Nissan To Enter 2022 Rebelle Rally With Retro Flavored Frontier Pickup, The 1980s Have Returned

Nissan is pushing ahead towards an all-electric future, but while the world is going green, the company is still very mindful of the past. That includes the 1980s, a decisive era for Nissan’s pickup lineup thanks to strong showings by Nissan Hardbody trucks in off-road racing. The Japanese auto giant is hoping that a small infusion of the past will be the magic elixir needed for the firm to win the 2022 running of the Rebelle Rally event with the help of an exceptional Frontier pickup.


Red White & Blue Vinyl Wrap Gives This Frontier Retro Flair

The Frontier representing Nissan at the event started life as a stock Pro-4X model, but the real eye-catcher here is the red, white, and blue livery that adorns the truck. When you compare the Frontier side by side with its ancestor, the resemblance is uncanny with Nissan designers doing a good job of replicating some of the vintage truck’s curb appeal. Some minor concessions were made to modernize it, but thankfully it’s limited to a modernized Nissan logo (it was red and blue back in the day) as well as some stickers promoting the Rebelle Rally and the Nismo brand. 

On the subject of Nismo, this truck is equipped with several Nismo sourced accessory parts, including an off-road suspension kit that helps give the truck more ground clearance, a cat-back exhaust for a better soundtrack when going full-speed down the trails, and 4-inch off-road lights for better visibility at night. Rounding out the changes is a slick set of Axis wheels and meaty all-terrain tires to help grip muckier sections of the rally course with the tenacity of a terrier.


Mark Your Calendars

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long to see the Frontier strut its stuff, with the truck making its formal debut on October 7th. The rig will be driven by Sedona Blinson and Lyn Woodward, collectively known as Team Wild Grace. They will compete in a unique 4×4 class reserved for traditional trucks and SUVs equipped with two-speed transfer cases.

While this class of contenders is not as wild as some of the off-road beasts in the X-Class, the competition is still heated, and Team Wild Grace will have a diverse field of contenders to face off against on the grueling Rebelle Rally course. Spectators looking to catch the action and keep track of their favorite team, too, can do so via the main Rebelle Rally website.   




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