Mazda Adds Hybrid Model to 2025 CX-50, Part of Broader Electrification Plan

Mazda has stated in the past that it remains committed to its plans for electrification while also boosting its presence in the SUV market at the same time. The CX-50 is a classic example of this in action with the station wagon-esque SUV giving the Japanese automaker a contender that can bring the fight to rivals like the Subaru Outback. The CX-50 has proven to be a strong seller for the brand, and the company is hoping to continue this momentum with the 2025 CX-50 Hybrid.

Hybrid promises to sharpen CX-50’s green game

2025 Mazda CX-50

A key change for 2025 is that a hybrid is coming to the CX-50 with the company partnering with Toyota to help make it all fall into place. Toyota and Mazda have already worked together on hybrids but the fruits of their collective efforts had been largely restricted to the international market. However, the hybrid changes that and the model will be the first U.S. model to fully benefit from the partnership. All hybrid models use Toyota’s trick hybrid system with a naturally aspirated 2.5-liter being paired to three electric motors, a battery pack, and a CVT. The setup produces a combined 219 horsepower with Mazda saying that it also gets 38 mpg. While the core setup is also used by several Toyota and Lexus models, Mazda claims the CX-50’s setup has been tweaked to focus on unique response parameters that match the company’s preferred tastes.

The Hybrid will be available in three trim levels when it eventually makes its way to dealerships and we have included a rough pricing breakdown below.

  • 2025 CX-50 Hybrid Preferred: $35,390
  • 2025 CX-50 Hybrid Premium: $38,820
  • 2025 CX-50 Hybrid Premium Plus: $41.470

Rest of the CX-50 lineup also gets tweaks

In addition to the debut of the Hybrid, the company also made some minor adjustments to the broader trim ladder with the mid-range 2.5 Turbo model being axed. However, its departure allowed the company to carry over the rest of the pricing ladder intact with no price increases planned for the 2025 model year. Performance for the non-hybrid models continues to follow the same basic formula as the 2024 models with buyers choosing from either a 187 hp 2.5 liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder or a beefier turbocharged version that makes 256 hp with Turbo models also getting more standard equipment.

All 2025 models get Amazon Alexa capability as well as standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The interior is carried over and that’s a good thing since the CX-50 has always managed to deliver a strong performance especially when it comes to quality of the build materials and some of the clever features that Mazda put into the cargo area. The firm revealed that the 2025 models will begin making their way to showrooms in August with the Turbo models following suit towards the end of the year.