Hyundai Teases Kona N In New Video, Confirms Initial Specs For Super CUV [Video]

It has been rumored for a long time, but Hyundai has finally confirmed that the next model for the N performance division will be a hot rodded version of the Kona CUV. The Kona already has an immense amount of potential baked into it as it is, but it would seem that Hyundai is willing to double down on making it into an interesting weekend track toy too as part of a broader range of updates for the 2022 model year.


Kona N Brings Spicier Styling To CUV Segment

The upcoming variant will be based on the facelifted Kona which made its first appearance in the European market. While the Kona N featured in Hyundai’s teaser video is covered in a very thin wrap, there are still some key details that make themselves quickly apparent. The N will feature a reworked front end with a deeper front bumper and honeycomb style grille inserts which is also seen on the Veloster N. The side profile will feature trim exclusive side skirts and it leads the eye to the rear of the Kona where a bigger roof mounted spoiler and a tweaked rear bumper help add some extra vigor to the Kona’s lines. We also like how the Kona N also embraces the two fat round exhaust tips that have become a N division hallmark which helps cement the Kona’s mission in life.

The Kona would also be one of the few performance focused entries in its segment with the spicier styling and performance helping it stand out more from rivals especially those from Nissan, Honda, and Chevrolet.


Hyundai Turns Up The Thermostat On Performance

Kona N

Performance for the Kona N has long been the source of great debate and mystery with rumors pointing to a bigger 2.5 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine. However, Hyundai has doused that fire and appeared to confirm that the Kona N will be powered by the Veloster N’s 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder. While Hyundai stopped far short of releasing official horsepower numbers, it’s safe to assume that it will make the same 275 horsepower as the fore-mentioned hatchback.

Hyundai also revealed that an eight speed dual-clutch automatic transmission will be available for the Kona. It’s unknown whether the six speed manual be offered but with the Kona being a model that tends to be popular with families we suspect Hyundai will go with the more profitable option and keep the Kona N an automatic only offering to maximize sales and profits. Another key question is whether the Kona will be front or all-wheel drive but we hope to learn more about the answer to that particular question in the near future.


When Can I Buy a Kona N?

Kona N

With the current pace of teasers, we suspect that the Kona N’s debut is not that far off. Hyundai will market it as a 2022 model with the Korean company perhaps shedding more light on the souped up CUV in the spring. When it appears, it will share floor space with the Veloster N and it will be very interesting to see how Hyundai dealers will keep the Kona N from cannibalizing sales of the Veloster N hatchback.

In the meantime the 2022 Hyundai Kona N is already shaping up to be a very delectable treat for CUV buyers looking to embrace a funs ide that’s not often seen in this class of CUV. We look forward to hearing more, and we’ll keep you posted on any future updates as they become available.