Road Test Review – 2024 Rolls Royce Spectre – Rolls Silently Enters The EV Age

It wasn’t too long ago that if you either walked into a Rolls Royce showroom or an owners group and asked for an EV, chances are good that you would have the same reaction as the Daleks did in this clip from the BBC series Doctor Who. However, the automotive market is changing and even Rolls Royce has been forced to make some changes to try and adapt to the new normal. The Rolls Royce Cullinan helped the brand enter the SUV market, and the 2024 Rolls Royce Spectre is silently pushing the brand into the EV age.

Seductive Styling Makes Spectre Shine

At first glance, the Spectre shares a passing resemblance to the axed Wraith coupe with the roofline and the rear styling sharing some core styling DNA. However, there are also plenty of distinct touches to make the EV stand out. The large chrome grille is still present but it’s now a grille panel which is flanked by LED running lights with the actual headlights themselves being mounted just underneath them. The site profile has an understated sporty profile and the rear (while the blandest part of the design) gets tidy taillights that flow into the bodywork.

The Spectre also gets model-exclusive wheels that were designed to help improve aerodynamics but the center caps are still perfectly weighted to help ensure that the Rolls logo is always perfectly centered no matter how fast the Spectre is going. The ghostly coupe is a stunner but we wish that the front end wasn’t so busy looking since it detracts from the simple lines that the rest of the car has at its disposal. At least Rolls Royce will offer its buyers the same high degree of customization that has defined the brand for nearly all of its history for those that want to have a distinct package for their driveway.

Whisper Quiet Spectre Interior Comes Packed With Luxury

The Spectre’s interior has space for four occupants and the Spectre also has the same copy and paste core look that we have seen in other models like the Ghost, Phantom and the Cullinan. However, Rolls Royce designers know that the Spctre is a pure fashion statement and they have given the model several distinctive features to help it stand out in a crowd. For example, the Spectre gets the company’s starliner roof treatment but extends it to the door panels as well though it’s hard to see in daytime driving.

The rear bucket seats are roomy for most adults but climbing into them is awkward and you feel like you’re awkwardly falling into place instead of elegantly entering into a flagship luxury vehicle. Exiting the Spectre is not easy either but if you exit legs first, you’ll retain some form of dignity when getting out of the back. We also liked the splashes of purple in the cabin of our tester with the bold color also being accompanied by splashes of grey-striped wood accents.

A state-of-the-art touchscreen infotainment system is standard and while it doesn’t stray too far from what we have seen in other Rolls offerings in the past, the software is still easy to use and it comes with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auro capability. A large controller knob still is the primary way to move around the system but the touch side of the coin is improved versus older systems. Visibility is good for the most part, but the sloping roofline chews into rearward visibility.

 EV Powertrain Does a Good V12 Impression

Performance for all Spectre models comes from a dual-motor electric powertrain that makes 577 hp. Rolls says that the Spectre makes the sprint to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds which is impressive when you consider that the Spectre weighs over 6500 lbs. It’s also slower than a Tesla Model S Plaid but Rolls has stated in the past that the brand is about ride comfort and cruising so we’ll give the Spectre a pass in that regard. That said, the massive amount of weight does blunt range with the company saying that the Spectre can get up to 291 miles of range when equipped with the smaller 22-inch wheels. DC fast charging is standard but the range figure here is lower than other EVs that are currently out on the market. 

But back to actually driving it and while our road loop in Elkhart Lake only gave us a small sip of the Spectre’s pricey performance cognac we think that most buyers will be happy with what they’ll find. The acceleration is reminiscent of the company’s V12 but the quicker access to the torque band allows the Spectre to be a spirited coupe. The steering is direct but the floaty nature of the Spectre’s suspension means that drivers will have to back off a bit when tasking the Rolls with sharp corners and twistier sections of tarmac.


Value Quotient

As is the case with other models in Rolls Royce’s model lineup, value takes on a whole new definition depending on who you ask. In the case of the Spectre, entering the EV age will start at a hefty base price of $422,000. The tester that we drove at MAMA Spring Rally had a healthy laundry list of optional extras which helped push the price well over $450,000. 

This pricing reflects not only its exclusivity but also the fact that the Spectre will be a learning experience for the company with the car helping Rolls gain real-world data as the brand prepares to further expand its presence in the EV market. Rumors suggest that the Cullinan and even the Phantom could eventually offer all-electric EV versions when they are revamped and some of the lessons the company will learn on the Spectre will be passed down to those future models too. 

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