Maybach Embraces The Dark Side With Night Series Models, Rosegold and Black Accents Add Style

Blacked-out versions of various car models have become a rapidly growing trend in the automotive marketplace, especially in the luxury car market. The folks at Mercedes-Maybach have noticed this trend and unveiled the all-new Night Series lineup, which adds darkened accents to all three Maybach models to keep them fresh and draw in younger buyers.


Triple Dose Of Night Time Style

The Night Vision Series will be available on all three models that can be equipped with the Maybach package (S-Class, EQS, and GLS) and will serve as a styling package for the trio with Maybach adding Rosegold accents and darkened trim pieces to the models above. The S-Class and the EQS will get the trim first, with the GLS getting its Night Series look early next year.

Along with the styling tweaks that the Night Series brings to the trio, Maybach will also add several stylish accessories for customers, with owners getting Night Series-themed sneakers, bags, and eyewear. Moving back to the cars themselves, the S-Class gives a glimpse into the trim’s potential, with the sedan getting a two-tone Onyx Black/Mojave Silver paint job. Buyers can also swap out the colors for other black, white, and grey hues. The interior gets two exclusive Nappa leather upholstery options DeepWhite/Black Pearl Exclusive and Black Exclusive, with both hues created by the bespoke Manufaktur division.

Meanwhile, the GLS and EQS also get identical core additions. Still, they get different interiors, with the duo getting either Black Exclusive or Crystal White/Black Pearl with integrated wood and aluminum accents.


Mercedes-Benz hasn’t released final pricing for the Night Series lineup, but look for this package to command a noticeable premium over a standard Maybach model. It’s also not known if these models will have a limited production run or if they will have a wider availability.


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