Nissan Heritage Z Pays Homage To Datsun, Starts at $60,275

The Nissan Z has made waves since it was heavily revamped after a long era of stagnation and power creep by some of its rivals. However, the one item that has always been missing is a heritage-flavored model with the company reserving these models for the Japanese market.

However, that’s now changing with the company confirming that it is creating a special retro-inspired Z Heritage Edition for the U.S. that will celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Datsun 240Z’s original debut.

Color us impressed

The Z Heritage Editon is based on the Z Performance model which slots below the hardcore Nismo model in the Z family. However, a prominent addition is the Sight Orange paintwork which mimicks the vivid hue that made its debut on the 1969 model with Nissan stylists pairing it with a black decal that runs from the hood and into the roof and trunk. The front fascia gets a retro-style split grille and additional black stickers and heritage emblems around the Z lettering give the coupe an extra amount of swagger.

The interior is largely unchanged and the performance hardware is also untouched which will be good news for Z fans since that means they will still be able to choose between a six-speed manual or the nine-speed automatic. The Heritage Edition is also a near-mirror image of the JDM-only Fairlady Z Customized Edition and look for some Z owners to perhaps play into this by splashing Fairlady badges in all the right places.

How Much?

Nissan says that the Z Heritage Edition will start at $60,275 which is a $6,175 premium over a base Z Performance coupe and is also within spitting distance of the range-topping Z Nismo variant. The company also says that it will be building a limited number of Heritage Editions for the 2024 model year only, but didn’t reveal how many they are building before production stops.

The Z has seen its sales go up since its debut, and the Nissan has proven to be a big headache for the Toyota Supra which saw its sales decline by almost 45 percent for the first half of 2024.