Lexus Teases RZ BEV Crossover, Will Share Platform With Toyota bZ4X and Subaru Solterra

The Toyota bZ4X and the Subaru Solterra are two pieces of a broader green vehicle puzzle as Toyota aims to expand its green vehicle operations far beyond the existing Prius brand. But Lexus was always conspicuously absent when it came to what they would bring to the table. Lexus has finally raised its voice and has revealed a brief teaser video documenting the RZ BEV, which will help complete a three-piece sales strategy for Toyota.


Angular Styling Will be Built On Familiar Underpinnings

The brief video Lexus released didn’t reveal too much of the BEV, with a bright glare hiding some of the more crucial details. But despite their best attempts at hiding it, there are still a few things that stick out to viewers. The RZ will have the same angular styling that dominates other Lexus models, and the front fascia appears to adopt a smaller version of the familiar spindle-style front grille. The rear fascia looks more conservative, but sleek-looking taillights help add sophistication to the basic design.

The stylish clothes will hide some of the mechanical bits that make up the all-new e-TNGA platform. While it’s shared with the aforementioned bZ4X and the Solterra, the Lexus will mark a radical departure in form and move away from the cookie-cutter look that defines the Toyota and the Subaru. That will be a crucial step forward since luxury buyers want an offering that looks as distinct as possible and hides similarities with lesser brands under a veil of wood, leather, and other luxury-focused trim.


Interior Will Be Big Leap Forward, RZ Performance Focused

Lexus’s teaser video didn’t reveal the interior this time around, but look for the cabin to follow the script that other Lexus models are known for. The plasticky and rather somber design of the bZ4X will be shelved in place of a look that will be decidedly more upscale and perhaps swap out hard points like the steering wheel, dashboard, and even the seats for units that will allow the RZ to be a stylish member of the Lexus family. Performance numbers were not discussed either, but Lexus made it clear in the past that their BEV entry will not offer the single motor option and will instead come exclusively with a dual-motor setup. The company also revealed that the all-wheel-drive system would depart from Subaru’s, which might hint at a more performance-oriented unit.

Look for the Lexus RZ to make its formal debut next year, with the first customer-bound units making their way to showrooms in the middle part of the year.