2026 Bugatti Tourbillion Is a V16 Powered Masterpiece, Hybrid Tech Boosts Performance

Bugattis are always known for raising the bar when it comes to performance and luxury. While Ferrari and Lamborghini may have some things to say about that assertion, there’s no denying the unique appeal that a Bugatti model brings to any driveway. The brand has also proven to be resilient to market changes and has had plenty of ups and downs in its long and illustrious history.

However, Bugatti knows that tightening emissions standards will force it to comply with the times, and with the Chiron hypercar already beginning to show its age, Bugatti has thrown the veil off of its latest hypercar entry, the 2026 Bugatti Tourbillion.

Tourbillion Gets V16 Power

A prominent change that the Tourbillion brings to the table is that it gets a new engine with the Chiron’s W16 being replaced with an all-new hybrid equipped V16. This 8.3-liter behemoth makes 1,000 hp in its naturally aspirated form but it gets help from three elctric motors with two of them being mounted in the front axle while a third motor spins the rear. These motors help provide copious amounts of low-end torque and help raise the combined power figure to 1,800 hp. Bugatti says that the Tourbillion can make the sprint to 62 mph in 2.0 seconds with the car topping out at 236 mph in its default drive setting. Buyers that have the speed key installed will see that figure go up to 276 mph.

Cosworth helped develop the engine and while it’s bigger than the W16, its much lighter with the mill only weighing 553 lbs. This theme of lightness also carries over to the rest of the Tourbillion with the car actually being lighter than the Chiron despite adding a heavy battery pack and the associated hybrid drive system. This system also helps give the Tourbillion an all-electric driving range of 37 miles and an 800-volt charging system helps provide plenty of juice to these components.

An artisan cabin

The interior of the 2026 Tourbillion is about coddling the two front passengers in bespoke comfort and watch collectors will recognize the subtle theme that timepieces played in its design. The word Tourbillion itself refers to a mechanism that helps increase the accuracy of analog watches and the large gauges themselves were designed by Swiss watchmakers and are affixed to the steering column to help keep them stationary while the car is moving through town.

The interior also doesn’t have any fixed screens in sight and is instead a monument to the art of analog with the cabin featuring plenty of buttons, switches, and dials. A lone crystal lever helps start the mighty V16. Bugatti says that the look is supposed to invoke a timeless aura and it certainly pulls it off well. Technology-driven buyers will be pleased to hear that the Tourbillion does have an infotainment system, but it’s hidden and you have to flip a small switch to rotate it into place. After you do that, you get access to Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and other features.


Tourbillion sharpens the Chrion’s design

As for the exterior styling, you would be forgiven if you thought you were looking at a Chiron at first glance. The front fascia gets the familiar horseshoe-shaped front grille and the same core shape for the tweaked headlights. However, a special diffuser that starts underneath the passenger cabin helps channel air while vents underneath the headlights channel more cool air to the large side air intakes. The suspension geometry is also tweaked and Bugatti reps say it’s 45% lighter than the setup in the Chiron.

“The development of the Bugatti Tourbillon was guided at every step by the 115 years of Bugatti history and the words of Ettore Bugatti himself,” said Bugatti CEO Mate Rimac. “His mantras ‘if comparable it is no longer Bugatti’ and ‘nothing is too beautiful’ were a guiding path for me personally, as well as the design and engineering teams looking to create the next exciting era in the Bugatti hyper sports car story.”

When can I buy one?

While Bugatti is showing the car to the world today, well-heeled buyers who are interested in adding one to their garage will have to wait until 2026 to have the privilege of doing so. That will give you time to save your money with a base Tourbillion starting at $3.9 million which rounds up to over $4 million when you add in associated taxes and fees. The Tourbillion will also have a limited production run and like the Chiron, Bugatti will have a strict screening process in place to ensure only the right buyers get a chance to go behind the wheel.