3

2016 Hyundai Tucson Impresses in 25 New Geneva Pics + Advanced 48-Volt PHEV

Updated 3.6.15 With 24 New Photos The new Hyundai Tucson looks really, really cool in Geneva! Can you believe this compact SUV will compete with the Nissan Juke and Fiat 500X? It just seems so much larger and more substantial. In fact, it is actually quite wide for this new generation, but still has the compact length needed to make it easy to park and drive in cities around the world. We are also impressed to see a 48-volt hybrid version on the stand. This four-fold leap in transmittable power is a big architecture change in the car world, and …

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2016 Hyundai Tucson Breaks Cover Ahead of Geneva Show Packing New DCT

Warning: this is not a concept. This fresh and big-SUV design is in fact the real Euro-spec Hyundai Tucson! This seriously stylish upgrade of the compact Tucson crossover also includes new engines and a brand-new seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission on some trim levels. You can really see the Hyundai first-mover advantage coming into play: as this Hyundai crossover looks far more grown-up than the new Chevy Trax or Honda HR-V, but is likely to be priced at similar sub-$20,000 base prices when it arrives stateside this Fall. 2016 Hyundai Tucson   The all-new Tucson All-New Tucson represents significant step forward …

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2015 Jeep Renegade 42

Houston Auto Show – 2015 Jeep Renegade Inside and Out in 45 New Photos

The Renegade is the second Jeep we have absolutely hated upon first sight, but really warmed up to as the style sunk in and was seen in the flesh. Visiting the Jeep stand at the Houston Auto Show this week confirms the cool and chunky stance of the Renegade, as a right-sized compact SUV. The ultra-traditional tall windshield and functional upper bodywork maximize cabin and storage space, with the Jeep heritage styling cues at once both very modern but also classic. If the new Cherokee is almost Cayenne-like in its swoopiness from the rear three-quarter angle, the new Renegade harks …

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cx3 gif

2016 Mazda CX-3 – Gorgeous World Debut in 90 Photos + Specs and USA Arrival Details

The all-new Mazda CX-3 is easily one of the best-looking small crossovers on the planet. And it is not a concept. This is the real-deal CX-3 coming to take on the Honda HR-V, Fiat 500X and Jeep Renegade. Where the CX-3 is unique versus the three min-trucks above? It is one that men and women alike would love to own for its sporty style, amazingly wide and low stance, and cutting-edge LED lighting. The above vehicles are fairly emasculating and hard to imagine loving as a testosterone-making gentleman. What the CX-3 represents is another amazing vehicle from Mazda — after …

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500x lounge gif

2016 Fiat 500X Lounge Is Right-Sized City Softroader with 4 Doors!

Updated 11.17.14 The 500X Cross looks just about *perfect* to answer to wishes of all Fiat dealerships across the US — compact, city-friendly but now a four-door and arguably a bit more handsome than even the original 500. Included below is a mega photo pack of the 500X Cross — which is the off-road guise with chunkier bumpers and gravel-proof plastic sills. Also below are the wheels and trim personalization options, interior photos and UK pricing. No word yet on US pricing or arrival time-frames, but we’d predict around a June 2015 arrival to the US as a 2016 model. …

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500x cross

2016 Fiat 500X Cross AWD Trim Looking Svelt and Handsome in 75 New Photos

Updated 11.17.14 The 500X Cross looks just about *perfect* to answer to wishes of all Fiat dealerships across the US — compact, city-friendly but now a four-door and arguably a bit more handsome than even the original 500. Included below is a mega photo pack of the 500X Cross — which is the off-road guise with chunkier bumpers and gravel-proof plastic sills. Also below are the wheels and trim personalization options, interior photos and UK pricing. No word yet on US pricing or arrival time-frames, but we’d predict around a June 2015 arrival to the US as a 2016 model. …

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Update1 With 30 New Photos – 2014 Toyota C-HR Concept for Paris Previews Yaris Crossover

Updated 10.3.14 This crossover concept shows some fascinating ideas for a next generation of small Toyota crossovers. While there are very interesting and sexy ideas in the layered and floating designs of the roof and taillamps, the nose is far less successful. But overall, the detailing in the surface lines makes it all worthwhile. We tinted the color purple just for fun, as shown on the first image below. PREVIOUS It is new Japanese crossover day today! The Toyota C-HR Concept has broken cover ahead of its Paris debut in Paris. This model is thought to be a Yaris-sized crossover, …

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2014 Toyota C-HR Concept for Paris Previews Yaris Crossover

It is new Japanese crossover day today! The Toyota C-HR Concept has broken cover ahead of its Paris debut in Paris. This model is thought to be a Yaris-sized crossover, which will slot in below the RAV4 and compete with the new Honda HR-V, Chevy Trax and Nissan Juke — among others. 2014 Toyota C-HR Concept  

2020 Subaru Legacy Sport Review – By Ben Lewis

We’ve always liked Subaru. They’re the perfect example of a company zigging while others zagged. Steadfast in their belief in all-wheel-drive (except for the BR-Z sports car), Subies gained a foothold in areas with lots of snow or slop and became beloved for their mountain-goat-like abilities. The brand has been smart, spreading the gospel of AWD, the horizontally-opposed “Boxer” engine, and has created a name with true identity; green, caring, safe. Subaru isn’t just for the snow-belt anymore. They use the word Love a lot in their ads. All good. Of course, the other brands aren’t just going to sit …

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2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross – Road Test Review + Performance Drive Video

Eclipse Cross is such a class-leading vehicle that it instantly moves Mitsubishi to the A-list of car brands.  It is that well-equipped, feels like it has stellar build quality, and just leapfrogs most of its rivals on drive manners. Mitsubishi gone from worst to first!!? Perhaps we should take a step back and explain what makes the new Eclipse Cross so great. Yes, let’s take a more mature approach to detailing how Eclipse Cross’s build quality, tech and drive manners make it one of the most sophisticated supermini SUVs available.  Kick things off by watching the performance drive review video …

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2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Ultimate 2.0T AWD – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

We’ve been into Sports lately: The Elantra Sport, the HR-V Sport and soon, the Civic Sport. So, in the growing enterprise of sporty vehicles, it’s interesting that for the all-new 2019, the model formerly known as Hyundai Santa Fe Sport has been simplified to just Santa Fe. Hey, the Santa Fe has been here for 32 years, and is the burgeoning brand’s best-selling SUV. Has Hyundai found a different path? Will it have lost the fun-to-drive and stylish vibe of the previous model? The question is… Do We Know the Way to Santa Fe? Well, it’s still pointed in a …

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JUST Animated GIFs Page – Updated 10.24.14

JUST Animated GIFs Page – Updated 8.5.14   =”2014 Veloster Animated GIF” src=”http://www.car-revs-daily.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/2014-Veloster-Animated-GIF2.gif” width=”800″ height=”444″ />

SCG-003C Turntable Animation

JUST Animated GIFs Page – Updated 5.28.15

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