Honda Teases Prologue EV SUV, Points To Bold Direction For Honda And Its Dealerships

We have heard Honda and GM talk about their newly minted venture to help expand the reach and availability of the Ultium battery platform. However, things didn;t move much beyond that point with a lack of solid images balancing out the bold talk. Honda is slowly putting an end to that though and has released a lone teaser image of the Honda Prologue EV SUV which will be the first fruit of the alliance.


Prologue Promises To Be Dynamic Offering

While Honda’s image is currently a computerized rendering there’s still alot to dissect here when you look at the SUV. The lone image shows an SUV that has a long hood and prominent overhangs with meaty tires balancing out the sporty vibe that the Prologue is trying to achieve. The lower front bumper features a pass-through for air to flow under the EV, but there’s no traditional grille here with the Prologue replacing that with an H-adorned panel. 

We don’t get a view of the rear of the EV, but Honda claims that the model was a collaboration between its American and Japanese design studios and it shows in the way that the look of the EV is clean with enough two-tone accents and other subtle details that do a good job of catching your eye. We look forward to seeing what Acura’s version will look like but if this Honda is anything to build on, we think that Acura might have something very stylish after their team of designers gets their hands on the Prologue. The new Honda will also use GM’s Ultium battery technology so look for a potent amount of performance to be on hand here for buyers. 


When Can I Buy A Prologue?

For now, this lone image is all that we get to see of the Prologue but Honda claims that when the model eventually makes its way to dealerships, the company will initially focus on states that have baked in ZEV (Zero-Emission Vehicle) support and established charging networks first (i.e California) before eventually rolling it out to other areas. Honda revealed that it will build its own layer of support for the model by installing Level 2 and fast-charging stations in its dealerships nationwide. 

We even got a glimpse of what’s in store for the dealership buildings themselves, with Honda’s image showing a much more futuristic design than some of the buildings that we have seen in the Metro Detroit area, especially with the prominent blue and white color scheme. 



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