Mazda Previews 2023 CX-60 CUV, Will Be Positioned Below Bigger CX Utilities

Mazda has been on a mission to completely revamp its utility vehicle lineup with the company recently unveiling the CX-50 which is slotted above the CX-30 utility. The company is continuing to try and fill every gap possible in its attempts to maximize profits. While the company is still keeping a couple of them behind a veil of secrecy, Mazda chose to provide a glimpse of the next piece of the puzzle, the CX-60.


CX-60 Is Moving On Up

The CX-60 continues Mazda’s push into bigger segment categories and is slotted above the CX-50. The lone image that Mazda provided does not tell us too much about the CX-60 but it does confirm that the CUV will have a longer hood than its smaller corporate sibling, and the headlights incorporate a slim strip of LED accent lighting that snakes its way into the shield-shaped front grille.

This incorporation of the extra LED accent lighting suggests that Mazda is eying a richer slice of the premium CUV market and that the CX-60 could be competing at a higher price point where more equipment and technology will be blended into the base design mixture that has defined Mazda’s CX utility family. Look for the CX-60 to also mirror some of the performance hardware that’s seen on the CX-50, but we’ll have to wait until we get more information on the CX-60 to get a better picture of what the CX-60 can bring to the table. 


When Will We See The CX-60?

Mazda has plans to unveil the CX-60 via an online reveal on March 8th but while the company has confirmed that it will be selling the CX-60 in international markets, it’s unknown if the CX-60 will be offered here in the U.S. There has been conflicting reports on that particular aspect of things but it’s known that Mazda will be releasing two larger CUV offerings called the CX-70 and CX-90 with the CX-80 being the proverbial middle ground between the two. 

Those will definitely be crafted to the demands of the U.S. market but Mazda is not ready to divulge the key details of those three models just yet. In the meantime, look for utilities like the CX-50 (pictured) to eventually make up the bulk of Mazda’s vehicle lineup, the Mazda6 was already axed in 2021 and the Mazda3 is currently the only non-utility offering that the brand has in its lineup.