Mazda Confirms CX-50 SUV, Will Spearhead Five New Utility Models With Inline Six Engines

Mazda has admitted in the past that it plans to rapidly expand its lineup of utility models as the performance-minded car giant shifts its priorities to take greater advantage of the recent surge in SUV demand. Various rumors helped provide glimpses into this future, but Mazda has finally confirmed it, revealing that it will not only bring an all-new CX-50 into the family but that it will also bring four more utility models into the fold.


Upcoming CX-50 Is A Sign Of Things To Come

While Mazda is choosing to wait until November to reveal the CX-50 in full, we do know that it will be built on the same platform as the Mazda 3 and the CX-30. The CX-50 would be the proverbial stepping stone towards Mazda’s bigger SUV models, with this CX-50 bringing more equipment and some of the optional extras seen in bigger models to customers looking to shop at a lower price point. 

The CX-50 is also expected to be the first one to come with both a rear-wheel-drive platform and an inline-six engine. The latter is a significant development for Mazda, and in some ways, it would allow Mazda to emulate German rival BMW, which still uses the inline-six in a substantial chunk of its models. That might please buyers looking for a stylish alternative to those models, which have recently drawn some controversy due to the increasing size of the trademark twin-kidney front grilles. 


CX-50 Will Be Followed By Four New Utility Offerings

After the CX-50 makes its debut, it will be joined by four new crossovers built on Mazda’s new “Large” platform. However, international needs will play a role in the distribution, with two of them (CX-60 and CX-80) being reserved for Europe and other global markets. Mazda claims that narrower roads and different market drivers will allow them to perform better in those locales than in the U.S. The other two (CX-90 and CX-70) are earmarked for the U.S., and Mazda claims that these two will have characteristics that Americans want.

That includes wider bodies that project “big presence” enhance the interior room and the ample amounts of power that American buyers expect when they take the duo through the rigors of the daily commute. The market will also play a role in what kind of engines lurk under the hood with U.S. buyers perhaps having a choice of either the 3.0-liter SkyActiv-X turbocharged inline-six with a possible hybrid assist or an optional 2.5 liter that could be lifted from Toyota’s diverse engine arsenal with both engines being paired with standard all-wheel-drive. The CX-90 will serve as the flagship of the CX line though we suspect that holdouts like the CX-9 and the CX-5 will remain in the short term to help provide a less expensive alternative for budget-conscious buyers.