Dodge Reconsidering Hornet Nameplate? New Rumors Suggest It’s Happening

It has been a very long time since we heard anything about the Dodge Hornet. The Hornet concept first appeared in 2006, with the euro chic concept dusting off the moniker from the ashes of the long-defunct AMC corporation. But factors beyond the company’s control delayed a production model before it was ultimately scrubbed. But is it coming back after all? A new batch of rumors suggests that’s indeed the case.


Same Name, Different Outcome?

If the basic idea of the concept has been revived according to rumors published by the Italian website Passione Auto Italiane, the Hornet will have a lot of catching up to do. When the concept was first developed, Stellantis was not even a thought in the eyes of many, and Chrysler was under the infamous DaimlerChrysler umbrella. That’s a lot of ownership changes, but we suspect that the Hornet’s place in the segment will not change much.

However, the exterior styling will most likely be completely revamped from the ground up, with the new styling potentially being crafted to incorporate some of the current design language that has defined recent Dodge models. In addition, a production Hornet could also have some Alfa Romeo DNA in its flanks, with the rumors suggesting that the Hornet could ride on the same platform as the planned Alfa Romeo Tonale.


What Kind Of Sting Lurks Under The Hornet’s Hood?

The one definitive narrative that will most likely not change for a production Hornet is what kind of performance hardware could lurk under the hood. While the engineers at Dodge have shown the world just how flexible the 6.2-liter supercharged “Hellcat” V8 is, don’t expect the Hornet to benefit from similar high horsepower shenanigans. Instead, look for a production Hornet to follow not only in the Tonale’s lead but also in the footsteps of the broader segment, too, with the Hornet possibly getting a turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

While the rest of the performance story is a bit murky at this point (Dodge execs are not commenting on the validity of the rumors), we’re confident that the Hornet would utilize other CUV features, including all-wheel drive as well as family-centric features. The Hornet would also help Dodge fill a very noticeable void in its lineup, with the brand having a very sizable hole ever since the Dodge Journey was axed several years ago.


When Will We See It?

Assuming that these rumors are accurate, the Hornet could be appearing sooner than many people realize, with the model potentially appearing as early as 2022. Of course, part of this will depend on when the Tonale will appear, with that model’s appearance potentially helping shape a potential timeline for the Hornet. As mentioned, Stellantis representatives are not addressing the matter. Our Metro Detroit branch (located near Auburn Hills) has not reported any unusual sightings that could indicate the Hornet exists. Look for Stellantis and Dodge to eventually clear the air about the Hornet in the future, but only when they are ready to do so.