Volkswagen Could Make Clubsport Version of Golf R According to New Report

Volkswagen enthusiasts looking for the best in budget performance will be directed to the Golf R with the super hatch featuring a heavily revamped 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that makes 315 hp and is mated to a six-speed manual transmission.

However, it appears that Volkswagen is possibly preparing a spicier version of the Golf R with a new report suggesting that the Club Sport moniker might finally make its way to the R to give VW buyers a spicy treat ahead of the Golf R’s eventual revamp.

A track-ready version is coming

The report comes from a statement that was released by VW rep Martin Huber during an interview with Road & Track. Huber revealed that the company was working on a “more track-oriented” version of the Golf R but didn’t elaborate on how the company would achieve this and he also stopped far short of confirming any major mechanical details as well.

However, it’s safe to assume that this model would fall under the Clubsport moniker a sub-model that’s usually reserved for less powerful GTI models. The Clubsport is an established name in Volkswagen’s history and using the Clubsport moniker for the new model would allow Volkswagen to have an easier time marketing the Golf R to potential consumers. It would also be interesting to see if the new model would be a limited production model with the increased rarity potentially encouraging buyers to buy a model for themselves.


Incremental upgrades key

If a Golf R Clubsport is coming, look for the model to follow the same established formula that we have already seen on the GTI versions. Volkswagen engineers would give the model a suite of upgrades that focus on incremental improvements versus a major teardown of key components. This would include a revised suspension which would alter the geometry and enhance the firmness of the springs to help improve handling.

The 315-hp engine could also receive some tweaks to help squeeze out more power though look for any increase to be on the light side versus a major infusion of extra power. Look for the manual to not be offered due to VW’s plans for the next generation GTI and Golf R but the automatic to still not only allow the model to maintain a family link to the standard Golf R, but also follow other Clubsport models when it comes to delivering the uprated performance that enthusiasts crave

When Can We See It?

A big obstacle that exists for the purported model is that it still has not gotten approval from Volkswagen’s board of directors. That said, if the new model is approved, look for it to appear after the 2025 model year which is also when the GTI and the R will lose their manual transmissions and fully embrace an automatic transmission.

In the meantime, expect Volkswagen to continue offering minor tweaks and special editions for the current generation model to help keep things fresh until the new model arrives.




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