TWR Gets Into Restomodding Trend With Jagaur Based Supercat, Will Be Limited To 88 Units

The resto-modding craze has picked up steam over the past few years with modified versions of the Volvo P1800 and the Porsche 928 being a few notable examples of this trend in action. However, the folks at TWR have decided to raise the bar up a notch and have formally unveiled the TWR Supercat which will be limited to 88 units when it enters production.


Supercat Shares XJ-S Hardware

The Supercat is a wild beast, but it gets its DNA from a 1976 Jaguar XJ-S. The XJ-S was the controversial replacement for the Jaguar E-Type and attempted to offer buyers more refinement and luxury (albeit at the cost of style.) The XJ-S was also a figurehead for Jaguar’s V12 engine and proved so resistant to the ravages of time (partly due to Jaguar’s shaky financial state) that it managed to carry on into the 1990s before finally being retired.

The Supercat may share the same basic profile but a new body kit gives it a more muscular profile with a larger front splitter joined by a new front grille and LED headlights with the taillights also getting similar appointments. A large rear wing is also included and the rear bumper even gets a large integrated diffuser. TWR also shaved some excess pounds (a flaw in the original XJ-S) by making the entire body out of carbon fiber.

No photos of the interior were released, but TWR says that it will be highly customizable so look for it to be a large step up from the old-world office look that defined the original XJ-S.

V12 Performance Gives This Cat Punch

Performance for the Supercat will come from a supercharged V12 that will make 600 hp with the engine being mated to a six-speed manual transmission. TWR says that it took two years of extensive real-world testing to get to this point with the Supercat being one of the most extreme XJ-S-based creations that we have seen in recent memory.

Look for the suspension to also be upgraded to cope with the extra power and give the large coupe better handling behavior with the brakes also being beefed up to cope with the V12’s power.


When Can I Buy One?

TWR revealed that the Supercat will be making its inaugural debut at the 2024 Goodwood Festival of Speed with the company limiting Supercat production to a mere 88 examples. The Supercat was developed with our market in mind and a base model will start at $281,500 when conversion rates are applied to its European price tag. TWR also says that it will have other Resto-Mod-themed projects in the pipeline but stopped far short of revealing what they could be.


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