Ford Adds 60’s Inspired Heritage Editions To Bronco, Bronco Sport For 2023,

The Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport have proven to be a popular duet of SUVs for buyers. Both models have seen strong sales and while the bigger Bronco had a rough launch, the smaller Sport picked up the slack and helped lay out the foundation for success. With Bronco Day 2022 upon us, Ford chose to celebrate the occasion by unveiling special Heritage Edition versions of the Bronco and the Bronco Sport.


Bronco Heritage Editions Exude 1960s Spirit

At first glance, the two SUVs might seem to be trying to reignite the retro fad that once burned brightly in the domestic car scene in the late 1990s and early 2000s. However, Ford is not trying to retread that period in history, and is instead showcasing key elements from the Bronco’s heritage. The big Bronco has splashes of white accents with some of the styling being lifted from the Black Diamond version. Here, the Heritage lineup is split in two, with the base Heritage sporting 17-inch white hued wheels. Limited variants get dog-dish style wheels. Five different colors will be available, but the Robin’s Egg blue is a Heritage Limited exclusive (based on the original Arcadian Blue) with only 1966 examples of that model being built.


Look for the Robin’s Egg Blue to stand out in public, and we know from personal experience with a 1993 GMC Sierra that was slathered in a similar bright blue. If we ever needed to find my dad in those days, chances are his truck would be a figurative destination marker for his current location. Graphics are also standard and the interior gets heritage inspired colors especially on the dash and the contrast stitching.

Unlike the original Bronco, the smaller Bronco Sport was not around in the 1960’s but while it’s a creation to help Ford pad its sales margins, the company didn’t want it to be left out of the fun. Like its big brother, the Sport also comes with retro inspired touches and the front grille even uses the same white accents and center mounted Ford lettering. The base design is borrowed from the Big Bend and Badlands trim but the Sport will have two more colors (for a total of seven) but the Limited narrows that range down to three (Peak Blue, Yellowstone Metallic, and Robin’s Egg Blue.) The Sport doesn’t use the white treatment in its interior, but other touches carry through in the stitching and other interior appointments.


When Can I Buy One?

Ford confirmed that the Heritage versions of the Bronco and Bronco Sport will enter production this fall with the smaller Bronco Sport version starting at $35,840 while the Heritage Limited has a higher base sticker of $46,250. Meanwhile, the Bronco Heritage starts at $45,900 with the ritzier Limited version starting at $68,490. Like other Bronco variants that we have recently seen, reservation holders will get priority in the order process, but the order books for the general public will open up next year.