Latest Round Of Lexus TX Teasers Confirms Six-Seat Layout, Enhanced Luxury Features, June 8th Debut

The 2024 Lexus TX is continuing its slow teaser campaign, and when we last saw the TX, it was showing off a small slice of the exterior; Lexus decided to reveal more today, with the company formally unveiling a new image that not only confirms the interior will live up to the brand’s prestigious standards but also hold up to six passengers in luxurious comfort.


Highlander Fundamentals Get TX Poshness

The Lexus TX is poised to bring sophistication and technology to the Grand Highlander’s functional DNA. Like the Grand Highlander, the TX comes with rear seating for six occupants, with the second row featuring a pair of captain’s chairs while the third row adopts a traditional bench seat layout. It’s not known if the TX’s second row will share the removable console that’s also seen in the Grand Highlander, but it might if Lexus is trying to maintain as much functionality as possible.

The second image shows the front door panel and the appearance of a Mark Levinson premium audio system is confirmed with the ML-adorned speaker cover on the upper portion of the door.  The interior does not reveal much else this time around, but it’s safe to assume that the Grand Highlander’s infotainment options will carry over largely intact along with the basic control layout. There’s no official word if a hybrid version of the TX is planned, but with the brand looking to enhance fuel economy across the board, it will not shock us if a hybrid o model is indeed in the works to help give the TX a viable green option for fuel-conscious buyers.


When Will We See It?

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long to see it, with Lexus confirming that the 2024 Lexus TX will make its debut on June 8th. This debut date could indicate that Lexus is looking to get the TX to dealerships quickly, with the first units potentially making their way to showrooms either later this year or early next year. We hope to see pricing for the TX as well before its formal launch since the TX will be allowing Lexus to downsize into a smaller SUV category, and we are curious to see how pricing fares when compared to the GX and the flagship LX SUV models.